Friday Update June 8th on True Love Glow Tv

Friday Update on True Love Glow Tv

June 8th

Ichcha goes downstairs and surprised to see only Veer. Veer explains to everyone how Vansh is at the doctors since he wasn’t feeling well. All, especially Damini, get all paranoid and attack Veer with questions. Taps steps in and fakes calling Vansh to ease everyone’s minds. All three leave home. Meanwhile Vansh is at the school while the students describe to him how Ichcha and Veer had a lot of fun with them. Vansh leaves in a huff from there.

In the car, Ichcha asks Veer what really happened and where Vansh is. He tells her he doesn’t know and Vansh left home without his phone. Ichcha declares she’s not going home without him, so Veer decides to look for him. And the search begins with Veer looking all around town for Vansh. Suddenly Ichcha says she knows where he is, remembering the cliff Vansh took her to and makes Veer go there. She gets out of the car but tells Veer to stay behind, since she thinks it may make things worse.

Ichcha treads into the jungle, searching for Vansh. Back at the car, Taps tells Veer to not worry so much and Veer tells her he’s sure Ichcha will succeed in finding Vansh. Taps asks why he is so sure of a relationship that happened because of her and he tells her that she’s not one to understand relations. At the cliff, Ichcha finds Vansh standing on the edge and pulls him back and starts yelling at him. She asks him what happened to all this promises he made and he tells her that she changed. Ichcha tells that she’s not the one that changed and says that she’d rather take her own life than live a widow and goes to jump. Vansh pulls her back and Ichcha asks why he can’t make up his mind. They hug and reconcile, then head back down.

Ichcha and Vansh walk back hand in hand and Veer calls Mai to let her know. They head home where Vansh and Veer both stomp into the house w/o speaking to Mai, leaving her confused. Outside, Ichcha reminds Taps that they’ve returned from her pakphere and not the other way around. Chanda brings the pooja thali and Mai does pooja for both, and explains that Taps never got a proper pakphere thus she will do the puja for the two of them. Taps-Ichcha enter the house.