Emperor Ashoka Wednesday Update 20th April 2022


Emperor Ashoka Wednesday Update 20th April 2022

Kaurawaki being in a maid’s attire. She is determined to meet ashoka at any cost. Ashoka is in jail.Helena said to Ashoka that i will say you the truth about Acharya Chanakya’s death and the killer’s name but you first promise me that you will not do anything to Siamak.Ashoka said i cant believe you and also i cant promise you,i will surely punish Siamak for his guilty.
In courtroom Khalatak said to Bindusar that Ashoka is totally out of control,today he attacked on his father.After this,magadhs every son will not hestitate to kill their own father.Just then Dharma came and said to Bindu that there is no fault of Ashoka.No one is there to shape him rightly after Acharya Chanakya’s death.

Sushim said that he attacked on Magadhs Samrat,his only punishment should be death penalty.Acharya Radhagupt said to Bindu that give me one chance,i will shape Ashoka.
Bindu said this is must needed,his behaviour is changing day by day.,he cant control his anger,he can even break out from jail.He cant be change in jail rightly.
Siamak said you choose first whom you want to see alive,me or Ashoka !! Because if Ashoka will alive then my life will be in danger and also brother Sushim’s life.
In jail helena said to Ashoka that i know you cant believe but you will believe to the person who is going to die.Then Helena slit her wrist,Ashoka shocked and shouted for help.Helena said this is Kalkothari,here no one can listen you except the walls.You promise me or not ,i will tell you the truth of Acharya Chanakya’s death.

Then a flashback shown that Khalatak, Charumitra, Sushim stabbbed Acharya Chanakya one by one.(flashback end)
Helena said Sushim is the mastermind behind this.
Ashoka got very angry and pulled the rods of jail.After a heavy kick he breaked out from jail.He was on his way to the courtroom with a rod in his hand.He beat every soldiers who came in his way.Then a group of soldiers came to stop him.Ashoka said dont stop me today,i am out for justice and to punish the killers of Acharya Chanakya,who will stop me today will become my enemy.The soldiers step aside.
He came to the courtroom where some soldiers caught him,then he threw soldiers backward at a time.
Ashoka angrily said i will punish every culprits.Khalatak,who take Acharya Chanakya to a secret place and Siamak,Charumitra,Sushim all involved in this.Its all only for throne.

Dharma said to stop but he said not to stop him.He angrily take the name of Sushim and gave a punch on his face.Them Bindu came to stop him but he pushed Bindu away.Ashoka hold the neck of Sushim tightly from backside and said you killed Acharya Chanakya,you know !! he was not only my teacher,also my God.Some soldiers came and pulled Ashoka,also Bindu pulled the hand of Ashoka to free Sushim.Then Ashoka beat the soldiers,take the sword of Bindu and attacked Sushim on his chest.Sushim fell down unconciously.Everyone shocked.Ashoka said one gone,there will be turn of every culprits.He was going to attack Charumitra,Bindu stopped him and soldiers tied him with chain.

Soldiers are having a hard time controlling Ashoka. They take Sushim to Raj Vaid. Bindu says I will make a final decision on you (Ashoka) right away. Acharya RG suggests him to find out the truth behind Ashoka’s words. Bindu says what truth. Can Sushim, Charu, Helena, Siamak, Mahamatya kill Acharya Chanakya? Can it be believed? Plus on what basis? Ashoka says a person who is about to die never lies. Helena told me everything while breathing her last. Siamak and Bindu panic. They head towards the jail. A tearful Dharma insists to go to Ashoka. Daasi’s stop her as she is in pain. Dharma says it will get late if I don’t go to Ashoka now.

