Friday Update June 8th on This is Love Glow Tv

Friday Update on This is Love Glow Tv

June 8th

Ishita getting Raman’s call. She tells Mrs. Bhalla that she has to go to airport, and will get hair color done later. Amma says color will get waste, I will get that applied. Mrs. Bhalla jokes on her old age. Pihu smiles and says now Ishita will come and oil will fall, and mumma has gone out on lunch, so there won’t be any worries. Mihir thanks Aaliya. Adi comes there and gets surprised seeing Aaliya. Mihir tells Adi how he got Aaliya for the project. He asks them to work together and welcomes Aaliya in their team. Mihir leaves. Adi smiles seeing Aaliya.

Shagun gets angry as oil falls on her. Everyone come there and ask what happened. Shagun says oil fell on me, it was kept over the door. Pihu says I did this. Shagun covers up and says it was Pihu’s experiment.
Ruhi asks Pihu to show her the experiment. Shagun says leave it, I have seen that. Ishita says it would have fallen over me, I have sent you to get earrings, really sorry, your saree got spoiled. Ruhi thinks why did Pihu do this, there is something wrong.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma show their colorful hair and everyone get shocked. Raman comes home and sees them. He says I heard people get mad in old age, Maa do you want to prove this. Ishita asks did you come by cab. Raman asks whats all this. Mrs. Bhalla says we got makeover by calling parlor ladies. Raman says thank God, Ishita looks normal, you should have atleast thought of your husbands. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma see mirror and scream. Ishita smiles.

Mihika asks Romi about his meeting. Romi says it was long and not ending. She asks him about he earring she got in his hotel room. He says how will I know, do I wear earring. He goes. She checks his pocket and gets two movie tickets. She says Romi, you can make excuses and lie, next time I will catch you red handed.

Raman jokes on Mrs. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla says don’t joke on your mum, she came from Mars. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla not to joke. Ishita says you can’t joke like this. Mrs. Bhalla says its good Ishita got saved, my fate was bad. Raman jokes and says my fate is good, if Ishita’s hair spoiled, what would have happened about me. Ishita smiles. Simmi teases Raman. Raman and Ishita smile. Shagun looks on. Abhishek comes home. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have samosas. Abhishek says no, I came to share something imp I got to know about Ishita’s kidnapping. Shagun gets shocked. Raman asks did you find out, who was that woman. Mihika confronts Romi for the movie tickets. He asks are you mad to check my shirt. She asks whats this, you refused to go for movie with me, did your meeting was in theatre. He says shut up, I was going to call you after meeting cancelled, Bunty has come with two tickets and I went with him. She says fine, call Bunty. He calls her mad and asks what is she saying. She says yes, I m mad, you should have no problem to call him, prove me wrong, call him. He says fine, I m calling. He calls Bunty and asks him to tell Mihika where were they. Bunty says sorry, we went for movie, I did not know your plan. She says its fine. Romi asks are you happy now. She leaves. Romi thanks Bunty. Bunty asks whats the problem, Mihika is so good, whats happening. Romi says I will talk later.

Abhishek tells about Anil writing confession letter before his death, he wanted to prove his innocent, he got that letter posted to Raman. Raman says I did not get it, I will go office and check. He leaves. Shagun goes to her room and gets worried. She says Anil had written my name in his confession letter, I m sure he would have written my name, I have to take someone’s help, one person can help me.

Ashok is on the way. Shagun calls him and asks him to go to Raman’s office. He asks why. She tells him everything and asks him to get letter anyway, Raman should not get it, Abhishek said real kidnapper’s name is written in it. He says fine, but whats the connection. She says there is connection, as it has my name. He says what, that’s great. She says I want that letter, just go and get that letter. He says fine, and ends call. He says this game is getting much interesting, it will be fun. Shagun turns and sees Pihu there. She gets shocked.

Pihu asks are you here mumma. Shagun says yes. Pihu asks to whom were you talking, why are you tensed. Shagun says I m not tensed. She takes Pihu out with her. Ashok reaches Raman’s office and sees employees leaving. He says many people won’t be inside, I have to go and find out whether letter is here or not. He sees guard there and uses his MP status to get inside office. He asks for Raman. Guard says Raman is not here. Ashok says I will wait inside. He goes inside the office and looks for letter in Raman’s cabin.

Mihir, Adi and Aaliya are in office. Adi likes Aaliya’s presentation. Mihir asks them not to overconfident, but he will give some tips, its late, but you can go in sometime. Adi says I will get charger from Papa’s cabin and goes. Ashok checks some letters. Adi comes there and switches on lights. He gets shocked seeing Ashok.

