8th March Friday Update On True Love


8th March Friday Update On True Love

Tapasya sitting in the bed and thinking about Rathod and that she understands how parents are protecting and loving their kids in every difficulty. She recollects jogi talking that god is not so curel..and Rathod talking about kid’s arrival and how he made all the arrangements. She thinks how bad Rathod will now feel without kid. He gives ijjat and love to me but I cannot even fulfill his one dream..She is crying and Rathod comes in.

Scene shifts to icha getting ready for the function..She talks to her baby in tummy abt the function happily. Veer comes in and listens to this and he puts the necklace himself and helping her to get ready.He says you are looking so beautiful..and a girl always looks pretty when she is going to be a mother and u look more beautiful than ever ..he is saying u r the most beautiful
woman in the entire universe..she tells to her baby..that even your dad looks good.he got a gift for her but hides it..she is trying to snatch it but veer wants her to guess it first..she says bangles..necklace..ear rings.and finally opens the gift..its mother mary and jesus christ ki small doll. She hugs veer..and is very happy for the gift.

Rathod comes in and gives a consoling hug to Tapasya.she cries and even he cries his heart out..

Jogi and family enters veer house..damini happy to see divya and asks her how is she..she says ok.and damini is asking abt babyji and divya says she is our daughter she will be ok and then goes in..Mai welcomes everyone and surprised to see divya and nani

Rathod says i will never leave you and will be your strength..taps says tht she will be his strength for whole life and will not cry atleast for his sake..you asked only one thing a baby from me and i cld not give tht too..she says you are giving everything keeping my maan even the other day in front of mai.Rathod says you are my wife and its my duty.Taps thinks that god takes away all my happiness from me from my childhood..Rathod hugs and says i will never take defeat lightly and will neither make u loose..

icha and veer comes down to the function and everyone is happy to see her dressed up..icha is also happy to see jogi.mai takes her to chair and gives shagun to icha..she says let god save you and the baby from all evils…nani is jealous on seeing this and again thinking of taps condition.. and all ladies give shagun one by one..veer asks ammo to give but mai stops and says this is not done by widows ..damini says veer just asked out of ignorance..jogi and icha are hurt by this..CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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