Bindu comes in jail. Helena is in pain. Helena says I want to tell you I lied to you that I hated you only after Justin’s death. Truth is I only instilled hatred and jealousy in Justin. It was my wish to see him on the throne. He was only fulfilling my wish against his wish. He was so dedicated towards his mother that he took all the blames of my mistake on himself. All the attacks that have happened on you till date were done by me. I knew it long before you that Dharma is alive. I tried a lot to kill her. Whenever I tried to hut Maurya’s Ashoka and Chanakya did not let it happen. Ashoka was the helper of Chanakya and saved everyone every single time. He became an obstacle in my way ultimately. I thought to get you killed by his hands to get him out of my way. Bindu sits down next to her. I dint know a mother can be like this also. Ashoka says she was not alone. There were a lot more people who were involved in Acharya Chanakya’s death. She will tell you. Ask her. Helena denies doing or saying anything like that. I did hate Chanakya but I wanted him to live so he could see Maurya lineage losing. I wanted him to see Unani wining. It did not happen though. She holds Bindu’s hand. I have only one wish. I couldn’t accept this land till date even when it gave me everything. I only disrespected it. Do me a favour. Bury me in this land against Unani tradition. I couldn’t be one with this land by heart but I can be with my body. Will you fulfil my wish son? He holds her hand. She dies.

Bindu asks the soldiers to take Ashoka away. They comply.

Raj Vaid nurses Sushim’s wounds. Charu is all panicked. Ashoka hurt my son second time. I wont let him escape now.

Bindu says you (Ashoka) only said a while ago that a person cannot lie on his deathbed. Helena died before me. She justified it that you were lying. You have fallen so low. You chose to take the name of a person who was about to die so you could make sure all those you blame could be out of your way of throne. Ashoka tells him to think whatever he wants. I wont give any explanation. Do remember though. Whatever my future will be, the war is still not over! I will make sure none of you get to live till the last drop of my blood. I told you beforehand I will come after you all the day I get a proof against you. He tries to reach out to Mahamatya but the soldiers pull the chains tightly. Mahamatya looks scared. Bindu says you are right. You have become Chandasahoka. Palace does not suit an animal like you. Jungle will suit you. Today, I Bindusar Maurya, not just banishes you from this palace but also from Magadh Empire. I order you to be killed the moment you are seen inside Magadh’s vicinity. Everyone is stunned except Siamak, Charu and Mahamatya.

Bindu tells Ashoka that he still loves him somewhat which is why he dint give him death penalty. I am penalising you to live away from this land. You will have to live without your motherland. You will just look from far but wont be able to do anything for Magadh. It will break your arrogance when you will see Magadh prospering in your absence. This arrogance rose in you after Acharya Chanakya’s trust on you. I am snatching your dream from you. Now you have neither motherland nor a vision nor a promise. I punished you to live like a

Dharma screams in pain. Ashoka shouts Ma. Bindu makes the Daasi’s take Dharma to her room. Ashoka requests him to be with his mother for a minute but Bindu refuses. I wont let your shadow fall on my son. He is dragged away by the soldiers. He urges Acharya RG to allow him to meet his mother once. Siamak thinks Rajmata’s sacrifice dint go in vain. One son is fighting for life while the other is in jail. Now Magadh has only one option – me!

Dharma refuses to give birth to baby without Ashoka. Daasi sends someone to inform Bindu.

Bindu asks Mahamatya to make preps for Helena’s last rites. Mahamatya leaves. Acharya RG requests Bindu to let Ashoka be with his mother in this condition. Daasi informs him about Dharma’s condition. Dharma asks Bindu to let her son meet and see Ashoka. I don’t want to bring my son in a world where the situation is bad. He gives in. You have to listen to the lady though. I have lost enough already. I cannot lose anything anymore. Forgive me for my lie.

Bindu buries Helena. We forgive you for whatever you did with us. May your soul rest in peace.

Dharma shouts for Ashoka. Ashoka shouts for help. Take me to my mother. She needs me. is anyone there? Bindu comes there. Ashoka says you are upset with me. Don’t punish my mother for this. She needs me now. I have to be with you. Bindu says it is all because of your wrong deeds. We would have been welcoming the baby but sadly, he will only see all the wrong things here. He will be born in a place where brothers fight amongst themselves. Sushim is battling for his life. I don’t want your shadow to fall on my son. Ashoka is in tears. If you have loved me even a little then take me to my mother. She needs me. I will leave this palace as soon as she gets fine. Bindu replies he does not even have pity to give him. He turns to go. Ashoka calls Bindu father but Bindu corrects him. I am Samrat Bindusar for you from today! I have no relation with you anymore. I am dead for you and your father is dead for you. I take away all the rights from you of any relation. You will go alone. Think that you became an orphan yet again. Ashoka looks at him as he leaves. Ashoka cries. I wish I could tell you, explain to you that you are not separating me from you but truth. He screams Ma!