8th October Tuesday Update on This is Love

8th October Tuesday Update on This is Love

Sudha asking Monica what do you know about this girl and family. Monica says I know them, they are a prestigious family. Sudha asks do you know Ruhi got away from family, she lived as a boy named Ruhaan and became a popstar, the girl who kidnapped Ruhi tortured her a lot, she is raised in trauma, she is mentally challenged. Everyone gets shocked. Raman says you have no right to come here and say bad about my daughter. Sudha says truth is truth, what happened, you like to bring people’s truth out, why don’t you reveal your family’s dark secrets out. She says Monica, let me introduce you Bhalla family, Ishita went to jail twice, she killed Simmi’s daughter and also her own son, Romi Bhalla made MMS of a girl and then he married that girl, Raman married twice, his ex wife Shagun is his Samdhan now, Monica ji, do you have any decent family who would like to get related to such family. Ishita says you have said big things, I don’t want to raise my voice, you are going through trauma, you are in pain.

Ishita says Sudha is right, but its incomplete truth, we have overcome big problems and we are together, I m here as I m not a culprit for the law, we will answer every question, no one knows how we are, just ask us before thinking anything. Monica says I think I should leave. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did you come here. Sudha says I will ruin your happiness, like you ruined my family’s happiness. Ruhi says get lost, how dare you, you have no right to be here if you don’t respect my parents. Sudha says Raman, you can never be happy now, its my promise to you. She goes.

Its night, Ishita says Raman wants to be alone, he doesn’t want to talk to anyone, I m afraid for him. Ruhi says no, we will make sure that he stays positive. Aaliya says I took appointment with psysiotherapist. She gets a call and asks did appointment get confirmed, fine we will be there. Ishita asks will Raman agree to go. She asks Raman to please come. Raman says not today. Ruhi says please, you told me that you want to talk before my marriage, I will get the car, come soon. Romi calls her and says you have to attend the meeting, its very imp, partnership is new, I will handle formalities, I left files at hotel reception, pick files from there. Ruhi says fine, but I don’t want to leave dad alone. Aaliya says I will go for meeting, you be with Raman.

The guy asks are you serious mom, you know I m not ready for marriage, can’t we cancel this meeting, I have reached the restaurant, you won’t do this again, if I like the girl, we will proceed, else we will end this topic, no emotional drama after I come home. He tells the waiter that he has come to meet a girl for business meeting, he hasn’t seen her, she will be coming dressed in black dress. Waiter asks Aaliya did you come for business meeting, come, Sir is waiting. Aaliya meets the guy. The guy thinks maybe she is the one, mom said black outfit. She thinks I should have taken client’s photo from Romi, I would have not come if I knew about him, why did I say yes for meeting. The guy thinks I don’t like this girl, I will never marry her. Ishita stays with Raman during his physiotherapy session. Doctor says Raman needs help, body will respond when mind gives direction, just he can help himself.

Aaliya says your bracelet. The guy says its okay, you keep it. She says I have thrown it. He says you know how expensive it was. She says sorry, I was little upset, I will get it replaced. He says no, lets forget it, lets get back to business. She says yes, what do you want to know. He says everything, likes, choice of cuisine, hobbies… She says I like chinese cuisine, I like reading books. He says I want a caring partner, I want her to spend time with me, I like travelling. She says nice. She thinks what’s wrong with him, I doubt that he has business sense, Romi will handle him. She says we should meet again. He says its upto you, if we like each other, we should go ahead, we have to check our compatibility, our families won’t be involved till now. She asks what are you talking about, why are you asking personal questions, I m here for business partnership. He asks what. Raman says I want to go home, where is Ruhi. Ishita says she will come. Ruhi gets stuck in traffic. She scolds the driver. Sudha says talk to me, I don’t want to waste time, keep this money for damages. She leaves.



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