Friday Update on Complicated Love 12th February 2021


Friday Update on Complicated Love 12th February 2021

Mishti looks towards Pari. Pari was crying and goes to kitchen. Rohan follows Pari. He offers to make her a coffee, as she did him the favor. He offers to prepare a cup as per her wish, normal coffee, cappuccino, mocha chino or… Pari says a normal coffee with work, but strong sugar.
Radhika cries in front of Sukhmani that Mishti took a strong impact of whatever happened between her parents. This brought a seriousness in her personality. She lives cautiously, and doesn’t want any situations in her life which can disperse her life like her mothers. Sukhmani tells Radhika to see the positive aspect, Mishti values things, relations and family; she is independent and extremely responsible as well.

Radhika says Pari is also a part of all this, she is fearful of love. She doesn’t let anyone close to herself only because she does not want to suffer like her mother did. Sukhmani says these girls don’t have any mistake in whatever happened. Radhika was upset that both sisters have same pain, same complex but different ways to express. Sukhmani says whatever happened connected both of them together. Radhika prays that they get someone in life who can teach them to fly freely. Rohan and Pari had heard the conversation from the kitchen. Pari tells Rohan, Mauli’s life was scattered because of her mom. She leaves the kitchen. Rohan felt strongly for Pari. He brings two cups for Radhika and Sukhmani and offers them coffee with a smile.

Mishti was crying in her bed when Pari comes to the room. She places a hand over Mishti’s shoulder. Mishti gets off the bed and hugs Pari tightly. Pari says I am really sorry, she (Mishti) never expresses herself but she realizes she is troubled by her mother. She can’t change the past and is unaware what brought her mom and buddy together. But she knows Mauli aunty must have scattered, the pain still shows in Mishti’s eyes. Mishti shuts her mouth and says nothing can overpower their present or future.

They are sisters. Pari says their past will always prevail in their present and future, whenever there is such a situation both are tensed and upset. She tells Mishti she will be tensed alike if a boy likes her. This is their character. They can’t forget the truth, and she can never erase this chapter from Mishti’s past. Mishti says she has accepted the reality; how can’t she be emotional in such situations. She regrets saying things which hurts Pari. She says I am sorry to Pari. Pari says this isn’t the first and last time they dealt with such situation, this is their present, its good and they love each other; a third person can never say they have different mothers. Mishti vows they would never get in the situation their mothers lived and hug each other.
It was late at night. Someone walks into Pari and Mishti’s room, removes the blanket off Mishti’s face then moves her feet. Mishti sits up but there was none in her room. She wonders why she felt someone was here and goes to the washroom. Veer pulled her hand, shutting her mouth tightly warning her not to make noise. He smiles while Mishti was also excited. She asks what Veer is doing here so early.

Veer says he was worried and thought about her all night long, if she is fine now. With a nod, Mishti hugs Veer. Veer says it’s their first Holi, and he got the first right to put color over her. He turns the shower on. Both wish each other Happy Holi and play under the water, romantically. Veer was about to apply color over Mishti’s face. Both were shocked to have been caught by Pari.

Mishti and Veer were shocked to see Pari standing at the door. Pari breaks into laughter. Radhika, Ansh and Rohan also reaches there as they hear Pari’s scream. Pari laughs while Radhika leaves. Pari walks to Veer and says had he waited for morning, he could have got more privacy and none must have seen this rain shower trailer. Veer and Mishti laugh. Veer says Pari won’t even be saved tomorrow. He whispers to Mishti he will be the first one to apply color over her. Veer and Rohan leave. Pari tells Mishti that Veer is extremely cute, he cares so much for her. He came here just worried for her emotions.
The next morning, the Holi party goes on in the society. Pari brings the plate of colors, knocks Rohan’s door then decides to kick off all the rules for today. Rohan was asleep. Pari cautiously sits beside him and rubs color over his face, making a clown of him. Rohan only moves but doesn’t wake up. Pari laughs excitedly without making any noise.
Radhika answers the doorbell. Sukhmani and Arnav stood outside, while Ansh held a drum. Radhika forbids them to ruin her house and play Holi in the party. Sukhmani complains that its festival today. Radhika says she has prepared the Thandai and every snack for Holi. Sukhmani comes in and mix alcohol in Thandai.


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