Destined by Fate Update: Thursday 11th January 2024 – Vikrant Returns


Destined by Fate Update: Thursday 11th January 2024 – Vikrant Returns

Santosh thinks Kanha is stubborn and blindly trusts Sayuri as he loves her. She thinks she needs to stay in society and can’t live with lie. Kanha asks Sayuri if she will dance with him. Sayuri nods yes. Kanha asks if she can as he will dance and she will stand. She says not fair and steps on his feet. They both dance romantically lost in each other on Tum Hi Ho.. song. After a few minutes, Sayuri notices Vikrant watching them and panics. Kanha asks what happened to her. Sayuri says she saw Vikrant there. Whole family gathers. Kanha asks her not to worry as they are all with her.

Nakul goes to check and doesn’t find anyone. Sayuri sayys she really saw Vikrant and asks Kanha if he trusts her. Kanha says he trusts her. Sayuri collapses. Kanha takes her to her room and makes her rest. Nakul asks Kanha to rest as Sayuri is asleep and will forget everything once she wakes up. Kanha asks how can he calm down, does he think Vikrant can be alive after such a big accident. Nakul says he can’t say anything, they should consult inspector. He recalls Rashmi brainwashing him that Sayuri is deeply affected and thinks everyone are her enemy, thinks Rashmi was right. He walks out asking Kanha to rest for some time.

Indu asks Nakul if Sayuri is fine. Nakul says she is sleeping and Kanha is beside her. Rashmi shows her fake concern for Sayuri and says she is deeply affected and is imagining things. Indu asks what does she mean. Rashmi says Vikrant must have brutally tortured Sayuri, hence she is imagining him; Sayuri even thought that she will push her from stairs, she can’t even think of this; Sayuri is in deep trauma and it will take time to get back to normal. Daadi mausi say maybe Sayuri is in fear or maybe Vikrant returned. Rashmi says its impossible as Vikrant can’t be alive after a car blast. Nakul says she is right, he will ask Kanha to confirm it with inspector.

Kanha calls inspector and asks if Vikrant escaped or died in that accident. Inspector says he can’t say anything until the forensic report comes. Indu feels worried for Sayuri and cries. Bhanu comforts her. Rashmi says looks like Sayuri is in deep depression, she spoilt Kanha’s surprise plan. Daadi mausi says Kanha understands Sayuri and will take care of her. Rashmi says she is right and hopes Sayuri is not in depression. Kanha recalls Sayuri’s fear and thinks if Vikrant is alive he will not spare him. Saroj expresses her concern for Kanha in front of Daadi mausi and says Kanha’s life partner has become a pain for him, etc. Daadi mausi asks her to trust god and think positive.

Rashmi thinks she doesn’t know if Sayuri saw vikrant or not, but she has to convince family that Sayuri has lost her mental balance to protect herself. Next morning, Sayuri wakes up and finds Kuku besides her. Kanha says Kuku wanted to meet her, but didn’t want to disturb her. Sayuris says she is fine and asks her to return to Indu naani. Kanha asks Sayuri if she is really fine. Sayuri says yes and recalls seeing Vikrant.