Friday Update on Cost of Love 26th February 2021


Friday Update on Cost of Love 26th February 2021

JD asking Anita and Pankti about the guy. He gets Pankti’s poetry note. He gets a gun and asks Pankti with whom is she dreaming of love. She says Ahaan. He gets shocked and gets back. He points the gun and shoots her. Anita shouts Pankti….. Anita’s imagination ends. Anita sees the flower in hand. She thinks thank God it was a dream. She says Pankti, I m not your enemy, whatever JD did, I m not responsible, I want your betterment, trust me, I don’t like all this, we need money, else I would have not limited you. She says Ahaan has no place here, you have seen what JD can do with him. Pankti recalls JD. Anita says you want to know Ahaan’s truth, who is he. Pankti gets JD’s call. Anita says answer the call fast.

Pankti answers the call. JD asks are you annoyed, much happened today, if anyone refuses me, I get fire in me, I ignited that fire around you, forget it, sorry. She says yes, forgiven. He says thanks, say I love you fast, why are you not talking, who is there. She says mum is here. He says what is she doing in your room. Anita takes phone and greets happy diwali. He says I m in good mood, I m getting businessman of the year. She says congrats. He says I have to talk privately to Pankti, go to your room. Anita goes. JD says I m waiting, you have 5 secs. He counts down.

Pankti says I …… JD laughs. He says some people are born with fate, you are lucky that I m not there now, I m in good mood, when I come there, you have to say I love you by heart and love, say JD I love you. He ends the call. She recalls his words and tries to say. She says I love……. Ahaan comes in her room via window. She says I love you….. She gets shocked seeing him. He smiles and says you would be saying you here…. listen to me….please go, I got to know what’s called being in right place in right time, Kaho na pyaar hai. She shuts the door.

He says all musical stories start by this. She says it was not for you. He says see Lord’s timing, I came when you said. She says Ahaan, please go. He says my name looks good when you say, does your name look good when I say, Pankti. She asks him to go. He says I will deal with all problems, just say once, I love … dash, fill in the blank whatever you like……… She says no, I don’t have right, please go. He asks what is it, tell me your problems, you were scared before, my Bade Papa is powerful, I m sure he can help us. She says what can anyone do, when my family has pushed me in this problem.

Anita checks the drawer. Ahaan says I will go if you say, but please tell me something about your problems, fine I will find out. He gets the poetry and says you are like 60-70 years, what’s this sadness, heavy talk, beauty…. in writing, tell me your real age, why don’t you do anything of this. She says its of no use for me, throw this in dust bin. Anita comes there. He says being artistic is a gift, Lord loves such people extra, they are special.

Pankti says I think Lord does extra hatred. Ahaan says maybe your hopes broke, Lord has sent me to give you new hopes, maybe your past was dark, I have come to compensate it and make your future extra bright. She looks at him. They hear footsteps. Anita enters the room and sees Pankti. Pankti sees Ahaan going. Anita asks did you not sleep till now. Pankti says I was going to sleep. Anita says few things don’t hide, I m talking about your dark circles, apply this cream and sleep well, else JD will ruin our sleep. She goes. Pankti sees the smiley at the window and smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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