Friday Update on Complicated Love 4th September 2020


Friday Update on Complicated Love 4th September 2020

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Rajdeep notices Mauli near the door and holds Nandini closer as in a hug. He says she doesn’t eat anything well. Mauli asks Nandini if she has prepared kheer, there is a lot of aroma all around. In the sitting room, Mauli compliments that taste of kheer hasn’t changed at all. Rajdeep takes their attention towards business talk. Mauli and Kunal share a look. Mauli offers Nandini to go to coffee shop downstairs until they talk about business. Nandini was reluctant but Rajdeep allows her to go and speak to Mauli for a while. Nandini comes inside to take her purse. Rajdeep comes to the room and gives his cell phone to Nandini where call was on. This wears a head set so that he can listen their conversation.

In the coffee shop, Mauli pays condolences to Nandini for her parent’s death and says she must have fallen lonely. Nandini says yes… but then thinking about Rajdeep changes her statement. She tells Mauli Rajdeep was there, and now Mauli has also returned. Mauli inquires if Nandini is happy in her married life. Rajdeep sniff heavily. Nandini says she is really happy, Rajdeep loves her dearly and takes care of her a lot. She was haunted by Rajdeep’s treatment with her. She shows Mauli the bangle she wore and boasts Rajdeep needs a small occasion, and he loads her with gifts. Nandini wish she could share with her about the true happiness of her life. Rajdeep was relieved.

Mauli gets a call from hospital and goes aside to speak to the nurse. Nandini was alone when the girl Rajdeep took home come there. Rajdeep was shocked to hear her voice and spits his drink. Kunal was concerned for him but he excuses himself for a while. The girl demands Nandini 5 thousand rupees as her husband paid lesser to her last night. Nandini panics and tells her to go and ask Rajdeep about the money. The girl complain he won’t pick her call and even warned the security guard against her. Mauli returns and asks who is she, she sense Nandini was tensed. The girl introduces herself as Sheena.

Nandini lies that she works at Rajdeep’s Lucknow office. She says she needs change of money. Mauli offers to pay but Nandini says she will pay her from cash counter. Nandini takes the girl aside and assure she will get her money. The girl says she can’t trust Nandini as Rajdeep doesn’t listen to her. Nandini finally gives her bangle to that girl. The girl says Nandini has to pay huge price because of her husband already. Nandini says her husband’s respect is dearest to her. The girl leaves calling Nandini a loser.

Nandini and Mauli return to the table. Rajvir was back because of cellular connection. Nandini’s hand trembled while she tries to be normal and holds a cup of coffee. She spills the coffee. Mauli asks her to be normal and asks about her missing bangle. Nandini lies that she has given it to Sheena, she came to take the bangle as Rajdeep wanted to get another similar made for her. Nandini thinks she can’t tell her Mauli anything though she wants to share a lot with her. She accepts it was her biggest mistake to not listen to Mauli then and marry Rajdeep.

Later, Nandini return home. Rajdeep warmly welcomes her and presents her a glass of water as she lied to that Sheena and handled her well. Nandini tells Rajdeep she has given her bangle to Sheena. Rajdeep slaps her so hard she fell on the couch. He says Nandini doesn’t value any money he earns because she doesn’t earn herself. He forces her outside the house to learn and earn something.

In the car, Mauli was still tensed about Nandini. Kunal tries to calm Mauli down as Nandini and Rajdeep seem to be in a healthy relation and she is over thinking. Mauli insists Nandini’s situation is like an ailment which doesn’t show its timely symptoms and is ruining her body. Kunal says they will keep a check on Kunal and Nandini from time to time. He wanted to celebrate with Mauli for his new job as Dr. Naik accepted all his conditions. Mauli cheers to know this. They head towards the shopping mall.
There, Rajdeep brings Nandini outside the shopping mall and tells her to earn only 1 percent of what she has lost today.

He challenges her to bring at least 500 home else she shouldn’t return. Nandini was clueless what she would do. She finally enters the mall wondering what she will do here. Mauli and Kunal come to the same mall. Mauli says she must buy Kunal a gift as he made him meet Nandini. She wonders what he wants, Kunal suggests about shopping by herself. They decide to shop separately, they will have fun when they meet.

Nandini walks into various shopping looking for a Sales girl job. Mauli was about to meet Nandini when someone taps Nandini’s back from behind and she turns the other way round. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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