Friday Update on Cost of Love 11th June 2021


Friday Update on Cost of Love 11th June 2021

Monty and Poorva recording JD and Anita’s conversation. Anita says I don’t know anything, you can stay here if you are doubting me. Poorva asks Monty to leave, she will handle. He asks her to take care. Pankti says we have to hear people’s scolding if we want them to accept us. JD says Ahaan wants to clear Pankti’s name this way, he is playing senior games, but the game has to get dirty as I m involved, Sinha comment something that the reader dies by shame. Sinha comments. Uday tells about the bad comments. Pankti asks what is it. Uday says leave it, people are defending you. Ahaan and Pankti smile. Ahaan says the change has started. Kaira reads messages to everyone. Vikram says what nonsense is this. Aparna says a small step is enough to bring a change, I m worried for Pankti.

JD says it means people’s thinking is changing, we have to play a new move. He asks Sinha to type message, innocent people prove their innocence, they don’t run away. Ahaan reads the message. Pankti says its time I should answer this. Ahaan gets a message. He asks her to get her phone. JD gets the food order delivered by Pankti. He asks what nonsense is this. He hears the call recording as well. He asks Sinha to leave. Ahaan shows Poorva’s message and says JD is with Anita, she is recording their talk, JD will give us the proof now.

JD gets angry on Anita and raises hand. Poorva calls Monty and says JD and Anita are fighting, they will speak out their truth. Monty asks her to get proof to his house and take care. JD checks the cupboard. Anita says I can’t hide Pankti here. He scolds her. Anita says why will I give Pankti to Ahaan, you can test my loyalty, I did what you told me, you asked me to take Pankti to your house alone, you made her MMS, I didn’t say anything, you defamed her, even then I was silent.

JD asks shall I take your permission, don’t forget Pankti is my mistress, I made that MMS, I made those photos public so that she has no other option than to come to me. Poorva records this and moves to go. A vase falls down. They see Poorva at the window. Anita says recording….. JD looks for Poorva. She hides.

She calls Monty and gets number busy. She messages Monty. Monty calls Ahaan and says I have to talk something imp about concert, I know you are stressed about Pankti but… Ahaan says I don’t want to talk about work. Monty says this concert is imp, please talk to me once. Ahaan says I can’t meet you, but if you insist, fine I will meet you.

Ahaan says I will meet Monty and come. Pankti asks him to take care. Poorva calls Vikram and asks him to come home fast, Anita and…. Vikram asks what happened. JD takes her phone. Goons see Ahaan leaving from Uday’s house. Vikram rushes. Richa asks who was it. He goes to get ready. Richa checks the call log and asks him why is Poorva calling you. He says she needs my help, I will come back and tell you. Monty gets Poorva’s message. He reads Anita and JD has seen me, I have run away, come home soon. JD scolds Poorva. She tries to run. He sees Monty’s call. He says I will see Monty later, I will see you first. Uday asks Pankti to have something. She says I will make coffee. She says there is no milk. Uday says fine, I will get it, stay inside the house. He goes. Goons see him and hide. They see the shadow at the window.

Goons seeing Pankti’s shadow. She gets sad reading the bad comments and thinks. Ahaan comes to Monty and asks what happened. Monty tells everything. Ahaan says we should go there fast. JD catches Poorva and asks about the recording. Poorva says you will get that recording. Anita asks her not to be mad. JD aims gun at Poorva. Vikram comes and asks JD to leave Poorva, why is he hurting her. Poorva says please save me. JD says you called Vikram to get saved from me. He asks Vikram to tell her to give his thing. Vikram asks Poorva to give what JD is asking. She refuses. He takes her bag. JD takes the bag and gets another phone. He sees the recording and says so you did this. He laughs. Poorva asks for her phone. JD throws the phone and breaks it.

Poorva cries. Sinha calls JD and says Ahaan and Uday went out, but my men saw a shadow at the window. JD says it was a girl, I know who is she, Babu. Pankti gives coffee to Uday. He says true love has won. He asks Poorva to have food ordered by Pankti. He leaves. Poorva asks him to stop. Vikram says stop, its not safe to go after dad. She asks why did you do this. He says you would have died, dad would have killed you, that was not imp than your life. Poorva says it was imp. He asks her to calm down. Monty and Ahaan reach there. She hugs Monty and cries. Ahaan asks Vikram what are you doing here. Vikram says I came here to save Poorva’s life, dad would have killed her, come home, many lives are at stake. Ahaan says my life is linked to Pankti. Vikram goes. Poorva says JD got that recording, he broke my phone, sorry, I tried my best. She asks him to go to Uday’s house, JD has gone there to find Pankti. Uday sees JD, Sinha and goons at the door.

He gets worried and tells Pankti about JD. JD asks goon to break the door. Uday says I will open the door, get inside, come. He hides her in cupboard and asks her not to worry, he will handle. He goes back and opens the door. JD asks the men to find Pankti. Uday asks did Ahaan not reach home. JD says I have come to find Pankti. Uday says why would she be here. Uday says don’t break things, I have a small house, how will I keep someone here. He asks JD to stop. JD goes to check the cupboard. He doesn’t find Pankti.

Uday gets shocked. He says there is no one here. Pankti stands out of the window. JD sees the window and goes to check. Ahaan comes there. JD says you came back… you look worried, like you have come to stop me. Ahaan says I came to meet my friend, you kidnapped Pankti and blaming me, you are finding her to prove you didn’t do anything. He sees Pankti. He threatens to go to police. He says I wish my voice could reach Pankti, I wish I could apologize to her, I would have not let your shadow fall in trouble, I wish I could ask her to back out. She understands his words and moves away. He shuts the window. Ahaan says else we will get separated forever. He asks JD why is he doubting on him, would he waste time if he had Pankti.

JD says you are playing this game to get people’s support, nothing will help you clean the stain off her name. He says I have given her a mark of sold and being my mistress, she will come back to me. He goes. He asks Sinha to keep an eye on them. Pankti hugs Ahaan. Uday says your fans started a new campaign, check this. Ahaan says that’s great, it will be easy to clear Pankti’s name, JD deleted the evidence, we have to prove that MMS was fake. Pankti says that will be a lie. He says why can’t we make a lie true. She says we are not JD. He says JD’s reason was wrong, our reason is right. She says no reason is right to lie. He says I just have to get your respect back, please don’t stop me.