8th November Friday Update on True Love


8th November Friday Update on True Love

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Tapasya telling Gunwanti to get ready for fighting her own case in her son’s court.
Veer comes down the steps and Tapasya asks him to tell Mai that he remembers everything now… remembers everything from his past.
Tell her whatever you told me this morning. Tell her who Icha is to you?
Gunwanti says, Tapasya have you gone crazy? Veer is not well… don’t bother him. He doesn’t remember anything, and he doesn’t need to remember all of it.
Veer says, it’s important Mai… it’s important.
Tapasya says again, tell her Veer… everything that you told me this morning. Ask her why she lied to you. Tell her who Icha is to you.
Veer says, Icha is my wife. My wife.
Gunwanti says, this is something you’ve always remembered… but nothing else…
She says to Tapasya, I beg of you… he’s not well… don’t put more pressure on his brain, it won’t be good for him.
Tapasya asks Veer… ask her why you’ve been kept away from your wife for so many years? Ask her why she did that?
Veer says, Icha and me… to each other… a lot…
He starts feeling dizzy and faint and doesn’t complete the sentence.
Tapasya says, tell her everything.
Veer says, I can’t remember anything… Icha…
Gunwanti says, he doesn’t remember anything…
Tapasya keeps encouraging Veer but he says, I can’t remember anything… I’m having a headache.
Tapasya gets shocked.
A servant comes down from upstairs with a tray of the empty milk glass… Gunwanti looks at it and thinks, thankfully Lalla drank the milk on time… otherwise I don’t know what would have happened? I will have to be more careful.
Tapasya asks Veer how he’s feeling? Does he remember something?
Gunwanti yells at her, will you make him go crazy? Can’t you see how sick he is? Please don’t pressure him for God’s sake. He’s just came back from the hospital… he got hit on the head… he fought for his life… don’t bother him.
Tapasya keeps asking Veer to remember what he told her that morning… she asks him to remember… you and Icha…
Gunwanti says, Tapasya whatever I remember about you, is so bad that I wouldn’t let even your shadow fall on my son…
She calls Amla.
Tapasya keeps forcing Veer to remember what he said…
Amla comes and Gunwanti asks her to take Veer in his room and make him rest. Give him his medicines too.
Amla takes Veer upstairs.
Tapasya still yells and asks Veer to try and remember.
Gunwanti says ENOUGH Tapasya!!
When Veer goes upstairs she says, see? Your drama didn’t succeed. What did you think? That you’d talk to him for two minutes, tell him a story and he’ll remember everything? I am giving you a last warning… if you try to play with Veer’s feelings, then I can go to any lengths… I’m a mother.
Tapasya says, what kind of mother are you? How do you sleep at nights by doing this with your own son.
Gunwanti says, any memory related to Icha will never do good for my son.
Tapasya says, doesn’t your conscience bother you sometimes?? How do you live after lying so much?
Gunwanti says, Veer loved Icha, was his biggest mistake… whatever punishment he’s getting is because of Icha. She gave Yuvi to a monster when he was a baby to keep a stranger’s son alive. She sent our grandson to jail. Why would I let her come back to this house? I wouldn’t even let her shadow cross my doorstep.
Listen to me once and for all Tapasya, stay away from Veer if you want to stay in this house… otherwise you have no idea how difficult I can make it for you to stay here!
Gunwanti leaves and Tapasya cries.

Tapasya starts walking upstairs. She remembers Veer telling her that Teacherji is Icha.
Tapasya sitting on a rocking chair and thinking of Veer not remembering anything in front of Gunwanti.
She thinks, Veer had remembered everything… then how could he forget all of that so suddenly? What happened?

