Friday Update 27 April on This is Love Glow tv

Friday Update 27 April on This is Love Glow tv

The Episode starts with Amma asking Adi did you not go in party. He says no. She says I have seen your entire family went there. He asks what, Ruhi won’t talk to them well, Niddhi is also there, no one told me, Ruhi will do something. Amma asks him to go and see, if anything happens with Ishita. He asks her not to worry. Raman and Ishita reach the part with their family.

Pihu likes the party. Mrs. Bhalla says if I could, I would not leave Niddhi. Raman says we came here for Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla asks him to calm down his anger. Raman says yes. The man stops them and asks for card. Raman says I forgot that in my room. They all get worried. Raman says I left card at home, we got invite. The man says sorry, we can’t allow you. Ishita and Raman try to explain that they are Ruhi’s family members. Pihu says please let us go, I have to meet Ruhi. The man asks Raman to move back. Raman gets angry and pushes the man. The men stop Raman. Ashok comes and asks whats happening here. The man says he is taking entry without card and fighting.

Ashok says I did not know Nimrit called you here, she went to attend consulate matter. Raman says Ruhi invited us. Ashok says Nimrit is not here, I can’t disturb you for little things, and insults Raman. Raman gets angry. Ishita and everyone stop Raman. Raman comes and says stop it, I have invited them. Everyone get glad seeing Ruhi. The man says sorry, they did not had invitation. Pihu hugs Ruhi. Ruhi says I just invited Pihu, if you all came, I won’t send you all back, I know respecting people, even if you all don’t know this. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to say anything, its your birthday, its big day for us. Raman stares at Ashok and walks in with his family. Ashok calls Niddhi and says its happening as we thought, don’t worry, end your work and come here soon.

Pihu sits with Ruhi and compliments her. Ruhi also compliments her and asks will you have chaat, I liked it in my childhood, I don’t like anything of my childhood now. Raman and Ishita look on. Adi comes and asks them why did they come here, Ruhi is showing attitude. Mrs. Bhalla says its her birthday today. Adi says I will talk to Ruhi. Ishita says we are mentally prepared, we don’t want to create any issue.

Pihu gifts Ruhi. Ruhi sees the family and refuses. Pihu insists. Mrs. Bhalla says we got gifts by many wishes. Ruhi accepts Pihu’s gift. Mrs. Bhalla gifts the necklace which Ruhi liked in her childhood. Ruhi takes the gifts from her and Simmi too. Pihu asks Raman to gift. Raman gifts the collage and asks Ruhi to open and see it. Ruhi says it won’t look good, I will see later. Simmi takes Pihu with her, saying she is very hungry. Ruhi checks Raman’s gift. Ruhi sees the photo collage of her childhood memories. She cries. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to see the gift carefully, this gift is incomplete, your Papa left that space so that when you come back, we will take a family pic and put it there, when are you coming back.

Raman and Ishita cry too. Raman gives that letter to Ruhi. Ruhi reads the letter and cries. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to come with them to their house. Ruhi recalls Ishita’s words and how Ishita gave her to Niddhi. She calls waiter and asks him to take photo frame, use it as a tray to serve the drinks. Raman, Ishita and everyone get shocked. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to do this. Ruhi leaves dropping the letter on the floor. Raman picks it.

Raman goes out and cries. Ishita pacifies him. Raman says we have to bear this, we don’t have time, 3 days out of 30 are gone, if nothing happens then… She says we won’t lose Ruhi, Lord made the world in 7 days, we have 27 days to win our world back, we will fight and try, we will not lose hope. They hold hands. Shagun looks on.

Adi scolds Ruhi for misbehaving with Raman. Ruhi says I did not do anything wrong. He asks are you Lord, you maybe star, you will behave well with Papa and Ishi Maa. She asks him to give lecture to them, where were they for seven years, go and talk to them. He says get over it, Papa and Ishi Maa separated, the families broke, you know how Raman stayed all those years, Raman heard Ashok’s taunts just because of you. Ruhi says this should happen with him. Adi says how long will you lie, I know you care for him. She says I like this. He says then insult them, take your birthday gift.

She says don’t challenge me. He says I will see your courage, whether you can insult Papa or not. She says fine, look.

Niddhi comes and tells Ashok that its good I came on time, see what happens. Ashok says don’t know will Ruhi insult them or not. She says lets see, you told me what she did with Raman’s gift. Ruhi gets Raman and Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla prays that Ruhi does not do anything bad. Ruhi tells everyone that she has to talk something imp to them.