Emperor Ashoka Monday Update 2nd April 2022


Emperor Ashoka Monday Update 2nd April 2022

Ashoka calls it a mistake. I did not do it intentionally. Let me see Drupad for the last time. Please let me see him once. It was an accident. The soldiers tie his hands. Bindu walks out of the courtroom. Ashoka asks his mother to trust him. It was an accident. The soldiers lock Ashoka in a cell. He requests them to allow him to see his brother once. I am innocent. They pay no heed to him.

Sushim tells Tantric that he failed. Samrat is still alive. Tantric says I said Samrat will die. Drupad was the Samrat that day so he died. What I said happened. You will become Samrat. No one except me can stop you from becoming Samrat. If you doubt me next time then you will die. We are one now. The blood that came out of your mouth is mine. I have given it to Pishachs. Your blood will be slowly offered to them and replaced with mine.

Dharma asks Bindu if he thinks Ashoka really can do this. Ashoka was shocked by what happened. He loved Drupad a lot. Bindu replies that the arrow was shot by Ashoka only. He acted arrogantly before Sushim. His expectations have made him forget the difference between right and wrong. He has become greedy for the throne. Dharma has faith in her son. I have raised him. I know he has no greed for throne. Bindu says if you are right then why Ashoka asked me to make him the Yuvraaj. He knows it that the eldest son deserves it. She talks about Acharya Chanakya’s dream. He calls it Ashoka’s wishes going wrong. She reasons that one needs to find out the intention behind the culprit’s act. I want to know if your son can do this. He calls it rebellion. A father lost before Samrat today. I cannot pardon Ashoka. He only has one punishment for what he did today – death penalty!
A soldier comes there with Ashoka’s request to see Drupad.

Shubhrasi cries next to Drupad. You wanted to hear stories from me tonight. It is wrong to sleep on your birthday. Get up, son. Dharma comes there. Shubhrasi scolds her for coming there. You will never be happy. Your son killed my son! Go away! Dharma takes a step back sadly.

Soldiers bring Ashoka there. He cries seeing his Nanhe Samrat dead. He thinks of all the past time. Helena thinks who can change what’s destined to happen. Small sacrifices are made in way to achieve the bigger aim. Maurya lineage is anyways going to end soon. Sushim thinks Drupad did not support the right people. You had to pay the price for supporting them. Samrat too will understand it soon. Everyone thinks of Drupad. Kaurvaki looks at Drupad. How can the body turn so black after getting hit by an arrow? Was it a plan? The soldiers take Ashoka away. Bindu says the biggest punishment for a father is to light the pyre of his son. Helena thinks that this is just the beginning. Bindu will have to light pyres of many of his loved ones in his life. He will be alone in the end.

Kaurvaki talks to her father about Drupad’s condition. The arrow that hit Drupad was not shot by Ashoka. He knows she wants to justify Ashoka’s act. Everyone thinks of Ashoka to be the culprit. She says the end which isn’t right, is not the end. This isn’t end! I wont let anything wrong happen with Ashoka. You may not support me but I know someone who will trust Ashoka is innocent.

Kaurvaki meets Nayak. He says I can even sacrifice my life for Ashoka. She suggests getting Ashoka out of the jail.

Ashoka talks to himself. I am foolish. I shouldn’t have accepted Sushim’s challenge. Drupad would have been alive today. I wont be able to live with this guilt. Forgive me, Drupad. You know how much I love you. Kaurvaki comes there with food for Ashoka. She gives a special Paan to all the soldiers there. They all lose conscious as soon as they eat it. A few soldiers come running there. Nayak fights with them.

Kaurvaki asks Ashoka to come with her. He does not want to do so. I will fall in my eyes if I do so. She tells him that the arrow which hurt Drupad had poison on it. This wouldn’t have happened if you had done so. Ashoka recalls kissing the arrow before shooting it. Kaurvaki is sure someone is trying to trap him. You will have to prove your innocence for your citizens. It is possible only when you will get out from here. Nayak comes there.

Indrajeet shares that he put poison in the arrow. Sushim applauds him.

Nayak handles the soldiers who come in his way. One soldier rings a bell. Everyone hears it. Sushim and his allies get to know that Ashoka is missing.

Bindu is angry to know of the same. A culprit escaped today. I have to get in my Samrat mode now. Dhrama fails in stopping him.

Kaurvaki and Ashoka come to the archery area. They talk of the aim he took. He is sure the arrow must be where father was. She calls it risky but he has only this chance. She too goes with him. Siamak comes there as soon as they leave.

Radha Gupta thinks Ashoka is making a mistake by eloping. He will become a bigger sinner in everyone’s eyes this way.

Sushim goes to look for Ashoka. Ashoka and Kaurvaki hide till he goes to the other side.

Ashoka notices the arrow stuck in the wall. He takes it out. He is stunned to see Bindu coming there just then. Bindu glares at Ashoka.

In the courtroom, Dharma thinks Ashoka is all alone today. Acharya Chanakya always used to save him. Bindu comes there. Helena remarks that Ashoka ran away last night. There is no doubt he is the culprit of Drupad, you and entire Magadh. It proves he does not care of Magadh’s rules. Announce him a traitor. Bindu says he will come back. He has promised me. Sushim asks him about it.

A flashback is shown. Bindu questions Ashoka on his shameful acts. It would have been good if I had died on Drupad’s place. Your act proves you guilty of your crime. it is good though. It would have been difficult for a father. ashoka asks him if he thinks that he can kill him. kill me right away if you think so. If not, then give me 3 hours. I will bring proof of my innocence. I swear on mother, If I fail then I will accept any punishment. Flashback ends.

