Friday Update on Complicated Love 27th November 2020


Friday Update on Complicated Love 27th November 2020

Kunal speaks to Pari on phone and says the patients here are suffering and he must stay here for them. He decides to narrate a story to Pari, who fell asleep meanwhile. Kunal notices she had slept and says I love you my child, good night and sleep well.
There, Mauli pours herself a glass of water as she was restless.
There, Kunal sat outside his tent around a bonfire. He thinks about Mauli’s accusations over his irresponsibility.
Mauli was distressed and comes out of her tent. She finds Kunal sitting outside in the cold.

Mauli recalls Kunal used to be hungry during night times. Mauli used to mock his anger during hunger prangs. She cooked tomato soup for him that night, while he cuddled her. She thinks why Kunal gave her the food while knowing he can’t sleep hungry, she decides to do something now. She goes back into the tent’s kitchen. She cooks an instant sachet and cooks soup for Kunal. She gives it to the cook there and requests him to take the soup to Dr. Kunal. Kunal was startled to see the soup. Mauli peeked from behind the tent to see him sip it.

The next morning, Mamma was happy to meet Ishaan’s mother. She says she feels happy to meet her, as they couldn’t come for engagement as well. Ishaan’s mother says she came to meet Mauli. Mamma gets a call from Mauli but Ishaan forbids her to tell Mauli. Ishaan says Mauli shouldn’t be guilty conscious, he wants to give Mauli a surprise that his mother accepted their engagement. Mishti comes to take Mamma for ice cream. Sandhya was worried why Mishti calls Radhika as Dadi and inquires Dida about it. Dida says Radhika isn’t Mauli’s mother and she isn’t her grandmother, they are Kunal’s family. When Kunal and Mauli separated, they decided to stay with Mauli and parted ways from Kunal.

In the tent, Mauli finds the doctors gathered around deceased Savitri. Mauli asks how it is possible, she was getting better. Another colleague explains that she had a cardiac arrest due to stress. Mauli feels for her child who is yet a minor.
Ishaan’s mother had concerns that Mauli still lives with her in laws and isn’t able to forget her past.

The doctors say it will take them two days to complete formalities but the question is, who would take care of Sahil. Mauli takes the responsibility and walks out of the tent. Sahil was crying badly outside, but a colleague asks Mauli to go to bed number 17 while she will take care of Sahil. Soon, Mauli hears Sahil had stopped crying, she turns to see Kunal taking care of the child. Mauli was apologetic to Kunal and thinks he is a good father.

Mauli returns from the tent while Kunal also came from other side. Both move forward to hold Sahil from his cradle. Mauli then takes Sahil. Their colleague comes with baby’s food. Mauli says she will feed him, while she must go to change the dressing of bed no 25. Mauli sits to feed Sahil but he continued to cry. Kunal tries to make an attempt and was soon able to cheer Sahil up. Mauli looks towards Kunal with a smile which he notices. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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