Anupama Teasers November 2022 (Starlife)


Anupama Teasers November 2022 (Starlife)

Tuesday 1 November  2022

Episode 401

The prize for best duo performance goes to Anupama and Anuj. Anupama defends their relationship by confronting Leela when she disparages it.

Episode 402

Anupama helps Anuj during the Ravan Dahan by providing a convincing defense of their friendship. Leela is irritated but Anuj is over the moon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Episode 403

When Anupama corrects Kavya’s work, the latter feels humiliated, so Kavya responds by damaging Anupama’s reputation. Kavya is also fired by Anuj.

Episode 404

Anupama defies Vanraj by scaling the fence as he attempts to stop her from departing with Anuj for the business trip. Anupama later encounters Akshara at the market.

Thursday 3 November  2022

Episode 405

Out of concern, Nandini gives Vanraj a piece of valuable advice. Elsewhere, Anupama and Anuj are stuck in severe crisis. Can they make it out?

Episode 406

With the college students, Anupama and Anuj relish the party and shake a leg. While Vanraj feels insecure, Anuj is down with high fever.

Friday 4  November  2022

Episode 407

Vanraj accuses Anupama of spending the night with Anuj. After a heated dispute, an emotional Anupama decides to leave the Shah house.

Episode 408

Hasmukh grants permission to Anupama to leave the house to avoid further conflicts. While Anuj learns about her decision, Vanraj and Leela are shocked.

Saturday 5 November  2022

Episode 405

Nandini provides Vanraj some wise counsel out of worry. Anupama and Anuj are caught in a terrible dilemma somewhere else. Can they escape?

Episode 406

Anupama and Anuj enjoy the celebration and shake a leg with the college kids. Anuj has a high temperature while Vanraj is uneasy.

Friday, November 4, 2022

Episode 407

Anupama is accused by Vanraj of spending the night with Anuj. Anupama leaves the Shah home after a fierce argument.

Episode 408

To prevent additional disputes, Hasmukh permits Anupama to leave the house. Vanraj and Leela are startled when Anuj finds out about her choice.

Monday 7 November  2022

Episode 413

Anupama, Anuj and Devika shake a leg while Kavya experiences a strange nightmare. Later, the Shahs visit Anupama’s new house to celebrate Diwali.

Episode 414

The Shahs enjoy their time at Anupama’s new house by playing some games. Elsewhere, Vanraj reprimands Dolly when she supports Anupama.

Tuesday 8 November  2022

Episode 415

During the festivities, Paritosh loses his temper on Anuj and Anupama’s bonding. Elsewhere, Vanraj regrets misbehaving with Dolly in front of Sanjay.

Episode 416

Anupama slaps Paritosh and throws him out. To fix the situation, Anuj visits the Shahs to convince Vanraj not to demoralize Anupama. But, will it work?

Wednesday 9  November  2022

Episode 417

Anuj confesses his love for Anupama in front of the Shahs, unaware of her overhearing them. Later, Anuj suffers an emotional outburst.

Episode 418

Vanraj leaves town for a business meeting while Anuj regrets his confession at the Shah house. Elsewhere, Samar questions Anupama about her feelings for Anuj.

Thursday 10  November  2022

Episode 419

Anupama questions Anuj about having feelings for her while the latter says that he never wanted her to find out. Further, he defends his love.

Episode 420

Sanjay visits the Shahs for Diwali without Dolly. However, Leela undergoes a violent outburst when the family meets Anupama to celebrate the festival.

Friday 11  November  2022

Episode 421

Coaxed by Leela’s words, Anuj does the unthinkable, shocking the Shahs. As the arguments escalate, Hasmukh loses his temper as Leela brings up the past.

Episode 422

Leela’s anger against Hasmukh and Anupama leaves the family shocked. Hasmukh feels shattered when Leela humiliates him in front of everyone.

Saturday 12 November  2022

Episode 423

Anupama’s attempt to cheer up a dejected Hasmukh goes in vain. Elsewhere, Jignesh rejects Leela’s order to bring Hasmukh back home.

Episode 424

Jignesh meets Anupama with an appeal. While Vanraj returns home, Kavya and Leela land in trouble after visiting Anupama’s new house.

Sunday 13  November  2022

Episode 425

Vanraj is startled to learn about Hasmukh leaving the Shah house after Leela insulted him. Elsewhere, Anupama comforts a dejected Leela.

Episode 426

Vanraj gives Leela an ultimatum and tries to slam the door on her face. Later, Hasmukh returns to the Shah house. Will he forgive Leela and step in?

Monday 14 November  2022

Episode 427

In order to resolve the matter, Vanraj decides to leave the Shah house with Kavya. However, she makes a startling announcement, leaving the family speechless.

Episode 428

While Anupama convinces the Shahs to stay back, Kavya apologises to Vanraj for creating chaos. Later, Hasmukh puts forth a request to Anupama concerning Anuj.

Tuesday 15 November  2022

Episode 429

While Hasmukh’s words haunt Anupama’s mind, she rethinks her life. Later, Leela gets sick and Anupama rushes to tend to her.

