Friday Update on Cost of Love 20th August 2021


Friday Update on Cost of Love 20th August 2021

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Rangoli getting angry on Mishka and saying I want a costume and makeup such that people sympathize me and cry seeing me. Pankti asks inspector to let her meet Ahaan. Inspector asks why do you want to meet him. She says I trust him, he can’t do this. She goes to meet Ahaan. Ahaan cries and feels sorry. He tells everything to Pankti. She says I trust you, very soon the world will know that you are innocent. She is asked to leave. She goes. Vikram clarifies to people about Ahaan. Kaira says this news has spread on social media. Aparna says I trust Ahaan, he can’t do this. Vikram says but all evidences are against him. Manav says lawyers refused to take his back. Vikram says JMD will suffer, Rangoli is big star, Ahaan is my brother, JMD will get shut and we will come on roads, after dad went, JMD is in loan of 150 crores. Anita hears this and gets shocked.

Monty says we can stay in our house and help Ahaan. Poorva says its not right to leave them in these problems. He says we will become burden on them. Anita says you guys are go if you want, but till the drama ends, I won’t go. Poorva asks what are you saying. Anita says this drama happens all the time, we can’t say if Ahaan and Pankti will get married, I explained Pankti that she is a mistress, but she doesn’t listen, where is she, she isn’t in hall. Poorva asks where did she go. Manav asks what, company is getting bankrupt, you didn’t tell us. Vikram says you work in same company, you should have known it, you are at big position. Anita comes with Monty and Poorva and asks who knows it then.

Poorva says Pankti is not at home. They hear sound and go to see the protest. Rangoli praises Mishka. Pankti comes and taunts Rangoli. Rangoli says you are in bridal dress, but I told you, I will get whatever I want. Monty says media is covering this protest. Vikram says now there is just one way to save this house and JMD, please don’t get me wrong, I will announce that JMD and Ahaan have no relation. Pankti says the fight didn’t start yet and you announced the result. Rangoli says media announced that Ahaan is a criminal, I can take case back if you leave him. Pankti refuses.

Rangoli says I m still giving you time to move off my way. Pankti says you have come in my way, I will expose you and make you cry blood tears. Manav stops Vikram from making the announcement. Vikram says we shall go out and talk, whatever Ahaan did, we have to answer the world. Vikram calls media in. The media questions about Ahaan’s misdeed. Media insults Manav. Vikram makes them out. Pankti scolds Rangoli. Richa says this is happening because of Pankti. Kaira says enough, don’t blame Pankti for everything, Rangoli is responsible. Anita says have ethics like me in business. Poorva says we can talk about this later and find Pankti first. Pankti is kidnapped.

Everyone worrying for Pankti. Poorva says we tried to find everywhere, she is not found. Manav says Ahaan’s hearing is after two days, if we don’t get Pankti then… Anita thinks where did Pankti go. Rangoli gets to read good comments by her fans and gets happy. She comes to meet Ahaan in the police station. He scolds her for blaming him. She says I have come to see if you are feeling guilty or not. He asks guilty, why, I haven’t done anything. She asks am I lying then, I considered you my friend and you did this with me. He says I don’t understand, I helped you as a friend, you did this with me. She says whatever you did with me was wrong, did you forget everything, you are blaming me now, I m hurt seeing you in this state. He gets angry. She smiles.

She says I want to take the case back, but the girl inside me wants me to punish you, I have duties towards the society too. She asks him to marry her. He gets shocked. He says so this was your plan. She says I didn’t know you will insult me. He scolds her. She says we were friends, so I have come here to talk to you, how can I forget that I m a girl, with whom you… He shouts I didn’t do anything. She asks how did those proofs come, why is the hotel staff saying this, I have helped you and Pankti before, I m trying to save you, why don’t you understand, this news has spread, I m facing a low in my career, one night stands is common in friends, but things got complicated now, there is one way to end this, our marriage, people will forget this after sometime, then we will take divorce. He recalls Pankti and cries.

He says no, I can’t cheat Pankti. She says you have already cheated her, ask Pankti, she will support my decision, where is she, she should be with you. She goes. Ahaan thinks of her words. Monty and Poorva come to help Ahaan. He asks where is Pankti. Monty says she will come. Ahaan says I didn’t do anything. Poorva says don’t worry, Pankti is strong, she will manage, take care. Ahaan says ask Pankti to meet me please. Monty nods. They go to inspector. Poorva says Pankti is missing. Inspector asks what. Monty says inform us if you know anything. Ahaan doesn’t hear this. Monty and Poorva leave.

Ahaan hears constables arguing and salutes them for their work. Constable says thanks, its our duty. Ahaan says it feels good when someone praises. He sorts their fight. Ahaan says I have to prove this, I didn’t do any crime, I need your help, your phone, its matter of love, please, just one min. Constable gives his phone. Ahaan calls Pankti and gets her number off. Uday gets restless. Ahaan calls him. He asks where is Pankti. Uday says don’t worry, we will try to free you. Ahaan says don’t change topic, where is Pankti, tell me what’s the problem, don’t hide it from me. Uday says Pankti is missing. Ahaan gets shocked. Uday says we are trying our best to find her. Ahaan says you need to help me.

Kaira says Pankti isn’t active even on social media, don’t know where is she. She asks Richa doesn’t she care for Pankti, being her friend. She says Pankti isn’t responsible for this. Richa says I have forgiven Poorva, but I didn’t forget anything. Ahaan says Pankti is my love, if anyone is missing, we shouldn’t take much time, I m afraid to lose Pankti. Constables come to Ahaan and argue again. They help Uday and Ahaan. Constables make inspector busy. Uday opens the lock. Another constable sees Ahaan running away and shouts. Ahaan and Uday push constables and run away.