Friday Update on Complicated Love 2nd October 2020

Friday Update on Complicated Love 2nd October 2020

Dida asks Nandini to request Kunal stay back at home. Nandini instead asks Dida to take some tea as she is already diabetic and needs to take care of herself. Kunal turns around asking if he should leave. Dida complains why he asks when he doesn’t want to stay back. Kunal says it feels good when someone stops him, he only wish to see if someone cares for him. Kunal smiles towards Dida, kiss Mamma’s face and leaves home. Kunal comes downstairs and watch Nandini standing in the window through the reflection in glass of the car.

Dida and Mamma were watching news when there was a news of a bridge collapse and an accident near Kunal’s hospital. The ladies were tensed and tries Kunal’s number. Nandini was also shocked to see the news and goes to call Mauli. Kunal’s phone didn’t connect, Mauli’s phone was off. The hospital service tells Nandini that Mauli is in OT. Pramilla recognizes Kunal’s car among the one’s crashed. Nandini curses herself for not stopping Kunal. She hurries out of the house and takes an auto.
Mauli comes out of the OT and watches the news as well. She also recognize Kunal’s cars among the ones crashed and runs out of the hospital.

Nandini reaches the accident spot and runs near Kunal’s crashed car. Mauli was tensed and cried as she also drove towards the accident spot. Nandini was broken and fell on the ground as the car was badly damaged. Bodies of dead and injured were being carried by medical staff. She was lost and cries thinking about Kunal. Soon Kunal calls Nandini from behind. She turns around at once and runs to hug Kunal tightly. Kunal was about to place his hands on her back but prevents himself. He holds Nandini away from himself and assures that he is fine, then wipes her tears.

All at once Nandini withdraws himself from Kunal and runs away. Mauli had reached from behind the crowd, she runs to hug Kunal and caresses him. Kunal was left in a state of shock. Mauli was concerned if he was hurt somewhere. Kunal assures Mauli he is fine. Mauli says she would have died without him, even Dida and Mamma are tensed because of the News. She hugs Kunal again but Kunal’s attention lied in Nandini.

At home Nandini was lost in thoughts about Kunal. Dida was emotional and not ready to sleep until Kunal returns home. Mamma was also worried while Mauli parents had arrived. Pramilla tells Nandini Dida could have died today if something had happened to Kunal. Soon, Kunal and Mauli return. Dida cries hugging Kunal and says she had no courage to lose him after her son now. She was worried for the troubles, first the temple incident and now this accident; there is surely a bad eye over them.

Kunal assures Dida that he is fine. Kunal turns to see Nandini stand at the door of the room. Mamma asks Mauli if she is fine. Mauli assures she is fine, then holds Kunal’s arm looking at him worried. Mamma asks Kunal what happened there. Kunal says he had all of theirs love and kept him safe. There was huge traffic, he was thirsty and went to drink water; when he returned after drinking water the bridge had fallen. Dheeraj tells everyone to forget the bad times.

Everyone sat together, Dheeraj and Mayank fighting over television remote. Mauli brings tea to Nandini. She says she really feels restless and uncomfortable. There was a door bell, it was Sweety. She comes concerned for Mauli and tells Mauli she saw her on television. She recognizes when she was in a hug with Kunal she wore a saree and not this dress. Nandini’s hands trembled, the cup of tea slips off her hand. Mauli convince Sweety that she never wears sarees, it must be someone else. Sweety was ready to play the news as its been shown repeatedly on the television. Dida stops Sweety calling her the gossip master who never spares them. She switch the television on. Everyone looked towards the television out of curiosity. Nandini stood at a corner, trembling. Someone pulls off the cable wire and the telecast goes off. Dida forbids Sweety to create any confusions at such difficult times. Mauli assures Sweety that it wasn’t Kunal, he was with her there. Kunal comes to the hall staring at Nandini. Sweety decides to dig out the matter, she can’t be mistaken in recognizing Kunal.

Nandini comes to the hall. Dida asks Nandini where she had gone. She thought about sending Nandini to check for Kunal but she couldn’t be seen anywhere. Kunal tries to save Nandini and says he is really hungry. She sends Nandini inside to bring the menu card. Nandini comes to the room disturbed what she had done. Mauli then walks into the room. Nandini poses to look around for menu card. Mauli asks to sit with Nandini for a while. She looked tensed and cries hugging Nandini. Nandini consoles Mauli. Mauli says at least she can cry in front of Nandini, otherwise Mamma and Dida are themselves tensed.

When she saw Kunal’s car on television she thought she was finished, she doesn’t know how she reached there. She poses to be strong in front of everyone but she can’t live without Kunal. She sobs that Kunal is her world, she will die if someone snatches him from her. Her life completed after Kunal entered it, it felt she as losing her life today. Nandini hugs Mauli closely and assures that Kunal is fine and with her, he belongs to her and will always be hers. No one can snatch Kunal from her. May he be cursed who even thinks so.

Mauli says even when Kunal stood in front of her today it felt as if she has lost Kunal. Pramilla asks the ladies what they want to eat, he is ordering food. They say they aren’t hungry. Nandini says she has head ache and wants to take rest. Mauli was concerned and asks for medicine, but Nandini says she will be fine. Mauli must go and attend her guests. Mauli hugs Nandini calling her a blessing in her life, at least she can understand her best. At the dinner table, Mauli accompanies everyone and says Nandini didn’t come, she has a head ache. She says even Kunal must relax, maybe he wants to forget today. Kunal thinks about Nandini’s hug, and says forgetting today isn’t easy for him.
Nandini turns the shower in the washroom and cries for forgetting that Mauli is her best friend and Kunal is her husband. She shivered under the shower thinking about her conversation with Mauli in the room.