8th March Friday Update On This Is Love


8th March Friday Update On This Is Love

Ashok taking Shagun. He finds door locked and says I have to find other key. Mr. Bhalla and Appa ask Jagan to show ID card. Mr. Bhalla slaps Jagan. Jagan says Ashok has sent me. Mrs. Bhalla says its good I have locked home and came here, Ashok is at home with Shagun and Neelu, we will go and see. They all come home and see Shagun tied. They scold Ashok. Amma says some sound is coming and checks the room. She sees Neelu tied and opens ropes. Mr. Bhalla says call police fast. Ashok says I know you all are lying, I will see you. Mrs. Bhalla says beat him well that he doesn’t come here again. Mr. Bhalla and Appa beat Ashok. Ashok tries to run. Simmi comes in and steps on Ashok. Everyone gets happy seeing Simmi. Simmi says I think Ashok has to get beaten by me, I will not leave him. She slaps Ashok. Ashok pushes her and runs.

Simmi asks what happened to Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla says Ashok has sent this man to divert our attention, Ashok would have kidnapped Shagun. Jagan apologizes to them. Shagun says he is wearing Mani’s chain, how did he get this. Mr. Bhalla asks Jagan how did he get this chain. Jagan says I don’t know Mani, I took this chain from a shop. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman and Ishita also went to same locality. They all think to go to that shop and get the secret out. Raman asks the man to get the handi down. The man says it will be abshagun, try to understand. Raman sees Bhuvan hiding and recalls. He says I have seen him at clinic yesterday, it means he has come to kill Ishita. He asks Adi to come with him fast. They see Bhuvan leaving on his bike. Raman and Adi run to their car. Their car is blocked in parking. Adi says we will go back to Ishita. Bhuvan thinks I will not leave without killing Ishita.

The man says the group did not come, how will we break the handi. Ishita says locality people will break it, its necessary to break it within mahurat. Bhuvan attacks a man and wears his clothes. He thinks Ishita has to die today, I will see who saves her today. Ishita says Raman, we both will climb up to break the handi. Adi says its very risky. Ishita says we have no way. Raman says this handi will break today. Bhuvan applies color on his face and plays dhol. Mihika says we have to go by scooty, Adi said there is much traffic on that route.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun to take rest, they will keep her informed. Mihika says I will stay with Shagun. They leave. Pihu asks Riya to have food, is she still angry. Riya says no, I miss my dad, don’t know why my mum hates him, I want to know who is my dad and why did he leave me. Pihu says Ruhi promised she will make you meet your dad, you go with him. Riya says no, maybe Nanny does not tell Ruhi, I will go there myself. Pihu says I will come along, I won’t let you go alone. Riya says I know the locality name.

The elders come to shop and ask jeweler about Mani’s chain. The jeweler says I have sold this chain to Jagan, a woman Priya has sold this chain to me, she has some business, she comes to sell jewelry here. Mr. Bhalla allows Jagan to go. They go to see dahi handi.

Kiran gets the sweets for kids. Neelu says kids have gone out, have tea, till then everyone will come. Kiran says fine, make good tea for me. Shitija comes to meet Pihu. Kiran compliments her. Neelu asks her to wear saree, she will look pretty. Kiran says I will go home and change. Neelu asks her to wear Ishita’s saree, Ishita won’t feel bad, she is really nice.

Adi says I m in tension, the killer can be here, Ishita announced that she knows killer’s name and will tell everyone today, anything can happen, you stay here, I will just come. Ruhi asks him to take care. Bala calls Kiran and says Amma called and said everyone went to locality, Raman and Ishita are going to break dahi handi, can you come there, I m going there. She says fine, I will reach there. She thinks how to leave in saree, but it will take much time. She leaves.

Ishita says we will make strategy and break handi. Adi asks her to wait. Ishita says we need evidence, I don’t care even if I die. Raman says nothing will happen. Simmi and everyone come to Raman. Raman and Ishita hug Simmi and ask when did you come. Simmi says I m fine, but this thing is very risky. Ishita says don’t stop me. Mrs. Bhalla says we will support her. Ishita says just support all of us. Bhuvan looks on. Ishita and Raman try to climb the human pyramid. Bhuvan says I have to target Ishita. He gets a call and says don’t worry boss, entire family is here, they are going to break handi, I won’t let them get evidence, I will shoot Ishita, when she falls down, there will be crowd, I will get evidence, I will call you after I do work.

Ishita and Raman climbing the pyramid. Pihu and Riya ask the auto driver to drop them to locality. The man says I have to go, call someone else and go. He drops them and goes. Pihu says we should not ask directions from strangers, they can misguide us and kidnap. Nikhil saves them from getting hit by a car. He asks who is this girl. Pihu says she is my friend Riya. He asks where is Ruhi, how could you come here without any family members. Riya says scold me, not her. He says sorry, I m just worried. Pihu says we have to go to locality to meet someone. He takes them to drop.

Raman and Ishita reach the top and try to break handi. Amma asks Kiran why did you come here. Kiran says I was worried for Ishita and Raman. Amma says its my Vandu’s saree, why did you wear this. Kiran says no, its Ishita’s saree. Ishita sees them and thinks what are they taking. Raman asks Ishita to break matki fast. The killer aims at Ishita. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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