Friday Update 1st June on True Love Glow Tv

Friday Update  on True Love Glow Tv

1st June

Veer explains that she has to come home with him and tell Vansh that they are happily married. Taps asks how he can expect her to lie. Veer tells her he’s doing this for the sake of Vansh, and for Ichcha, who did so much for her. Taps says that she’s repaid all debts and then asks Veer what she’ll get in return. He asks her if she wants him to beg and he asks her again. She leaves and Veer follows after. Meanwhile in the Thakur house Jogi goes to Damini and advises her not to sound so worried while talking to Ichcha, for her sake.
Veer tells Taps to stop playing games. She tells him she’ll come on a condition; she wants to experience what it feels like to be a wife. She takes out the mangulsutra and he puts it around her neck. She asks him to call her ‘meri jaan’ and call out to her and he does. She demands him to say it lovingly.
Taps forces Veer to propose to her the same way he did for Ichcha and fall to his knees asking her to come home. He does, but she says she doesn’t feel like coming home today and leaves. Taps goes home and tells Nani what happened. Nani warns her not to push things too far, or she might lose control of the game. She advises Taps to oblige to Veer, and hold his hand in such a way he can never let go.
Veer goes home to see Vansh on the porch waiting for him. They walk up to each other when a servant comes saying there’s a phone call for Vansh from Taps. Vansh goes inside and picks up the phone as Veer follows behind. Taps tells Vansh that Veer and she are happy together and she simply went home to comfort her family who was missing Ichcha. Vansh doesn’t believe anything she says and tells her he’ll believe it only when she comes home and he sees them both happy together. He hangs up on Taps. Nani goes to her and congratulates her.

Friday Update on True Love Glow Tv