Friday Update on Anupama 10th June 2022


Friday Update on Anupama 10th June 2022

Vanraj hears door bell and asks Kavya who is disturbing them, if she ordered something. Kavya says no and walks towards door when Vanraj holds her and gets romantic. Anu ringing bell asks hotel staff who is standing in this room, the opposite one is hers. Hotel staff says its also honeymoon suite like hers. Anu feels shy and walks to her room. Samar insists Nandini to swing on a swinger. She says she has phobia of falling and cannot. He assures her that nothing will happen and make her swing. She enjoys swinging at first and then falls down. He helps her get up and their eyes lock. Toshu and Kinjal walk in taunting them and inform that they all have to gather in Baa and Bapuji’s room. Whole family gathers in Baa and Bapuji’s room and enjoy antakshari and dancing tour. Rakhi thinks they are behaving so loud and hopes Vanraj doesn’t see them and escape from hotel.

Vanraj romantically sings a song for Kavya with champagne and cake and dances with her. He gets disturbed hearing loud music from adjacent room. Kavya complains. He tries to go out to complain, but Kavya stops him, so he calls room’s landline. Anu picks call, but due to loud music they don’t hear each other’s voice and disconnect call. Rakhi hopes any family member doesn’t see Vanraj tomorrow as she wants whole family to see him with Kavya.

Next morning, whole family plays outdoor games irking guests around. Baa loses game. Rakhi says they should try pool or snooker game. Anu asks how many members can play. Rakhi says 2. Anu says game is good which can be played with whole family. Baa asks Rakhi to play her cooker game alone and walks away with Anu to pay badminton. Rakhi’s resort owner friend Janaki informs her that Vanraj and Kavya have not gone out on sightseeing and are in their room. Rakhi asks her to send them out somehow and let them come at night to stop family from seeing them. Nearby, Samar and Nandini fall on flower bed by mistake and their eyes meet. They get up nervously. Kinjal taunts them, and Nandini walks away shying. Kinjal suggests Samar to propose Nandini and don’t delay. Rakhi seeing that thinks father is behind aunt and son behind niece.

Family plays badminton. Bapuji sings Dhalgaya Din Hogayi and reminds Baa when they saw that movie and desired to play badminton like hero and heroine. Baa remembers and says they are middle class and couldn’t afford it due to responsibilities. Anu insists them to try now followed by whole family. They play song while Bapuji and Baa play badminton. Vanraj sitting in garden with Kavya tells her that this is Baa and Bapuji’s favorite song. Their romance continues. Kavya says she cannot bear loud music and they should go to their room. Vanraj agrees.

Shah family enjoys breakfast at hotel’s garden restaurant. Rakhi says tonight they will have dinner outside together and not in rooms. Baa asks if it will cost cheap for her. Rakhi says for a change and she will arrange dinner at poolside. Kinjal tells Samar that he can spend time with Nandini there. Samar loudly says he can spend time, confusing family. Anu says Bapuji needs dinner early. Bapuji says he can adjust one day for family. Rakhi says one day doesn’t matter. Anu says Bapuji’s health will be affected. Bapuji says one day doesn’t matter. Anu agrees. Vanraj on the other side gets romantic with Kavya and says he can’t wait for tonight. Rakhi also says she can’t wait for tonight.

Back in room, Anu speaks to tweety and says this is the first party where she will not cook and like Samar says, she will enjoy to the fullest forgetting everything. Vanraj gets ready in a tuxedo and Kavya in a beautiful black gown. Vanraj looks at her and acts as getting heart attack. She worriedly asks what happened. He says she is looking so hot that he will get heart attack. She asks not to act. He says once Toshu played same prank and Kinjal laughed a lot. She says they are not kids. He says let us play adult’s game. She says her lipstick will spoil. He says girls are worried more about lipstick than boyfriend and says let us go now. She says they planned to celebrate in room with champagne and cake. He says still there is time for 12 midnight. Rakhi gets ready for party and thinks she is too good, Shah family will remember this party whole life.

Vanraj takes Kavya to a dark hall. She asks why did they come here. He says to celebrate her birthday. He hopes he claps and turns darkness into light, he does same and shows her birthday arrangements. Kavya gets happy seeing that. Vanraj says a special arrangement for the world’s most beautiful girl. She gets emotional. He asks her not to spoil her mascara and eyeliner. He apologizes her for not paying attention to her in lieu of family. She says he gave the happiness of whole life in these 2 days. Rakhi watching them hiding nearby thinks Kavya got her surprise, now its time for Mr. Shah’s shock.

Shah family walk into poolside restaurant. Kinjal signals Samar to go to poolside and sends Nandini there. Rakhi welcomes them all. Baa says its already 11 p.m. and she will go to her room. Rakhi stops her and says she and Kinjal always attend their celebrations, so even they should. Bapuji says that is why they are here respecting her wish. Anu asks Bapuji not to have sweets. Bapuji says just 2 pistachios, Anu says 1. Anu then asks if he is feeling cold and goes to get shawl from room when she sees red velvet cake and reminisces Vanraj getting same for Kavya, she gets more shocked seeing Kavya written on it, but just then a lady thanks waite for getting her daughter’s cake and relaxes. She returns with shawl and asks where is Samar. Rakhi thinks when father is busy romancing, how can son lag behind.

Nandini goes to poolside searching Samar and gets happy seeing Lol written in pool. Samar holds her. She asks if he saw, her lol written in pool. He says its his lol and says I love you. She turns in surprise. He says a lots of lol to you Ms. Lol. She party ways in shock. He extends his hand. She says lol, lots of later, they will speak about it later as everyone must be waiting for them. She walks away nervously while Samar stands there sadly looking at Lol sticker and breaking it. Shah family enjoys dinner. Rakhi looks at watch repeatedly. Baa asks why is she looking at time repeatedly. Nandini returns with shocked expression. Sweety asks what happened.

Kavya wishes to write her wish on balloon. Vanraj asks her to go ahead. She writes it. He asks what did he write. She says its between her and god. Balloon falls away. Vanraj goes to pick it, but just then a girl picks it. He requests to return it. Girl says its her favorite and can she keep it. Kavya says its okay. Girl leaves thanking them and returns to her table. Balloon falls again near Anu. Anu picks it and is shocked seeing Mrs. Kavya Vanraj Shah written on it. She reminisces earlier similar incident and drops balloon on candle in a shock. Vanraj sings happy birthday to you to Kavya. Family hears him and Baa says this is Vanraj’s voice. Rakhi says she is right, isn’t it Mrs. Shah/Anu. Vanraj gifts ring to Kavya and says I love you. She hugs him and thanking him says this is the most beautiful birthday ever. Rakhi walks in clapping and saying Oh My God. Bapuji walks in next followed by whole family and stand shocked seeing Kavya and Vanraj’s affair.

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