9th July Tuesday Update on Young Love

Saachi says, I cried and realized that I can’t be a better person if I penance all my life. Anandi says, you did mistakes but when everyone forgave you then you are troubling yourself. forget everything. Saachi says, I have to answer myself. I feel scared to look in the mirror and stopped wearing western dresses. Anandi says, these incident doesn’t happen because of clothes. It happens also in villages. She says, you can do the penance in other way also. Try to make someone happy then you will find peace.

Anandi gives her Bhagavad Gita and asks her to read. It will help. Anandi asks her to read it tonight. Jagya thanks the Dr. for giving him oncologist number and says, I will reach there with Mannu. He plays with Mannu. He thinks, what he will tell to Ganga about taking Mannu to Jaipur. Dadisaa comes and asks, where is your mind? Jagya says, I was thinking about some patient. Dadisaa asks Jagya to get Mannu admitted in good school. Jagya says next year. Dadisaa says, you will become a doctor like your father. You have to fulfill all our dreams. Jagya feels sad.

Anandi comes to her room. Shiv says, I was waiting for you. Anandi tells him that she is getting worried for Saachi. She says, Saachi is sleeping on the chatai. She wants to change her lifestyle in the name of repentance. Shiv says, we have to shift her energy on the right path. She needs a goal. Saachi reads the Bhagavad Gita till the morning.

Saachi comes to the kitchen and wishes good morning to Anandi. She says, I didn’t sleep entire night and thanks Anandi. She says, I felt good and fond peace. Anandi says, you will understand everything soon. Saanchi says, shall I help you in preparing the breakfast. Anandi smiles. Doctor calls Ganga and says I am Dr. Jaiswal. I want to talk to Dr. Jagdish. He says, I came to know the new medicine which will help to lower the WBC’s in your son. Ganga is surprised. He asks, did you read the report? Ganga says yes. She asks him to send the medicines. She starts searching for the report. She reads the report. She searches on the internet and is shocked to know about blood cancer.

Mannu is playing with Abhi. Ganga is sitting shocked. Jagya comes and asks, didn’t you sleep yet? Ganga gives him water to drink. Jagya says, I am very tired today. I went to the medical camp. Ganga tells him that Dr. Jaiswal called her. Jagya is shocked. She says, he sent a new medicine to lower the WBC’s. Jagya says, it is slighter highter but don’t worry. Ganga asks, why you hide it? Jagya says, I didn’t hide it. Ganga says, I read about the blood cancer. Jagya says, it can be blood cancer but it is not confirmed. We shouldn’t leave hope. I talked to my friend. I will go to the oncologist with Mannu. Ganga says, I will also come. Jagya says, we will not tell anyone about it.

Ganga is in tears and takes Mannu in her arms. Mannu wipes her tears and kisses her.



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