Sushim asks his father how he could believe the one who killed Drupad. Bindu wants to wait till the next 30 seconds that are left in the time Ashoka asked for.

Sushim refuses to believe that this all proves Ashoka is innocent. You are misusing the chance given by father. I am a witness to it. I saw it all before my own eyes. He kissed the arrow and then shot it. I despise you, Ashoka. If you think you are right then prove it that you dint shoot that arrow. Ashoka says you act so restless at times. You did not understand it till now that it goes against you at times. Your restlessness proved me innocent. What did you say just now? Sushim repeats it. You kissed the arrow. Ashoka nods. I kissed the other arrow which dint have poison on it. If I had kissed that one then I wouldn’t have been alive. Bindu says who shot this arrow then. How the Unani’s dared to do it? Ashoka points out that it can only happen when some insider is involved. There is only one person here who is associated with Unani’s here, who can have sympathy with Unanis’ – Rajmata Helena! But there is no question of doubting her. She herself gave death penalty to her own son. The story was somehow related to her so I went to her room.

Flashback shows Ashoka and Kaurvaki finding that box in Helena’s room. They hear the sound of footsteps and hide. Helena comes to the room, picks up the box and leaves. Ashoka and Kaurvaki see Helena leaving with Siamak. Flashback ends.

Bindu wants to know who it was. Ashoka takes Helena and Siamak’s name. Siamak is scared. Ashoka says I can show you the place where Rajmata hid the box. She also asked Siamak not to tell anyone about it. Bindu asks for proof. Ashoka asks him to accompany him to the place where Helena hid the box. Bindu says Rajmata is not just my mother but also Chandragupta Maurya’s wife. She means the same to me what Dharma means to you. Helena acts to be hurt. Today I realised I am only a Unani, a step mother for Magadh. Ashoka is blaming me as he knows no one here will take my side. Anyone can enter in my room and put blames on me. Bindu again asks for proof. Charu refuses to believe his words and also Kaurvaki. You hit Sushim, Siamak and then killed Drupad. If the meeting goes on for a little long then you might blame us as well. You find us all too bad. Sushim seconds her. I feel scared nowadays. I don’t feel safe around him. Bindu agrees with him. Bindu tells Ashoka he crossed his limits today by blaming his mother. If you fail then! Ashoka says your other son only will tell you the truth. He knows where Rajmata Helena has hidden that box. Siamak isn’t there. Everyone is shocked to not see him there. Bindu asks for him. Ashoka knows where he would be. Come with me. You can witness it all yourself.

Siamak digs the box. He is about to leave from there when everyone comes there. He drops the box in panic. Helena thinks of Justin’s words. Bindu signals the soldiers to catch hold of Siamak. Helena stops them. She walks up to him. Siamak is not at fault. I am behind all this. Everyone is stunned. Bindu is hurt.

Helena accepts it all before Bindu. I called this arrow from Unan, put poison on it and then made sure Ashoka shoots it on you. Siamak had no idea about it. I only sent him to hide it all. He thought to save it. He is innocent. I am the culprit here.

Back in the courtroom, bindu demands to know who shot the arrow then. Mother was with me at that time. Ashoka says it was only her plan. There was someone else who executed it. H looks at Sushim who becomes uncomfortable. I was with you only. Bindu asks Ashoka to say the name of that person. Ashoks knows he wont be able to punish that person.

Another flashback is shown. Ashoka is sure of the fact that Siamak cannot attack his father. Kaurvaki wonders if it was Sushim. Ashoka knows of the person who can tell them the truth. Kaurvaki, Nayak and Ashoka surround Indrajeet. He apologizes for killing Drupad by mistake. It was aimed at Samrat. Ashoka hits him. Nayak stops him from choking Indrajeet. Ashoka tells Indrajeet to speak up. Where did you hide the other arrows and bow? Flashback ends.

Nayak walks inside with Indrajeet. Ashoka says it would have been better if he was here but!

Another flashback shows Indrajeet getting shot by someone when he takes Ashoka to the place where he hid the arrows and bow. Ashoka fails in finding out the name of that person.

Sushim recalls shooting Indrajeet. Ashoka says Sushim was right. It was a plan. Father was the aim and I was made a prey in that plan. Sushim acts to be innocent and speaks against Rajmata. Ashoka says only she can tell who was with her in this.

Bindu is hurt by Helena staining the mother son relationship for forever. I don’t know what to say to you. I only wish to ask if you know of the relations in the family that are equally poisonous. All the culprits think of Acharya Chanakya’s murder. Helena thinks of Ashoka’s warning words to them; of Justin’s dream to see Siamak being made the Samrat; of Noor and Justin’s death and of Siamak. She falls down.

Bindu apologizes to Ashoka. I declare you innocent. I give the right to Yuvraaj Ashoka to decide the right punishment for this woman (Helena). He leaves from there. Ashoka tells the soldiers to keep Helena in the jail till he decides something. Helena is being taken away to the jail by Soldiers and Daasi’s. Ashoka looks up gratefully. Acharya, this is my first win. You would have been happy if you were here today.

Kaurvaki congratulates Ashoka. He gives the credit to her. Dharma comes there. Ashoka touches her feet. She says Satyamev jayate. He repeats after her. She is happy and relieved that he got Drupad justice. Ashoka talks about his first win in the path to his Guru’s promise. Many enemies are still alive. Full justice will not happen with either Acharya Chanakya or Drupad till then!