8th Nov Thursday Update on Young Love

Thursday Update on Young Love

8th Nov

Shiv’s house in jaitsar
While helping Shiv wear the sweater, she puts on the zipper bringing her intimate to shiv, who unable to resist himself tries to romantically be close to her. He tries to cup her face in his hands. And anandi is nervous at that proximity. But then he refrains and apologizes and asks her not to say anything since she understands. But anandi is tensed at the awkwardness. He goes off to lie on the bed and closes his eyes while anandi sits.

Location: Jaitsar haveli and Ratan Singh’s haveli
Jagiya, lying on the bed thinks of ganga’s condition in the fields and becomes restless and calls up lal, who is driving a motorbike while on the way bike. When jagiya asks for ganga, he says that he has come out for treating an emergency patient and that ganga is all fine and hopes that she would wake up in the morning. Jagiya thinks to himself about the various missed calls that he had got in the day.

Meanwhile in ratna’s haveli, Ratan and his wife are very frustrated with the child crying. She is constantly cursing the baby for taking on her mother. When jagiya calls up ratan and demands to know who had called up, he is snubbed off. Jagiya recognizes it to be ratan’s voice and thinks that she must have called up before running from her place and expected help from him, but once again he couldnt help her. He is very upset to know that.

Location: Jaitsar hospital
After the night nurse administers an increased dosage of the IV and leaves, ganga wakes up thinking of her son and remembers how her son had been taken away from her by ratan. She pulls off all the iv’s and goes out, in crawling condition. Jagiya, who has come to the hospital to look for her, is shocked to find her like this. Ganga tries to break free from his clutches, when he tries to restrain her from leaving. She reprimands him for not helping, when she needed and now standing in her way. However jagiya, assisted by the nurse put her down. when she still resists treatment to be administered, Jagiya says to her in harsh tones that even if she had gotten out of this hospital, she wouldnt have a place to go to and that she would again be beaten up by her husband, if she even thinks about going back to ratan’s haveli and wouldnt get her son too. this calms her down and she lets jagiya treat her. just then th wardboy comes in, and jagiya is very angry at him for not being on duty, which led ganga to come out of the room , withhout anyone’s notice. When he tries to apologize, he sends him out saying that he would deal with him in the morning. As he turns to go, while jagiya is treating ganga, the wardboy is surprised to see ganga and recognizes her.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Ananadi sitting by the window, looks at the bangles, shiv gave her as a gift. For my smile, she thinks that shiv goes out of his way, because he loves her. She reprimands her for being like this, and unable to be out of her own scare and insecurity and hurting shiv in this. She says that he had come to her with great expectations and she had snubbed him off with a cold shoulder, even if unintentionally. But then, the positive conscience of anandi, comes up to face her, and advising her to get rid of her fear and insecurities as she shouldn’t be taking shiv’s understanding for granted as it wont be forever, that he would try to hide his pain in front of her. And now that he has already accepted her in his life and given her a place in his heart, then she should also give in and completely submit herself to him. After all this dilemma, she turns around and finds shiv standing behind her thinking that she’s hurt because of what happened. When shiv tries to apologize to anandi, saying that he didn’t mean to hurt her, she says that he has nothing to be ashamed of, instead she should apologize for hurting him like this unintentionally. She says sorry and finds shelter in his arms to let out her frustration.

Location: Jaitsar Hospital
The wardboy discusses with the nurse about ganga’s condition and how did she land here. The nurse tells him that she doesnt know much but knows that jagiya is very upset at the person who did this and he has already talked to shiv about this and that they would soon find the guilty and get him behind bars. He is shocked to ehar this and decides that he has to tell Ratan Singh about this.READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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