Friday Update on A Magical Love Story 6th August 2021


Friday Update on A Magical Love Story 6th August 2021

Roshni seeing Parveen and thinking to see what’s happening. Aman says its last warning Chotu, if you come in between again.. Dadi asks for Roshni. She goes to get her. Parveen meets Soha. Roshni looks on and thinks we had buried Soha, how is she alive, what is she doing with Parveen. Parveen uses her power and strikes Soha. Soha falls down. Roshni gets shocked and moves back. The vase falls. Parveen goes to see. Roshni hides and thinks is Parveen a Jinn too. Dadi asks why are you so worried. Dadi asks her to change. Dadi brings Roshni in bridal attire. Aman smiles. Parveen thinks Aman will die because of Ayana. Tabeezi gets Roshni’s call and asks why did you call me. Roshni says I know you will find it strange, can this happen that Parveen is a Jinn. Tabeezi asks what.

Roshni tells everything. She asks how to kill Jinnat King, with the sword? Tabeezi says no, just Ayana can kill him, just enjoy the marriage, we can talk later. Roshni cries and thinks what does Parveen want, she has hidden this from Aman, was it Parveen that day. She recalls Soha attacking Aman. Qazi asks do you accept this Nikaah. Roshni thinks why does Parveen want to kill Aman. The poison spreads in her hands. Dadi asks Roshni to answer.

Roshni says I accept. Everyone smiles. Roshni asks what’s Parveen’s plan, I will die before Aman gets hurt. She gets shocked seeing the poison. She thinks poison is at the spot where Aman kissed me first. Qazi asks Aman does he accept the Nikaah. Aman says I accept. The curtain between groom and bride fall down. Roshni thinks if poison spreads, then Aman will remove it, Aman won’t get saved then. She shouts to Aman. Aman and everyone get shocked seing Roshni turning blue. Aman runs to her and holds her hand. He lifts the veil and gets shocked seeing her face turned pale blue. Everyone looks on shocked. Parveen smiles.

Roshni falls over Aman. Aman cries and lifts her. He takes her to the room. Everyone follows. Aman asks Roshni to open her eyes. He asks Dadi what happened. Dadi says I think someone gave her poison. Aman sees Roshni’s hand. He says what’s this spot. He recalls kissing her hand. He says the mark is because of me. Dadi asks how can this happen. He calls Baazigar and does magic to save Roshni. The magic doesn’t work. He tries again. Aman says her pulse is dropping, her temperature is falling, what shall we do now.

Parveen thinks don’t waste time in crying, remove the poison so that you die, one has to teach every path to son. She acts and says Aman, don’t try to remove poison by sucking, but this is the only way, it maybe dangerous. Aman says I will do this if Roshni gets fine this way. Parveen thinks great, give me a life. Dadi says don’t do this, your life will also fall in danger. Parveen says yes. She thinks I should have killed my Saas first. Aman says Roshni would have not thought for a moment if she was in my place. He recalls Roshni.

He cries. Parveen asks Dadi to stop Aman. She makes an evil face. Aman stops and sees the poison getting away from Roshni’s body. Roshni opens her eyes. Parveen is shocked. Aman wipes tears. Parveen thinks how can this happen, poison got away on its own. Aman says Roshni… are you fine. Roshni says yes, my muscles and even my mind is strong, nothing happens to me, when I saw the blue mark on my hand, I called Tabeezi. FB shows Roshni asking Tabeezi what to do, the poison is spreading. Tabeezi says stop the poison from spreading, make the hand bleed. Roshni hurts her hand. It bleeds. FB ends.

Roshni says I m smart, right. Salma says yes. Aman says you don’t know what you are for me, I …. Roshni sees everyone. They laugh. Chotu says complete it. Aman says shut up. Roshni says maybe poison affected me so I fainted, you know how did it happen. He says yes, I saw the mark and I recalled that I… Phupi asks him to say. He says I have… Roshni says he kissed me first on my hand. They all laugh. Aman says yes, but how can this happen. Tabeezi says I will tell. They all go to the pool.

