8th Nov Thursday Update on This is Love

Thursday Update on This is Love

8th Nov

Ishita getting a call. She asks is Pihu with you, I m coming. They all leave. They reach some place. Ishita calls out Pihu. Everyone look for Pihu. Ishita asks an auto driver did you call me and told me about Pihu. The man says yes, she is there. Pihu sits in auto, and sees them. She goes to Ishita and hugs. She cries. Ishita asks what happened, how did you get hurt. Pihu cries… Ishita asks what happened. The man says this girl was hurt, she collided with my auto, she said goons are after her, two men were coming after her, I took her and ran away, she gave me your number and I called. Ishita asks where is Papa. Pihu says Papa…… and faints.

Ishita sits by Pihu’s side. Shagun tells everyone to go home and rest, Ishita is making Pihu sleep. Mrs.
Bhalla says no, someone call Raman. Romi says his phone is not connecting. Pihu wakes up and hugs Ishita. Ishita says I m right here, calm down, will you tell me what happened, you were with Papa, he was going to get you, why did you not reach home. Pihu cries. Ishita says sleep, tell me tomorrow. Pihu says Papa, he got hurt, I left him there. Ishita asks did he get hurt, where is he. Pihu says yes, he took me from party, there was no control on car and it has hit somewhere, accident happened when we were coming from Bhalla house, Papa’s wound was bleeding, I wanted to help him, so I got down the car.

FB shows two men asking Pihu to listen, they will take her to her mum and dad. She refuses to talk and runs on road. She collides with an auto. Driver asks where are you running. She says some goons are trying to kidnap me, please take me home. He asks her to sit fast. FB ends. Ishita asks did the driver save you. Pihu nods. Ishita says you are very brave and hugs her. She asks about Raman, where did accident happen. Pihu says I don’t know, I did mistake to leave Papa alone. Ishita says no, he is fine, nothing will happen to him, I will go and call him, he will come here, don’t take tension, sleep now, Papa will come. She prays for Raman and cries.

Mrs. Bhalla asks what, Raman met with an accident. Ishita says Pihu did not get hurt, Raman got hurt, Pihu went to get help. Mrs. Bhalla worries for Raman. They cry. Ishita says we have to find Raman anyway. Shagun says calm down, nothing will happen to Raman. Romi says Pihu would tell something about the way, road. Ishita says she does not remember, we should go to same place, Pihu was walking, so the place would be near. She asks Aaliya to take care of Shagun. Niddhi says I will take care. Mani asks Aaliya to look after Shagun and Pihu. Everyone leave.

They come back to same place. Ishita shouts Raman. She sees the car. She checks inside and shouts Raman. She asks everyone to come, Raman’s car is here, Raman is not here. They all see Raman’s car. Romi finds Raman’s phone. He says its not on, where is Raman. Police comes there. He asks what are you doing here, whose car is this. Ishita says its my husband’s car, don’t know where is he. He says he is taken to hospital, patrolling police took him to city hospital. Everyone leave hurriedly.

Adi comes home and thinks everyone is sleeping. Mihika comes. He asks did you not sleep, its late. She asks is this time to come home, what happened, what are you hiding. Adi says I m not hiding anything, I had some work in office. She says I called you many times, even Romi called. He says sorry, my phone was on silent then battery got dead. She says its about time, you should get responsible, you know the problem at home, Pihu was missing. He gets shocked when she tells everything. He asks is Pihu fine, I will see her. She says she is at Mani’s house, she is fine, Aaliya is with her. His phone rings. She says you said your phone is off, answer the call. He gets Ruhi’s call and asks what, Papa is in hospital. Mihika asks what, how is he. He says don’t know, I will call you.

Ishita asks reception lady about Raman. They all rush to the ward. The man asks just one of them to go inside. Raman says I want to meet my daughter. Ishita comes to him. He asks about Pihu. She says Pihu is fine. He gets relieved and says take me to her. Inspector comes and asks Raman to come with them to police station. Raman asks why.READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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