Adi getting shocked to see Ashok in Raman’s cabin. Ashok scolds Adi and reminds his childhood. Aaliya and Mihir come there and see Ashok. Adi says he knows Ashok’s status well. He scolds Ashok and asks guards to throw Ashok outside. Ashok leaves angrily. Mihir consoles Adi. Adi says I have to inform this to Ishita. Everyone get shocked knowing Ashok reached Raman’s office, to find letter. Shagun says how did he get inside. Mrs. Bhalla says he has become politician and would be using his influence. Ishita says its nothing to worry, I will tell Raman about this. Shagun worries.

Mihir says Adi I m proud of you, you managed Ashok so well. Adi says I learnt this from you to be calm, if Papa was here, he would have fought with Ashok. Raman comes and hears them.
Mihir asks why did Ashok come there. Raman says he came here to find letter. Mihir asks letter. Raman says I will tell you, come.

Shagun tells Ishita that Romi is behind this, he is influenced by Ashok, I feel he is doing this. Ishita thinks is Shagun saying true, shall I tell this to Raman. Raman checks letter. Mihir says secretary is not answering. Raman asks where does she stay, I will meet her and ask for letter. Mihir says I will come along. Raman says no, you go and drop Aaliya.

Raman and Adi are on the way. Raman says we will know who is behind kidnapping. Raman stops at signal. Raman gets shocked seeing Romi with some girl in his car, holding hands. Raman calls Romi and asks where is he. Romi says I m in meeting, why. Raman says you did not come for dinner. Romi says you have dinner, I will come later. Raman says so you are in meeting. Romi says yes. Raman gets angry and ends call.

Later, Raman and Adi come home. Ishita asks did he find anything. Raman says no, we visited secretary’s house too, she was not at home, I left note for her. Shagun says we will get letter, come we will have dinner. Raman and Ishita say they need to talk, and go to room. Raman tells Romi that Romi was with a girl. She says you can’t doubt on him, he loves Mihika, he changed. He says why did he lie, he could say she was friend, but he lied, what were you saying. She thinks Raman is already angry on Romi, I can’t tell him. She says its sorted now, come we will go for dinner.

Raman calls secretary and says her number is off. Ishita says I called Abhishek, he will trace her. She sees Romi and says I will talk to him. she goes to Romi and asks why are you doing this with Mihika, she sacrificed her life, career and everything for you, you can’t hurt her. He asks what happened. She says you went to meet a girl. He asks are you serious, who told you. Raman says I said. Romi asks why are you spying on me, I have friends, I won’t give explanations. Romi goes. Raman says I told you he won’t agree with talk, I will beat him. she stops Raman and says we have to be careful. He says you will be responsible if anything happens with your sister. He goes.

Its morning, Raman answers call and asks his secretary Shweta where was she. She says I was on holiday, I just came home and saw your note. He asks about any confidential letters for him. She says I send confidential letters to your home, I have send some letters before I went on camp. Raman tells this to Ishita and says that letter will be at home, we need to find it. he asks Neelu. Neelu says don’t know. Raman scolds her. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. Raman says Neelu does not know about letters and gets angry. Ishita asks Neelu to recall well, where she keeps letters always. Neelu says I keep it in tray. Raman checks and says its not here. They all try to find it. Shagun worries. Neelu says I kept few letters over fridge and gives him a basket. The letter is stuck beneath the basket. He says its not here and throws basket. Letter goes under the sofa.

Pihu asks Neelu for help. She gets her project things and asks Neelu to get glue. She gets letter from Anil Nagpal. She reads its for Raman Bhalla, and says I will give it to Papa, it looks urgent. Shagun asks did you come from school. Pihu says yes, I have to make project. Shagun asks where is she going. Ishita asks Pihu to change, then we will have lunch. Pihu goes. Ishita asks Shagun to get ready, Mani is coming, we will send Pihu to play, we can’t talk about marriage infront of her. Pihu goes to Raman’s room. She keeps letter in drawer, and says Papa will get it.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma see arrangements. Mihir gets gifts for Shagun and Mani. Shagun asks what was the need. He says its my duty, I hope Mani like the gifts. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Mani, Mr. Bhalla went to get him. Shagun asks Ishita about letter and kidnapper. Ishita says we could not find it, don’t worry, why are you thinking, its your marriage, just enjoy these days, Mani and Aaliya will come. Mani and Aaliya come. Everyone welcome them. Shagun thinks to start acting and acts sweet.

Pandit comes. Pandit tells them about tomorrow’s mahurat. Ishita says it will be very soon, we don’t have preparation time, see any other mahurat. Shagun thinks Mani and I should marry before they get letter. She says its good, if Mani and I marry soon, we are not getting younger, we know each other, everyone’s life will get sort out, we are doing simple marriage, so no stress. Mani agrees. Mrs. Bhalla says but we need to arrange pandit, clothes etc. Mani says no, I spoke to my friend and decided for court marriage. They decide marriage will be tomorrow. Everyone smile and feed sweets to Shagun. Shagun thinks this marriage will be better for my plan.