Friday Update on Cost of Love 19th February 2021


Friday Update on Cost of Love 19th February 2021

Pankti saying I wanted to experience a normal life again, so I thought to go in engagement, but its fine. Purva asks can’t I do this for you when your friend had come here to invite you. Anita asks what are they talking. Purva lies to her. Anita says we stay in big house, so people would turn and see. She goes. Pankti asks how will I go. Purva says you will surely go in engagement.

Ahaan says she will come. Vikram says yes, how many times will you say, tell me which one shall I wear, check these sherwanis, its my engagement. Ahaan asks will she come… Vikram says if she doesn’t, we will get her. Ahaan says sorry I don’t have such daring. Vikram asks does he have baring to meet Pankti. Ahaan smiles. Purva tells Anita that Pankti sees old albums and doesn’t value things, I will burn all pics. Pankti thinks we had freedom and Papa before. Anita says I thank God that he made us meet JD.

She asks Purva to burn the pics. Pankti reminds old house. Anita taunts that it was small. Pankti shows first birthday pic, dad got cake. Anita says yes, my film released that day. Purva says you look beautiful in this pic, its old. Anita says not too old, I will still look same. Purva compliments her. Anita says we will see, go and get glass, get this dress. Anita gets dressed and takes the glass in hand to pose. She asks Purva to say now, is there in any difference. Purva says not at all.

Anita recalls her golden days and boasts her beauty. She says none knows me now, I have to tell people who I m, its fine, I didn’t let my beauty get less. Purva says you said right. Anita drinks wine. Pankti signs no to Purva. Anita gets drunk. Pankti says I feel bad for mum. Purva asks her to come fast. Pankti says if mum gets up. Purva says I will manage, please come, I will be glad if you get happy.

Pankti gets JD’s call. Purva says talk to him fast. JD asks how is my life. Pankti says fine. He says I can’t come today, I have some work, are you angry. She says no. He says but I m getting angry hearing this, so are you angry now. She says yes. He says you are cute, get ready to learn. He smiles. Purva asks her to come fast. Pankti cries. She refuses. Purva says come with me silently. Anita hears horn and goes to check the car. She gets dizzy.

Purva takes her. Pankti’s dress spoils by wine. She runs out. Her dress gets stuck. She steps in dirt and spoils her dress more. She says I can’t handle freedom. She goes and cleans her dress. She goes and sits in car. She gets shocked seeing Ahaan. She asks why are you after me, sorry I can’t come. He asks what’s wrong, wait. He makes Richa talk to Pankti and jokes. Richa asks her to come soon. Pankti refuses. Richa says Ahaan is decent guy, you are safe. Pankti says sorry. Richa says I won’t do engagement then. Ahaan jokes. She refuses to go with him. She recalls Anita’s words. Ahaan asks her to think for Richa. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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