Friday Update on Cost of love 21st May 2021

Friday Update on Cost of love 21st May 2021

READ= Thursday Update on Cost of love 20th May 2021

Ahan says this is Pankti’s house as well. Jayant’s son says she is a bad girl get her out of this house. Maanav says shut up you can’t insult her like that. Jayant’s son says I wont let her live here. Ahan shoves him and hits him. Sheetal is on the bed. Ahan beats him everyone asks him to stop. Sheetal opens her eyes. Nurse comes and says madam has opened eyes. Everyone rushes upstairs. Jayant says how is that possible. THey all go to her and say please say something. Can you hear us? Nurse checks her and says please leave her alone. Jayant syas I knew you would never leave me. She looks at him angrily. Manav’s wife says do you wanna say something? Nurse says right now she can’t talk.

Ishq mein marjawan
Arohi says marrying again doesn’t matter. This is stupidity and I wont be part of it. Deep says it will strengthen our bond. Roma says can’t you do that for your marriage? Arohi says our relationship is strong enough but if you want so I will marry him again.
Arohi says I can’t marry that devil again please help me God.
Roma says to Deep you have to go to charity race course. Tara will go there too and you will all invite them. Arohi says we will go to orphanage and invite poor kids. Deep and Roma are dazed. Arohi says we should go and pray for our child. Deep says Tara is right. Roma says okay.

Arohi looks at Niku. He is scared. He hides under bed. She says I am your bua not Tra. He is scared. ARohi says we used to play these games in the house hide and seek. Niku recalls her killing nikhil. Arohi says my niku can’t recognize me. Please help me God.
Arohi comes out to go with deep. They leave.
Virat says Tara has changed so much. Roma says she is going to be a mom you can’t understand. Virat says did you change too? Roma says yes.

Pankti brings Sheetal on wheel chairs downsatirs. Manav’s wife is with her as well. Jayant sees them and is angry. The setup is ready. Pandit ji says we will do pooja. But there is no gangajal. Arohi and deep come. Arohi says I have brought ganga. Anita comes as well. Pankti says thank you for coming. She says I had to. The pooja starts. Apama does the arti. Pankti gives sweets to everyone. Richa exchanges PAnkti’s arti. Arohi says stop Pankti. I think Vikram and Richa should do it.
Anita says to Jayant you killed my happiness. He says you better rectify you mistake. Don’t let pankti fly in the sky. He gives her money and says stop her.
Vikramt says she is my mom.

Arohi says yes you should do the pooja. Arohi says to Pankti there was something wrong with the arti that is why Richa is scared. Pankti throws away the arti. Apama says what is this powder? She gives other arti to Richa. Jayant says I know you have enough powers. Everyone serves the food to young girls. Richa says to Vikram Pankti could tell everyone truth but she didn’t. VIkram says there must be some game behind that too.

Deep says to Arohi this pooja would be good for our kids. Deep says to Arohi we have to go from here right now mummy ji is calling her. Arohi says to Pankti I have to go. She gives her a gift.
Jayant looks at Anita. She goes upstairs with Sheetal and her nurse. sHe takes sheetal to her room. Anita recalls Jayant asked her to kill Sheetal. Anita shoves sheetal from the stairs. But she stops.

JD doing the aarti. Anita sends the nurse and takes Sheetal. Manav and Aparna do the aarti. Ahaan and Pankti do the aarti too. Anita takes the wheelchair towards the stairs. She recalls JD telling her to kill Sheetal by pushing her downstairs. JD signs Anita. Pankti asks Aparna shall I get Sheetal downstairs. Aparna says let her rest. Pankti says I will check and come. JD signs Anita not to push Sheetal. Anita gets back and hides. Pankti finds Sheetal near the staircase and says who left her alone here. She takes Sheetal back to her room.

Pankti asks nurse why did she leave Sheetal alone. She helps and sets the bed. Anita comes there and takes Sheetal again. Pankti thinks where did Sheetal go and runs to see Anita pushes the wheelchair and hides. Pankti gets shocked and shouts Sheetal aunty. Everyone hears her and turn to see. They get shocked. Ahaan runs to save Sheetal. Ahaan and Pankti save Sheetal. Ahaan lifts Sheetal and gets her downstairs. He puts her on wheelchair. JD scolds the nurse. Nurse says I was setting the bed with Pankti, but Sheetal wasn’t there. Pankti says maybe Sheetal tried to move on her own.

JD says its Maa’s miracle, maybe Sheetal reached the staircase, there is no one upstairs. Anita says this was my miracle, when did start seeing Maa in me. Vikram says what miracle, mom would have lost her life. JD says I can’t imagine this. Ahaan says stop this drama, its someone’s doing. JD says I was here, how could I do this, just nurse and Pankti were upstairs, Pankti knows Sheetal will never accept her, so she didn’t get a better chance to get rid of Sheetal. They all get shocked.

Pankti argues. He then puts blame on Anita. Anita says he is so mean, he didn’t spare me too. Pankti says don’t get Anita in between. He asks where is Anita. Vikram and Richa ask her to call Anita. Poorva says I will call her. Anita switches off her phone. Poorva says its not reachable. Aparna says we shouldn’t doubt on Anita, I invited her here. Vikram argues. Vikram and Richa go upstairs to find Anita. JD looks there. Anita tries to escape. Pankti says where did mum go. Poorva calls her again. Anita comes from outside. They all look on.

Anita asks Pankti why does she look worried. Pankti hugs her. Vikram says I didn’t find Anita, but will find her. Anita asks why are you finding me, there is no network here, I went out to make a call, did anything happen. Aparna says nothing. Anita says its Navratri and Mata won’t let anything wrong happen. Aparna says it means Sheetal moved her wheelchair herself. Anita recalls getting down the balcony by the ropes.

Anita says we should leave now. Aparna asks her to have prasad. Anita, Ahaan, Pankti and Poorva leave. They reach home. Anita asks Pankti to come in soon. Ahaan and Pankti have a talk about Sheetal. She asks him did he get tired and caresses him. He says all my tiredness will get off. He rests on her shoulder. She asks better. He says I need extra touch today. They romance.

He holds her to kiss. She jokes and gets down the car. He leaves. JD calls her and says you are focussing on wrong place, you need to save Ahaan, not Sheetal, you and Ahaan inspired me, so I thought to fail Ahaan’s car brakes. She shouts Ahaan and runs. JD smiles.