Episode 430

Leela pleads with Anupama to keep visiting them, and she reluctantly agrees. Later, Anupama can’t stop thinking about Anuj.

Wednesday 16  November  2022

Episode 431

Anupama prepares a special dish for Anuj while the Shahs celebrate Bhai Dooj. Later, Vanraj wishes to forget the past and move ahead in life.

Episode 432

Anupama witnesses Anuj’s patience and his availability for her needs and feels guilty. Later, Kavya oders Leela to take her permisson before inviting Anupama.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Episode 433

The Shahs talk about commemorating Leela and Hasmukh’s 50th wedding anniversary. In the meantime, Kavya uses Paritosh against the family.

Episode 434

After receiving Anupama’s SMS message, Anuj rushes to her residence. She offers to remain with the Shahs till the festivities begin.

Friday 18  November  2022

Episode 435

The Shahs grow nervous as Anuj arrives for the anniversary celebration. However, they are stunned when Leela and Vanraj greet him without hesitation.

Episode 436

Vanraj behaves politely with Anuj and treats him well, startling Kavya. Later, the Shahs enjoy their evening with a formal discussion on marriages.

Saturday 19 November  2022

Episode 437

The Shahs shower their love on Leela and Hasmukh during their golden wedding anniversary celebrations. Later, Kavya misbehaves with Anupama.

Episode 438

Kavya presents Hasmukh and Leela with an unexpected gift for their golden anniversary. Later, she turns speechless upon receiving Vanraj’s return gift.

Sunday 20  November  2022

Episode 439

While Vanraj demands Kavya for divorce, she pleads for a second chance. However, he brutally declines it, leaving her heartbroken.

Episode 440

Kavya refuses to divorce Vanraj and threatens to put him behind bars in a domestic violence case. Undeterred, Vanraj states that he would prefer going to jail to staying with her.

Monday 21 November  2022

Episode 441

Hasmukh plays a game of Ludo with Kavya while Vanraj attends an important meeting. Elsewhere, Anuj meets with an accident.

Episode 442

While Anuj confesses his sentiments to Anupama, a bunch of notorious goons encircle them. Later, Anupama rushes an injured Anuj to the hospital.

Tuesday 22 November  2022

Episode 443

Samar informs Hasmukh and Paritosh about Anuj and Anupama’s mishap. Meanwhile, Vanraj consoles a disheartened Anupama at the hospital.

Episode 444

Vanraj volunteers to stay at the hospital with Anupama and look after Anuj. Kavya is taken aback to learn about Vanraj’s concern for Anuj.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Episode 445

Vanraj offers Anupama some wise counsel in the hospital. The Shahs later get shocking information regarding Anuj’s condition.

Episode 446

Anupama attempts to tell Anuj how she feels, but he stays mute. After being released from the hospital, Anuj is greeted with open arms at home.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Episode 447

Anupama chooses to confess after finally realizing how she feels for Anuj. When she gets to his residence, she discovers a startling image.

Episode 448

Anupama resolves to start a new life with Anuj, and Hasmukh gives her more self-assurance. Later, Malvika shows up and calls her.

Friday 25 November  2022

Episode 449

Anuj turns excited to meet Malvika while Vanraj organises a grand party. Later, the Shahs arrive at the venue and appreciate Vanraj’s efforts.

Episode 450

The Shahs are pleased to learn about Vanraj and Malvika’s joint venture. Malvika is over the moon when she meets Anuj at the party.

Saturday 26 November  2022

Episode 451

The Shahs are taken aback upon learning about Anuj and Malvika’s relationship. Later, Kavya burns in jealousy over Vanraj and Malvika’s growing closeness.

Episode 452

While Malvika takes Anuj home, Anupama is in a dilemma. Later, Vanraj reprimands Kavya as she tries to speak ill about Malvika and Anupama.

Sunday 27  November  2022

Episode 453

Vanraj neglects Kavya in front of the Shahs. On the other hand, Anuj recalls his past with Malvika and narrates it to Anupama.

Episode 454

Samar and Nandini make a promise to each other. Elsewhere, Malvika questions Anupama about her feelings for Anuj. What is Anupama’s answer?

Monday 28 November  2022

Episode 455

The Shahs are delighted when Paritosh lends a helping hand at the cafe. On the other hand, Malvika leaves the house after quarrelling with Anuj.

Episode 456

Anupama encounters Rinku Suryavanshi at the temple and learns about her situation. Meanwhile, Malvika meets the Shahs with a pleasant request.

Tuesday 29 November  2022

Episode 457

Vanraj granting Malvika’s request to remain with them infuriates Kavya. Later, Anuj stops Kavya as she is reprimanding Malvika for coming in.

Episode 458

In front of the Shahs, Malvika and Vanraj strategize their forthcoming projects. The family is shocked later when a furious confrontation between Vanraj and her breaks out.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Episode 459

In order to destroy the alliance between Vanraj and Malvika, Kavya manipulates Leela. Malvika asks Anuj about his choices in another place after learning that he doesn’t have faith in Vanraj.

Episode 460

While Vanraj inspires Anupama at work, Malvika makes a good idea to Anuj. The Shahs also have the Christmas tree all decked out elsewhere.