Friday Update 1st June on Young Love Glow Tv

Friday Update on Young Love Glow Tv

1st June

Madan singh (MS) talki, to someone. At that time a person comes. him and tells some., to him with is in m.e MS warns him that if he is wro, then he will be in trouble B…t man takes MS to somewhere to prove.
Abhisek-asho meet at a lonely place Asha tells him not mee like this, it may cause trouble He agrees then gifts cis. some bangles At that time (MS) comes there with some ppI Asha notices that and both panic MS with lots of anger sIor,s threoten, him that how could he even tIlink abo.osha like that and sho.s asha too abhisek managed to say that he wants to marry osha and is going to talk to him MS is very a,ry and says that he won’t give permission to marry a widow a. can’t dishonor his elders of family They sIar, abhisek MS breaks all bangles of asha and drags asha from there witho. li.eni, their request Abhisek keeps that he will come to take osha b. rest r beating him MS drags her to home and sho.i, him radho and sugna r so shocked a. tries to ask him the matter MS didn’t listen to them and drag asha to her old room and gives her the old colorless dress and orders her to live like before and lock the door
DS lost in some thoughts When bhairon os.abo. her tension she say that she is worried about anandi and about to tell that anandi’s strange behaviors but cant coz at that time MS comes there by calling bhairon’s name At that time anandi too comes there from school. DS offers MS to sit. But MS with lots of frustrations asks them to throw abhisek out of the hospital and village too. He was eyeing badly on asha. He even took asha to a lonely place. He is lucky that he got to know at the rig. time Now he will send asha to kashi so that she can do some worship of god which she should do. All r shocked. Bhairon tries to clam him down but MS leaves from there in anger.
Outside the haveli, basant comes there and sees MS. MS expresses his anger in front of him. In the haveli, all wonder how a nice person like abhisek did this type of thing. Anandi says that all these things are true but r different what MS told. Abhisek and asha love each other. Asha even wanted to talk to shayam about that. DS tells that MS is angry coz someone wants marry his widow DIL and even his Dil agrees to it. Anandi asks she is a DIL but not anyone’s wife. Even all r agreed to sungna’s marriage and now she is very happy in her life. Even when phooli went in natha noone had any problem. Abhisek is a doctor and a nice person. He wants to marry asha with all rituals then y not everyone agree to it. MS comes there with basant and tells that this is because she is beendni of the house not a daughter.
Anandi says abhiskek is a good doctor , wants to marry asha,so why cant asha abhishek be married .Madan singh is angry at singh family supporting abhishek instead of throwing him out of village ..Basant asks him to calm down and discuss matters peacefully ..
Dadisa talks very respectfully to madansingh ,says your family honour is ours too as suguna is married there..But life has taught that honour isn’t bigger than humanity ,not greater than a poor girls life..After loosing everything asha is getting a second chance in life,so madan should rethink ..Madan singh is angry ,says he didn’t expect dadisa to talk like anandi..if he remarries a vidwa people will spit on his face,laught that he couldnt control a widow,and it will bring disrepute to his family name for next seven generations,so he wont change his family traditions,bahu comes in doli leaves on arthi. ..
Bhairav tries to talk to madan but madan doesn’t listen,says its easy to give empty speeches..He questions whether dadisa will marry their daughter in law anandi ..Dadisa says the two situations are different,jagya is still alive so anandi is not a vidhwaa..Madansinghs says can’t you see anandis life is worse than the life of a vidhwaa,her husband is enjoying life with second wife..
Bhairav says if anandi agrees he will marry her off like a father,and he has left that decision on anandi..Madan taunts not everybody can be as mahaan as bhairav,leave my family matters to me.He says he will send asha to kashi ,Madan singh leaves after warning singh family not to inferfere or suguna will suffer the consequences..Dadisa is worried but anandi has faith that shyam wouldnt let allow madan singh to harm suguna..Everyone is worried..
In mumbai gauris is sad ,remembers their lost baby ..jagat takes good care of her,braids her hair,feeds soup..He comforts her,saying something good maybe meant even in this loss.
Abhishek talks to suguna on phone,he is worried madan singh will send asha to kashi before shyam returns from chennai..He wants to marry asha, says he has made all arrangements at a nearby temple and requests suguna to bring asha there next morning …
Suguna calls shyam and tells him everything that happened ,asks him to return soon..shyam says it will be too late by the next flight,says he supports her and asks suguna to help asha escape from kothari..
Suguna searches for keys in madan singhs room when her sasuma is in kitchen, she pushes a utensil down while searching and sasuma hears it..suguna finds the keys but sasuma reaches there ,asks why is suguna in her room..
Endgyan-Punarvivaah of balvidhwaa is giving her a new life,opposing It’s injustice if society opposes it..

Friday Update 1st June on Young Love Glow Tv