8th Tuesday January Update On This Is Love


8th Tuesday January Update On This Is Love

Aaliya asking Adi to say truth, its his last chance. He asks what does she mean. She says I meant, I m still your girlfriend, not your wife, you can tell me anything you want. He says I did not hide anything from you. She says I was just joking, chill. He says I m dying to see you as my bride. She says I want to come in your house as your wife soon. Ruhi calls him out. Adi says Ruhi is calling, I will talk to you later. He ends call and says Aaliya trusts me a lot, I can’t cheat her, never, but Roshni is my wife, if I marry Aaliya, it won’t be called legal marriage, she will break, I can’t cheat her. He calls someone and says you have to do my work. He looks for Roshni. Roshni comes. He asks her to come along and not ask anything. She asks where to go. He says I m
doing it for everyone’s good, come with me. He holds her hand and pulls her. She says leave me. He says trust me, I will make everything fine, come with me. She agrees.

He gets her to family court and says I love Aaliya a lot, I can’t make my marriage with her illegal, we came here to give divorce to each other, I spoke to lawyer, I can’t lie to Aaliya and sit in mandap, I want our divorce to happen, else I can’t marry Aaliya, everyone trusts and loves me, Aaliya loves me a lot, I recall all that when she expresses her love, my marriage with Aaliya will be illegal, you start your life well, you wanted to be out of Khandpur, you study, just give me divorce. She says enough, your divorce should happen before the marriage. Lawyer says if your marriage was done forcibly, we can have annulment, its meaningless marriage, read the annulment papers. Adi asks will this happen today. Lawyer says it depends on judge’s arrival. Judge checks papers and says I can get your marriage annul today itself, sign on this. Adi and Roshni sign. Lawyer says you will get papers in two days, your marriage will get void.

Shagun gets Aaliya’s calls and says she would be needing my help. Dadi asks her to give prasad to Aaliya. Aaliya comes in her bridal dress. They get stunned. Aaliya asks don’t I look good. Dadi says you look like your mum, so beautiful. Shagun feeds her prasad. She says you are looking very pretty, when Adi sees you, he will fall in love with you again. Aaliya signs Mani not to cry. Mani wipes tears and compliments her. Aaliya thanks and hugs her.

He says you were so little when you came in my life, don’t know how time passed so soon. Dadi says when Aaliya was little kid, Aaliya used to say she will marry her Appa and not leave him. Raman calls Mani and asks if Aaliya is fine. Mani says she is fine, are you ready, we are leaving. Raman says yes, Adi’s sehra will be tied now, I hope you bought that sepcial saree for Shagun. Mani says yes, she will be wearing that for pheras, thanks for idea. Raman says see you then and ends call. Ishita asks Raman why is he not ready.

Raman asks her why did she not feel the saree he got, yellow would suit her. She says this is light one, I will wear yellow saree when Mani and Shagun do kanyadaan. Romi comes and says Adi’s pagdi is not fitting well. Adi asks Ruhi to stop it, its not fitting. She asks him to relax don’t worry. Ishita comes and says how did they made pagdi, wear it once, what will we do now. Romi calls the man and asks how did you send such a small pagdi. Raman gets his marriage pagdi and says it will fit you. Adi asks how can I wear this, why did this happen.

Ishita asks them to wait. Adi asks where are you going. Romi says wait, she will do something. Ishita asks Raman to hold the cloth and rotate it. She ties the pagdi to Adi. She compliments Adi. Ruhi says there is something missing. She gets a pearl brooch and fixes it. Raman says wow, he looks handsome. Adi says Ishita always says everything happens for good, that pagdi did not fit me, I got this priceless pagdi with Ishita, Raman and Ruhi’s love. Ishita says pagdi means pride. Mihika asks them will they not come out now. Bala makes Aaliya wear the bangles. Shagun and Shravan also make Aaliya wear bangles. Bala jokes. Ishita applies kajal to Adi to ward off bad sight. Mihika does his aarti. Mr. Bhalla ties the sehra. Mrs. Bhalla also wards off bad sight. Romi makes Adi wear shoes.