Tapasya talking to a doctor and asks him if he prescribed all these medicines to Veer?
Doctor says yes these are my prescription.
Tapasya says, then is it possible that what he remembers in the morning, he may forget in the evening?
Doctor says, how can it be possible? But ma’am, this world is full of miracles… even today we’re not capable of knowing everything about the human brain… especially the process of keeping memories. But my medical experience says whatever medicines I’ve prescribed for him, he should have remembered everything.
Tapasya says, but Doctor Sahab he told me something, everything in the morning and forgot everything in the evening… it could have been a side-effect of some medicine.
Doctor says, the medicines I’ve given him don’t have any side-effects like this… but it’s possible that he’s taking some other medicines apart from the ones I prescribed.
Tapasya says, is there any such medicine that may make him forget what he remembers?
Doctor says, until I find out what the medicine is, and what chemicals it has… then I can tell.
Tapasya says, thank you. Can I bother you again if I need help?
The doctor says, sure.
Tapasya thinks, is there any other medicine that is not in the prescription but Veer is taking it?

Meethi waiting for Vishnu in the college and thinking he’s late… couldn’t he come a bit early from work!
Mukta comes and Meethi says, don’t scare me like that.
She tells Mukta she’s waiting for Vishnu, and they’re going for lunch together… she says, he always gets late!
Mukta says, I need to talk to you about Vishnu.
Meethi says, he told me everything… that you went to his house looking for me!
Mukta says, no, it’s something else.
Meethi says, now don’t start Mukta… don’t start praising him like everyone does. I’m fed up of hearing about everyone praising him. The truth is, if he didn’t make me understand, I wouldn’t have realised mom’s importance in my life… the credit goes to him.
Mukta’s about to say something else when Vishnu comes on a bike.
Meethi says, you’ll live for a thousand years, we were just talking about you.
He says to Mukta, now I’m separating your Meethi from you.
Mukta says, Meethi is yours now… take her wherever you want.
Meethi sits on the bike and they leave.
Mukta thinks, I shouldn’t say anything to Meethi. She’s so happy with Vishnu… in any case, whatever Vishnu has done so far is all good… I hope to God that my suspicions are wrong and this is the same Vishnu who was known to Icha Maa.

Tapasya looking at Veer’s medicines with Amla and asks are these all the meds? Amla says, yes these are all of them?
Tapasya gets a call and moves away and says, I can’t hear you Raghuvendra.
Amla remembers Mai mixing another medicine in Veer’s milk and when she asked her, she said it’s to make Veer stonger after coming back from the hospital.
She goes to Tapasya and tries to tell her that Mai mixed something in the milk, but Tapasya is busy talking on the phone and goes out of the room saying I can’t get the network on the phone.
Amla says, I was trying to tell her! She’s asking me as if she’s a doctor herself. Mai was only giving some medicine for increasing Veer’s strength.

Mukta walking on the road… a car passes her and then reverses and stops next to her.
Someone says “Mukta ji” from inside…
Mukta looks at the car and Tej Singh comes out of the car.
He greets her and asks her how you are?
Mukta says, I don’t want to talk to you…
She starts walking but Tej blocks her way…
He says, Dream Girl, I liked you… you said yes to me… that old mataji came with you… and then you deceived me? Your mother swapped places with you… but I forgave you for that… and you’re still not talking to me? Why did you deceive me?
Mukta says, I told you I don’t want to talk to you… she starts walking again and he blocks her way…
He says, today you have to listen to me… I had dreams for you in my eyes… if you didn’t deceive me, I would have put the world at your feet… now, the whole life is meaningless for me. Why did you deceive me? Why?
Mukta says, don’t you have any shame in you? You should be ashamed of your intentions.
Tej says, shame is a woman’s jewellery, not a man’s.
Look at me, how I’m living… look at my car. I’m the owner of crores of property, why did you not leave me like this? Why?
Mukta says, get out of my way and don’t forget someone is waiting for you at home… and if I get even a scratch my mother will make your life hell…
Mukta walks away.
Tej says, my dream girl threatens me?? I won’t be able to forget you… but I haven’t forgiven you either. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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