Dream Girl Tuesday Update 19th April 2022


Dream Girl Tuesday Update 19th April 2022

Ayesha getting to know the surgery can be done after 2 days, if she can come to Los Angeles. She says thanks, I will come in 2 days, do all the preparations. Aarti says Ayesha is very nice, she said she will take her out. Ayesha says yes, we will go in 2 days, you are getting sleep, sleep well. She makes Aarti sleep and gives her some injection. She says once I get your plastic surgery done, there won’t be any problem, maybe you won’t get up till tomorrow, we will meet tomorrow, good night. She leaves from there.

Ayesha comes home and Manav asks her does she have to say anything for what she did, even when he knows she is not ashamed. She does not respond. He asks why did she not act to look happy. She says you ended our relation, I m not answerable to you and reminds her divorce conditions. He argues and says this house and property, I will not give you anything, remember this. He leaves.

She gets the visa and tickets done and says I have all answers Manav, just give me 2 days, once this problem gets solved, then I will tell you. Its morning, Prem and Manav have a talk to receive guests, and Samar can come later. Manav says I will message Samar. Prem asks about Ayesha. Manav asks servant to tell Ayesha that they are waiting for her, she can come for film mahurat. The servant informs Ayesha. She says tell them I will come later. She thinks to meet Aarti first.

Aarti recalls what all Ayesha told her. She wakes up and calls out Ayesha. She cries and lies on the ground. Samar talks to Laxmi and says I m leaving from home now. Laxmi is at the set and says he is leaving at this time. Samar sees Ayesha and says we can go together. She leaves in her car. He leaves after her. Ayesha gets a call and talks to someone about her work. The man says passport and tickets are done, I m sending you. She thanks him. Samar sees her taking other route and thinks where is she going. He follows her and thinks he thought Ayesha was going in mahurat.

Laxmi tries calling Samar and tells Manav that Samar is not answering calls. Samar follows Ayesha. Samar misses her car and thinks where did she go. He says maybe I took wrong turn, and looks for her. He sees Ayesha. Ayesha goes to the flat and Samar comes there too. Ayesha looks for Aarti in the flat and thinks where did she go. She finds Aarti scared and crying, and ask what happened to her. Aarti says she won’t talk to Ayesha.

She tells her dream that she has seen Karan, burning his clothes, books, I was seeing it, I did not do it. Ayesha asks who did it then. Aarti says I have seen everything, I did not do it, I love Karan a lot, it was misunderstanding. Ayesha asks who did it, tell me. Aarti says you did it. Ayesha gets shocked. Aarti says you did it as you look like me, you have put blame on me, you are very bad. Ayesha asks did she go mad. Aarti says I will not talk to you.

Laxmi asks Karan about Samar. Karan calls Samar and asks him where is he, its his film’s mahurat. Samar says I m following Ayesha, I m in imp work, please start it without me, I will come in some time. Karan gets shocked. Samar says I felt Ayesha will go in mahurat, she came here, I m sure there is something wrong, I will find it today.

Samar telling Karan that he is following Ayesha and he is sure there is something fishy. Karan tells Laxmi that Samar is in imp work, he would come soon. Aarti tells Ayesha that she has seen that Ayesha burnt Karan’s toys and clothes in childhood, she has framed her in this blame. Ayesha asks why will I do this, I love you a lot. Aarti says it’s a lie, you did this as I look like you, you wanted to get everything.

Ayesha hurts her and puts her head under the tap, asking her to recall this way she has hurt Karan in childhood. Aarti cries. Ayesha tells her that you feel I m hiding you for my selfish motive, I got your treatment done in mental hospital, you made your own theory, you are reacting this way, if anyone sends you back to mental hospital, do you want them to give you shocks. Aarti says no. Ayesha says I hide you, so that no one can make you away from me, will you agree to me now. Aarti agrees and cries.

