8th July Monday Update on Young Love

Panditji coming to the badi haveli and tells Dadisaa to do the Mundan of Mannu. Basant says, it is good. Bhairov agrees. Jagya agrees. Dadisaa tells Ganga to make Mannu understand about the Mundan. Saurabh’s mom cries as the police arrests Saurabh. She asks Vivek to do something and asks, how can he live in the jail for 7 years. She asks Vivek to save Saurabh. Saurabh says, mom said that nothing can happen to me as I have a elder brother. Thanks for breaking my and mom’s trust. Vivek says, my trust is broken. You did shameful sin. You are not feeling guilty after doing the crime. You are not repenting for your crime. I am giving punishment to myself.

Vivek asks him to apologize to God and thinks about his sin. Saurabh tells Saachi as characterless and says she gave him the open invitation. He says, what if I enjoyed with her! Vivek slaps him hard. Police takes Saurabh. His mom breaks down and cries. Saurabh’s mom and dad leaves from there. Alok goes to him and says whatever you have done is not small. He says thank you is very small word. Shiv thanks him. Daddu blesses him. Ira says, I am sad that you have to pay for supporting the truth. Vivek folds his hand and says I don’t know that I can overcome this trauma but I will pray for you to forgive this trauma.

Dadisaa and family come back to the haveli after the darshan and mundan. Mannu hides as he feeling shy without hairs. Ganga takes him in her lap. Mannu smiles. Basant says, our tiger didn’t cry during the mundan. Dadisaa syas, he is courageous.

Meenu tells Ira to forget this horrific incident. Ira says, I know but I am worried for Saachi. Meenu says, she is your daughter. Anandi says, I am with her. I will bring her out of the trauma.

Saurabh’s mom and dad asks Vivek, why did you do this? Vivek says, you gave my teaching to walk on the right path and now you are asking for the answer. You have to find the answer. His dad says, you forget about your family and job. A man works to give security to his family. You sacrificed your brother for your job. Vivek says, I am sad for Saurabh, but can’t you see my pain. His dad says, I am seeing a greedy lawyer in you. You have wounded us. We won’t see your face or show our face to you. We will be going from here. Vivek says, don’t go anywhere? If you think I am wrong then I will leave from here.

Anandi makes Saachi eats the food. Saachi thanks her for supporting her in bad times amidst the hatred she had for her. Anandi says, we can’t change our past but we can give happiness to our family. She asks her to keep the family happy. Saachi promises to change herself for good. Anandi says, I trust you. Saachi says, do you really believed me or? Anandi says, I really trust you. Saachi asks her to sleep in her room as she will have to try to be independent. Anandi leaves.

Ganga is talking with Abhi and asks him to sleep. She talks with the baby. Nandu comes and says something happened to Mannu. Ganga rushes to him. Jagya checks Mannu. Ganga asks, what happened? Nandu says, he started sweating. Jagya checks his tummy. Ganga says, last time he had swelling on the stomach. Jagya says, we will get the check up done by the pediatrician. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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