They see the clear water in the pool. Tabeezi uses her powers and brings out the hidden black poison in the pool. Everyone gets shocked. Tabeezi gets the black apple out from the waters. She holds it. She says there is a spirit named Zehrili in a tree in the black jungle, this is poisonous apple from that tree, someone has put this in the water so that its poison reaches Aman. Everyone is shocked.

Tabeezi asking who got the apple here. Aman says no one came in the house yesterday. She says it means its someone from the family. Parveen thinks why is Roshni looking at me. Aman says its just family here. Roshni says I have seen someone’s real face. She sees Parveen. Aman says you are talking about my mum. She says I will tell everything. She tells them about Parveen’s magic. They get shocked. Parveen cries.

Roshni says she provoked you to remove poison, so that you die. Aman says you are blaming my mum. Roshni says you know I don’t lie. Aman says yes, I know. Parveen does a drama and cries. She says I will leave. Roshni says stop, Parveen is so dangerous, she can do anything by going out. Parveen says don’t blame me. She gets leaving. Roshni attacks her with her clips. Aman stops the clips. Roshni says see she stopped the clips by her magic. She sees Aman using his magical stick. Aman apologizes to Parveen on Roshni’s behalf. Roshni says I m sure that Parveen did this. Parveen fakes tears. Aman says I m not doubting on anyone, we can’t doubt on each other, our strength will break this way.

Tabeezi says this strength has become a weakness now, some family member got this apple now, just a jinn can call Zehrili, we have to find out the jinn in the family. Dadi asks what. Roshni says trust me, Parveen is the jinn. Aman says stop it now, no one knows…. Tabeezi says everyone will know it now, no jinn can get saved by this mantra. She chants some mantra and makes a white ring. She asks everyone to come inside the circle. She says there is another jinn in the family. Everyone enters the ring.

Everyone gets inside the ring. The ring gets closed. Aman gets into his true form of a jinn. Parveen tries to control herself. She thinks Tabeezi will bring my truth out, I won’t be able to control my aim, what to do now. She also takes jinn avatar. Dadi says Parveen…. Everyone gets shocked. The ring breaks. Everyone gets away from Parveen. Aman says Ammi….

Parveen thinks Tabeezi brought my truth out, I have to do something now. She takes Kabir’s avatar. They get shocked. Kabir says my family is hurt seeing me, it hurts me here. Phupi asks where is Parveen. Kabir says I don’t care. Tabeezi says we have to cage Kabir in this today. Kabir/Parveen does the magic. Roshni holds the lamp. Tabeezi chants. Aman holds Roshni’s hand. Kabir/Parveen resists to get caught in the lamp. He strikes again. Aman and Roshni fall. Kabir says its not easy to trap Kabir. He disappears. Dadi says Parveen…. Aman says we shall find Ammi.

Parveen comes to his room. She thinks Aman and Roshni don’t know I m the best of Sifrit jinn. Aman finds Parveen unconscious in the cupboard. Aman calls everyone. Parveen acts saying Kabir, I won’t let you cheat Aman and Roshni. Aman says Kabir isn’t here…. Roshni says it means I had seen Kabir in her avatar. Aman says yes, you doubted me. Parveen thinks mum’s love will do this. She asks are you fine, did Kabir… Aman says Kabir couldn’t do anything to us. Parveen lies to them.

Roshni says Kabir played mind games, really sorry. Parveen says don’t feel sorry. Tabeezi asks Parveen to drink the kada. Parveen thinks where did my ring go. She sees the ring fallen. She thinks to pick it. She says I m better now, go and rest. Phupi says I will be with you all night. Parveen asks her to go and rest. She thinks to kill Phupi first. Everyone goes. Tabeezi sees some light. She sees the ring glowing.