Samar waits outside. He says maybe Ayesha is right, she is coming here to help someone, Manav and Laxmi are waiting for me there, I m here, maybe I should leave now. He starts the car and sees Ayesha bringing someone hiding the lady’s face. He gets shocked seeing Aarti’s face who resembles Ayesha. Ayesha makes Aarti sit in the car and leaves. Samar follows Ayesha’s car and stops her on the way.

Ayesha gets shocked seeing him. They get down the car. Aarti gets up and looks across the window, and he looks at her. He asks Ayesha what is she doing here. Ayesha says my friend is unwell, I m taking her to hospital. He asks who is your friend, I want to meet her. Ayesha stops him and says you have to go in mahurat. He asks whats your friend’s name, her face resembles you, is her name Ayesha too… She gets speechless and asks what are you saying, did you go mad, I don’t understand. He says I understand everything, I have seen her, tell me who is she.

Karan tells Laxmi that maybe its something big issue, we don’t know what happened. Ayesha asks Samar not to interfere and mind his own business. Samar asks her to move and pushes her. Samar opens the car’s door and asks Aarti not to worry. He gets stunned seeing Aarti looking exactly like Ayesha. Ayesha pulls Samar out and says its none of your business, this is my personal matter.

Samar says its our family matter, who is she, what did you do with her, that girl looks scared, why are you hiding her, I have seen you taking her secretly, tell me who is she. Ayesha says listen, I will explain, I don’t have time, let me go, fine I will answer, I will come back and answer you, its very personal. Samar says now I know it. She says I will tell everyone, give me some time. He asks her to move.

Manav asks Kushal to check all arrangements. Prem says we should not make everyone wait and start the mahurat. Manav says right, I will ask Karan. He asks Karan about Samar. Karan says he said he is coming, but he is stuck in some imp work. Manav asks whats more imp, keep trying to call him soon. Prem says we shall start mahurat and they tale Laxmi along. Ayesha asks Samar to leave. Samar asks her to move and talks to Aarti. He says I m with you, did Ayesha beat or scold you, I m Samar Sareen, I can help you. He asks Ayesha to just shut up. He asks Aarti her name. She says Aarti. He asks who is she. He asks her to say her name again. She says Aarti and turns. Ayesha stops him. He asks is this your lookalike or any poor girl whose plastic surgery you did to use. She says you won’t understand. He says I know you won’t answer me, I have a way.

He takes Aarti’s pic and she stops him. He says I will show the pics to the media in mahurat and pushes her. Ayesha cries. He says you can try, but I will find the truth. Aarti comes out and asks Bhabhi?? Aarti says this is Ayesha, why are you calling her Bhabhi. He says this is my Bhabhi, Ayesha Sareen. Ayesha shouts on her and asks her to sit in the car. Samar says Aarti, look at me, this is Ayesha, my Bhabhi, I m her brother in law/Devar Samar Sareen. Aarti says now I understood, why Ayesha is called Ayesha Sareen. Ayesha asks Aarti not to talk to strangers, he is bad. Samar says don’t listen to Ayesha, talk to me, your name is Aarti….. Aarti says Aarti Roy…. He gets stunned and looks at Ayesha.

He says now you know we are relatives, you can talk to me freely. Ayesha asks Aarti to keep quiet. Samar says look at me, you are Aarti Roy?? Aarti says I m Ayesha’s elder sister and smiles. Samar looks at Ayesha. He says I did not know about you before, now we have met, you know we are relatives, you tell me more, why did we not meet before. Ayesha asks Aarti to listen to me, just Ayesha loves her, no one else. Samar asks why did we not meet. Aarti says I was in mental hospital, I was sent by mistake, I was not in this city. Samar gets angry and holds Ayesha’s hand to stop her. Samar says you don’t look mad by face. Aarti says I m not mad, I was framed in wrong blame and sent to mental hospital, I m not mad Ayesha. Samar says Karan did not tell about you, he is your brother.