Romi asks Adi to take care of his shoes, Aaliya’s friends can steal it. Raman comes and says my eyes got fine, even if shoes are not stolen, give them shagun. Mihika says Adi should give less money. Adi says we will go, its getting late. Pammi says Adi is excited as Raman was in his marriage. Raman and Ishita say we were not excited. Shagun ties Kalirey. Bala asks Aaliya to collide Kalirey over her friend’s head, whoever will have Kalirey fallen on their head will get married first. Her friends ask her to make Kalirey fall on them. Aaliya says lets see, on whom this falls.

Mani saying we should leave now, Raman messaged, baraat is leaving. Aaliya gets emotional seeing her house and recalls the moments with her family. Dadi asks her to come. Aaliya says I just have few last moments in this house, I can’t believe I m really leaving this house, who will give coffee to Appa. Mani hugs her. Bala says its emotional and imp moment for any person. He asks Mani to cancel all arrangements, everyone is sad, I will call Adi and say Aaliya wants to stay here. Aaliya says no, I will marry Adi, I will keep coming here. Bala jokes we shall leave, else she will take taxi and reach before us. They all laugh. They leave.

Ishita asks Ruhi and Pihu to do their duty of sisters and do rituals. Romi gets Adi and asks him to sit on horse, he will look a donkey after marriage. Ishita asks Adi to give gift to sisters. Adi gives gifts. Pihu says I told horse not to make you fall. Mr. Bhalla says don’t take tension, we will go by horse till temple, then by car. Everyone dance in baraat. Adi sees Roshni and thinks thank God, I annulled my marriage with Roshni, now I can get guilt free and marry Aaliya.

Dadi asks Mani when are Raman and everyone reaching. Mani says they are on the way. She asks where is Shagun, she has to go aarti of groom. Shagun says I think baraat has come, do you see groom Aaliya, I m going to welcome my son in law. Shagun does Adi’s aarti and welcomes him. Bala welcomes Romi and Raman.

Aaliya’s friends say Adi can’t go inside without giving us nek. Adi gives nek. Shagun says one last thing. She pulls Adi’s nose. They all smile. Bala welcomes little Pihu and Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Aaliya. Shagun gets Aaliya. Adi and Aaliya smile seeing each other. Mrs. Bhalla says she looks so pretty. Romi and Bala lift Adi and Aaliya. They exchange varmala. Everyone clap. Aaliya says finally we got married. Adi says pheras are still left. He holds her and they pose for pics. Ishita says Adi is sensible and taking care of Aaliya, its crucial day for bride, there is much pressure, when husband is standing by, then there won’t be pressure on bride, see Aaliya looks so happy with him. Raman says he is my son. She says you were not ready to see me on marriage day. Raman says I did not had love for you, now I love you so much, you run away from me. She says I will never go away. They hold hands. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. Adi and Aaliya smile.

Mani sees Raman and Ishita and says sorry, we have to make Raman meet someone. Raman goes with him. Shagun says they look lovely. Ishita says did we think about Adi and Aaliya’s marriage. Shagun says Mani is also excited, he gifted me a saree, I will wear it in pheras. Ishita says what a coincidence, Raman also gifted a saree for me, I will also wear it on pheras time.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Dadi and asks her to dine with her. Amma says I m getting hungry, come. Romi says come, they are calling you in mandap. Amma goes with Romi. Dadi takes non veg food, without taking the dish name. Ruhi sees the non veg food and asks the man how did it come when they have veg food menu. The man says we were given order. Ruhi says I have tell them. She stops Dadi from eating non veg. She says I heard pandit saying none from bride’s family can have food before kanyadaan. Pammi asks Dadi to have it. Dadi says its custom, but just bride’s mum can’t have food, Shagun kept fast, I can’t keep fast, as I have BP. Ruhi tells Mihika. Mihika stops Dadi and says sorry, I also heard pandit saying this. She asks Dadi to have fruits. Dadi thanks her.

Adi and Aaliya sit in mandap. Pandit asks Adi’s parents to sit for puja. Raman and Ishita sit for puja. Pandit says they can get up now. Mihika and Ruhi ask man how did they get non veg food. The man says we were asked to include non veg dishes. Ruhi says I m sure Shagun did this, you won’t serve non veg to any guests. Ishita comes and asks what happened. Ruhi tells the matter. Ishita gets shocked and asks what, non veg is served here, they don’t have enough veg dishes, how, our guests are vegetarian, we have to arrange veg dishes. Romi comes and asks Mihika why did she call him. The man asks how can we make it in last minute.