Friday Update on Complicated Love 5th February 2021


Friday Update on Complicated Love 5th February 2021

Mishti felt awkward as Rohan gets closer to her and runs away. Veer had reached Rohan from behind, and takes him to Dadi for photography. Pari reaches outside a hotel room and hears some cries from inside. A man appears from inside the room. She comes to Arnav and teases him for all the Ooh and Aah. Arnav says he was a tattoo artist. Pari insists on him to show the tattoo, but Arnav denies. Pari leaves room annoyed. Arnav watches the fairy on his chest later on, and wish Pari could understand his feelings.

Veer brings Rohan to meet Radhika and leaves him in the hall. Radhika turns to ask Rohan if he didn’t bring sweet. Before he could introduce himself, Radhika sends him to help in arrangements. Veer comes to Mishti and asks why she is sad. Veer asks Mishti to get ready, he wants to take her somewhere. Mishti says there is time in engagement, how about celebrating bachelor’s party together now. He whispers into her ear that he didn’t touch a single girl, and he doesn’t wish to kiss any girl except her. He asks her not to be sad, he had only been teasing her a while ago; and he enjoys watching her jealous face. He tells Mishti they came into their party last night, but were spotted by Sukhmani and had to leave. He says his friend has gone to Dadi, and he hopes he could impress Dadi. He hugs Mishti and wish she keeps smiling.

Veer comes to Radhika and asks if she met Rohan. Rohan comes with the sweet boxes. Rohan explains to Veer she demanded sweet so he ordered them. Radhika and Veer laugh, Veer confirms Dadi if this PG is done. She nods. Rohan gets the sweet boxes to place.

In the engagement function, Veer awaited Rohan who was late. Mishti appear from inside the room. Everyone complement her sight. Veer stands for Mishti. Sukhmani asks to begin the ring ceremony. Radhika sends Pari to get shagun envelopes. Rohan reaches the event. Veer and Mishti hugged each other but he had his back towards the bride and groom. Veer complains to Rohan for being late and introduces him to Mishti. Mishti and Rohan were shocked to see each other. Veer says Rohan is an exceptional fashion photographer, and requests Rohan to take their photo. Rohan leaves the stage but in a state of utter shock.

Sukhmani drags Mishti aside and asks if this is the same guy. Mishti regrets listening to Sukhmani, and wish there isn’t any future problems with him. Sukhmani asks her to relax, she must tell him to forget just like she has done.
Pandit ji selects a date of wedding 3 months ahead. Radhika agreed. Mishti gets a message and was disturbed watching the image.

There, Pari looked after the dinner arrangements. Radhika comes for the same purpose, then complements Pari for handling everything in the best possible way. Sukhmani tells Arnav Pari takes care of everyone so well, can’t Arnav only take care of Pari. Arnav says she said a no. Sukhmani gives him a drink to make Pari drink it, he must propose her straight away. Arnav wasn’t initially ready, but agrees to Sukhmani later on.

Veer follows Mishti who was saddened and crying. Mishti breaks into tears while hugging Veer. Veer was apologetic to Mishti. Mishti says she is only afraid, he loves her dearly that he joint her name with him. She is afraid what if she loses everything, what if they get a bad eye. Heart breaks are extremely painful, she has seen her mother break down. Veer forbids Mishti to let any tears in her eyes, he can’t see her tears. Rohan comes to see and snap as Veer kiss her forehead. Mishti hugs him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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