Friday Update on Complicated Love 11th December 2020

Friday Update on Complicated Love 11th December 2020

Sandhya insists on Mauli to wear these bangles. Mishti also requests Mauli to wear these. She clicks a photo and Sandhya helps Mauli wear them. Mishti thinks she must inform Pari’s papa about this and forwards the photo to Kunal. Kunal was shocked to see this. Sandhya was happy and says she fulfilled her responsibility, it’s now Ishaan’s turn. She gives him the ring for Mauli. Ishaan looked confused. Mishti asks if Ishaan and Mauli are getting engaged for the second time. Sandhya smiles and welcomes Mauli into the Khanna Family. Ishaan looks towards Mauli apologetically as was forced by Sandhya. Kunal and Radhika were happy to see the photos. They get a call from Mishti, she thanks Kunal for fulfilling her wish. She informs Radhika that Popsy and Mama are getting engaged all over again.

Mishti opens the video camera for Kunal and Radhika to see the engagement. Kunal was lost in some deep thoughts. Mishti cuts the call saying she will speak to them later; and runs to congratulate her Mama and Popsy. Sandhya takes Mishti to have some ice cream while her Mama and Popsy can have some lone time.
There, Radhika was in tears and feels it to be some dream. Kunal seems upset and goes to check Pari.

Ishaan apologizes Mauli, she needed time but he couldn’t stop his mother. Mauli says it’s alright, she needed time but everyone is so happy. Mishti and his mother is valuable than her time. She accepts what has happened. The next morning, Kunal hurries to leave for hospital. Radhika stops Kunal for having breakfast. Pari stops Kunal and asks why he calls her as Maa, she is Mauli’s mother. Kunal was speechless. Radhika asks Pari if she doesn’t call Dida as Dida, and everyone else like Mishti, Ishaan, Mauli also call her Dida; likewise Kunal also calls her as Maa. Pari was convinced and goes to play outside.

Sandhya requests Mauli to stay at Ishaan’s house. Ishaan explains that Mauli isn’t comfortable here. Sandhya tells them its Lori today, she has invited Pandit ji to fix a date for their marriage. Mishti was excited then confirms that he shouldn’t change after marriage. Ishaan jokes with Mishti, if she knows how to cook and cleanse? Everyone laughs. Mauli gets a call from hospital. Mishti wishes to stay with Dadi. Sandhya was happy to stay with Mishti. Mauli and Ishaan leave together. Mishti goes inside to play. Sandhya gets a call from her niece Jasminder. It was Sweety, Mauli’s neighbor. Sandhya invites her to Lori in the evening, where she will be able to meet her sister in law.

Kunal was in the clinic thinking about Mauli and Ishaan’s engagement. He was unable to focus on his work and wonders why he feels sad about this engagement. A nurse comes to take Kunal in OT to attend a pre-mature baby.
Pramilla notices that Pari sat bored. Pari says Mahek left for work, Buddy is also not home and she is getting bored now. Pari comes to help Pramilla cleaning the wardrobe and decides to see the album. Outside, Pramilla tells Radhika that Pari is busy watching old albums. Radhika was afraid what if Pari finds old photos of Kunal and Mauli.


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