Friday Update on Complicated Love 30th October 2020

Friday Update on Complicated Love 30th October 2020

Mauli was broken, her voice stammered as she was now pleading Nandini to return her Kunal and turn her Happy Birthday truly happy. Nandini steps back and turns to leave. Mauli had fallen on the floor and cries out of despair.
The next morning, Nandini thought about Mauli’s words last night. The tea on the stove boiled while she stood around lost. The pot of tea spills off Nandini’s hands, she sits there on kitchen’s floor and cries. There was a door bell then. Kunal stood outside in excitement and comes inside with breakfast for Nandini. He was sure it will remind Nandini of Lucknow, “Poori Aalu”- traditional Indian breakfast. He finds Nandini was upset and apologizes for not being able to visit last night. He boasts that Mauli was really happy with the arrangements. Nandini asks Kunal to leave the house.

There, Mauli comes out of washroom and felt severe headache. Mamma brings lime water claiming it to be good for hangover. Mauli apologizes for getting drunk. Mamma understands that Mauli wanted to lighten her heart, as she can’t hold as much as she has been suffering. Mauli hugs Mamma for understand her. Mamma says she found her old Mauli yesterday. Mauli must not dig that old Mauli deep down,
Kunal was concerned. Nandini tells him to leave her alone for some time; can’t she wish for this? Kunal asks if someone said something. Nandini says she wish to stay alone for a few days, its better they don’t meet. Kunal was concerned, he asks what has happened. Does she love him?

Mauli comes to the hall. Mamma calls her to join them for breakfast. Mauli feels dizzy and then nauseatic. Mamma and Pramilla were concerned for her health. Mamma asks Dida what she must do at the moment. Dida was suspicious that this can’t only be a hangover, she must call Mauli’s friend, Dr. Aasha. Nandini was angry over Kunal and says she doesn’t owe him an explanation. He must leave. Kunal throws a chair away and asks how this all can end so easily? Nandini confronts him saying yes, it’s all ended.

Kunal clutches her tightly by arms, pins her to a wall and claims to love her no matter what world claims it. She is his world, his oxygen now; he left everything, his wife and house for her. At least she must tell him some reason. Nandini now requests Kunal to go away. Kunal questions how can she take this decision all alone? He was stubborn, not ready to leave. Nandini jerks herself off his grip and swears him upon their love; he must leave without asking the reason. She has no answer to his question. Mauli comes out of washroom and was shocked to see Aasha. She says it was only a hangover. Aasha asks Mauli to get her checkup. Afterwards, Aasha nods at Mamma and Dida in approval. They congratulate Mauli was in a state of shock. Mamma tells Mauli she is expecting a child. Mamma and Dida were excited while Mauli was upset about the news. She confirms from the doctor, the doctor says it’s three months. Mauli argues that she was on protection.

Dr. Aasha says Mauli also knows that no protection is 100%. Mauli was distressed that why now, a minor life has also become part of this drama in her life.
Nandini goes to the room crying and asks Kunal to leave if he loves her. Kunal continue to knock the door and requests her open the door. They sit on floor at opposite sides of the door. Kunal says they can solve the matter. Nandini doesn’t reply and continue to cry harder. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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