9th September Monday Update on Young Love


9th September Monday Update on Young Love

Ganga calling Jagya to Shamal’s opium work shop. Jagya is shocked. Shamal scolds the worker for throwing opium cartoon on the ground. He asks his workers to hurry up. He gets a call from someone. He tells that he can’t send the opium as of now and asks him to wait for sometime. He tells that Jaitsar MLA is my puppet. He says, Jagya is very simple man. He can’t get out of my clutches. Jagya recalls his encounters with Shamal Bhai.

Shamal tells on phone that Tyagi did a good acting to kill him infront of Jagya and I forgave him. Jagya was became my devotee since then. He tells that Jagya believed me more than his wife. Jagya recalls Ganga doubting Shamal Bhai and he rubbishing her doubts. Jagya tells Ganga that she was right. I was blind folded.

Anandi comes to Brijesh. Brijesh says, I couldn’t say no to you. Anandi says, you are also an IAS officer like Shiv. Brijesh says, whatever happened wasn’t good. Anandi asks him about Rasika. He is about to speak about Rasika, just then his phone rings. He gets Rasika’s call. He disconnects the call. He praises Rasika and tells that she was very hardworking. Anandi says, I will question others. Brijesh says, Rasika is very good human being. Anandi thanks him and leaves.

Brijesh calls Rasika. He tells her that he gave character certificate of hers to Anandi. He praises Anandi. Rasika gets jealous and warns to kill her. He praises her. Rasika smiles.

Jagya asks Ganga to call the police. Ganga says, phone is engaged. She suggests to go to the police station and asks him not to do anything which can harm him. Jagya promises her. Ganga leaves.

Amol tries to cheer up Shiv and sings a song. Shiv smiles. Everyone smiles. Daddu tells him that it was good. Subhadra gives some letter to Shiv. Shiv reads the letter and is shocked. Anandi asks, what is it? Shiv says, it is court summon. I have to attend the first hearing. Everyone is shocked. Subhadra asks, will you really stand in the witness box? Everyone look at Subhadra. Subhadra says, everyone will die and will take me too.

Ganga takes a cart and goes to the police station. Saachi speaks to Vivek on phone. He tells her that he will be wait as he is away. He asks her to ask Rakhi to sleep with her. Saachi says, I will hug your photo and sleep. Vivek smiles and disconnects the call. Saachi looks at their marriage pic. Saurabh eyes her and thinks how you can sleep alone without me.

Ganga informs the police. Police leaves. She informs Basant, who takes his rifle and leaves in a hurry. Dadisaa and Gehna are shocked. Shamal asks his workers to hurry up. Jagya thinks, I have to stop this tempo before Ganga arrives with Police. He punctures the tempo tyre and gets caught by Shamal’s aides. Shamal is shocked, but smiles. He tells him that this is not a place for good people. Jagya says, I came to stop you and says you fooled us. You are a killer. Shamal asks him not to hate him. Jagya asks him not to fool him again. He says, you acted to be good man, but actually is a monster. Shamal asks him to calm down. He says, it is my work. This is just my work, which I do for money. He asks Jagya to be his partner in the opium business. Jagya is shocked.

Jagya tells him that he thought him wrongly. Shamal Bhai says, I have to kill you. Jagya says, you can’t leave from this place. Shamal’s goon attack Jagya with a stick. Jagya falls unconscious. Shamal asks his goons to throw Jagya in the factory and lights the factory on fire. Shamal’s goons put kerosene around Jagya.

Shyamalbhai telling his workers to set Jagya and the factory on fire.

Police arrives with Basant and Ganga and arrest Shyamalbhai and his associates.

Shyamalbhai warns Jagya and Ganga before being taken away.

Saurabh enters Sanchi’s room and tries to molest Sanchi and she escapes.

Sanchi approaches her mother in law but she tells not to tell Vivek for the sake of everyone’s unity.

Jagya apologises to Ganga for not believing her.

Dadisa tells Nandu not to use Shyamalbhai’s medicines again.

Jagya tells his family about Shyamalbhai’s illegal opium stock and gives credit to Ganga for finding Shyamalbhai’s truth.

Rasika confronts Shiv and Anandi and she taunts him about faking himself in front of everyone.

Meenu tells Shiv to be calm and ignore Rasika.