8th April Monday Update on Young Love


8th April Monday Update on Young Love

Jagya comes to Shiv’s house. Daddu opens the door and likes Jagya’s surprise. Anandi comes there and is surprised to see Jagya as she asked Jagya to give her some time to talk to Shiv. Daddu calls everyone out. Ira, Alok, Meenu come there. Anandi goes somewhere.

Shiv and Mahi come out along with Anandi. Daddu teases Jagya saying it was a good try, but Sanchi just went out. He says, if you had told me before, then I could have stopped Sanchi. Jagya seems in very serious mood. Ira asks Daddu to stop teasing him now. Alok asks Jagya if he came for any work or something. Jagya says, before I say anything, I would like to apologize to you because after what I say, you all won’t even give me chance to apologize.. so please forgive me.

He starts, Sanchi is a very good girl.. in last few months, she tried her best change herself so she can settle down in my family.  at Sanchi whom I saw for the first time, and Sanchi that is today.. there’s a huge difference in both.. that difference is good.. positive. She is much more matured and responsible than before. She did all that for me. She changed herself for me. But, but when I ask myself what I did.. I have nothing to compare.. it’s not like I never thought about doing something.. despite me wanting to.. I couldn’t see life the way Sanchi sees it. I tried to live life like Sanchi, but every time I came to one conclusion.. I and Sanchi are very different.. whose thinking can never match. Everyone is shocked and confused. Ira asks Jagya, what are you trying to say? Is there anything wrong in Sanchi? Jagya says, I am not saying that at all.. I am just saying that neither Sanchi nor I will stay happy after marriage.. and nor two families. Everyone is super shocked now!! Jagya continues, I knew it wouldn’t be easy for you all to hear it.. nor for me to say, but this is the truth. I and Sanchi have huge differences.. we have nothing similar.. He gets up and says, that is why I feel this rishta won’t be good for anyone.. me, sanchi, and two families. I just want to say that I can’t marry Sanchi. Shocked and surprised faces everywhere… All shekhars look at him with a surprised and shocking and somewhat angry face.

Daddu goes closer to Jagya and says, Jagdish beta.. I don’t understand anything.. all this.. all of a sudden.. did Sanchi tell you anything? If there’s anything, then we can sit down and discuss it. Meenu tells Jagya, if there is any misunderstanding, then we all are here. We agree that Sanchi gets stubborn sometimes.. she is still little childish.. but you can see how she is trying to change herself.. how much she loves you.. then..? Jagya says, you all trust me.. I have no misunderstanding.. nor Sanchi did anything wrong.. nor said anything to me. There is only one reason behind me saying this.. I feel that I and Sanchi are very different people. Expectations from life… the way of seeing life..everything is different. It’s not like that this came in my mind just now.. I have thought a lot about this.. and I made decision that we can’t marry each other and destroy each other lives. Daddu now loses his temper. Decision? How can you come to a decision like that? Is this a joke? Do you even realize how your decision will affect our daughter’s life? You didn’t come here to end this rishta, but you came to end Sanchi’s life.. happiness. Jagya says, I can understand your pain.. but today it is still possible for us to go through this pain.. this is matter of entire life.. neither Sanchi will be happy with me.. nor I will be happy with her.. so it will be better.. Ira now interrupts, ENOUGH! Don’t say a single word now. You said whatever you had to, Jagdish! Now you listen to me. I won’t let you play with my daughter’s dreams and happiness. She grabs his collar and says, I asked you, right? Whether you’re happy with Sanchi or no. Whether you want to marry her. And what you said? You said you’re happy with Sanchi. (Pooor jagya). Now you can’t step back.. what do you think of my daughter? Is she a toy? that you played with her emotions until you wanted to and now you’re talking about all this. She is just yet to marry you.. but she has already made her yours.. she has started thinking like a bahu. she worries for you like a wife. No! I won’t let you do this with my daughter. She tells Alok, explain to him.. see what he’s saying. Alok goes to them and takes Ira’s hands off jagya and moves her back. Ira cries, my daughter’s life will be destroyed.. she will die. Explain to him.

Alok turns to Jagya and adjusts his collar. Anandi is quiet……… Alok says, Jagdish beta, when Sanchi said to marry you for the first time, we all were against it. It was Sanchi’s stubbornness and our love for her which brought us to Jaitsar to talk about this rishta. We thought you will refuse and the matter will end there, but you said yes. After that you started talking to Sanchi on phone.. kept coming here to meet her. You got engaged to her. And you still didn’t say anything. But now.. it’s too late. Preparations have started in both families. Everyone knows about it. We have respect in the society, and you have no right to play with that. That is why.. forget whatever happened here after you entered. I promise you, none of us will tell anyone about this. So with the same happiness, same mind, let’s finish this good work. He tells him, let’s have some snacks now. Jagya joins his hands and says, I apologize to you.. please try to understand me. (SPEAK Anandi SPEAk) Jagya continues, this is toughest decision of my life which I can’t change now. He looks at Anandi for a moment. He continues, I can’t marry Sanchi.

Jagya saying by folding his hands I apologize to you by folding my hands please try to understand me Its the most difficult and painful decision of my life All are shocked Jagya says i cannot change this now I cannot marry Sanchi All are shocked and angry Anandi is emotional Alok in anger says to Daddu have you heard him he is saying it is very painful for him to take this decision but i know he is lying Alok shouts its his work to play with lives of people He has already ruined life of two girls one more in the in line how he will feel anything Anandi is emotional feeling for Jagya Alok shouts at Ira you really were so fond of making him your son in law i was tried of saying don’t take proposal for this man Remove this from your mind but you did not listen to me we will make our Sanchi understand but you did not listen to me and then papa jee and his reasoning Time and a person cannot remain same forever it keeps changing and see the person changed Jagya is hurt so is Anandi Alok shouts no body listened to me A man who could not keep two relationships how he will keep third one? You all must have thought little bit Shiv comes forward and consoles Alok

Anandi is emotionally looking at Jagya Jagya looks at Anandi Anandi says in her mind Jagya why you are giving yourself so much pain so that Sanchi won’t fall down in everyone’s eyes and what about you , yourself are falling down in everyone’s eyes? Jagya signals Anandi No let them outburst on me

Shiv comes to Jagya face to face and asks him Jagdish my family member’s feelings won’t affect you but you would know how this all must be difficult for me to see and tolerate as a brother and as son ?Jagdish you would know this well relationships are neither made neither broken like this thats why it will be better before proceeding this talk further we should sit and calmly talk and find some way Jagya says Thanks Shiv for understanding me you want to talk calmly with me but Shiv no matter how much we talk we won’t be able to find any other way To save your sister from all the pain there is only one way i have told you that and Shiv if we bind this relationship now i can clearly see it won’t be able to continue then its pain neither your family will be able to bear neither mine Shiv is angry at Jagya so are others except Anandi who is crying


Alok shouts to Shiv you hitting your head on a stone He won’s understand because he came after thinking properly to ruin our happiness Shiv angrily says to Jagya enough Jagdish what you think you are playing some game You will give a signal and permission and Sanchi will start loving you will start dreaming about you then you will give a signal and Sanchi will forget her love , her dreams No Jagdish this will not happen if Sanchi’s dreams shattered then she will shatter and i won’t let Sanch’s dreams shatter i will never let this happen Jagya says i really sorry for Sanchi but i am saying this only for saying i ..Mahi comes to hit Jagya shouting at him your but i will make you understand

Shiv shouts at Mahi stop it Mahi i know this is difficult for us but we have to control us we cannot stoop low to this level Anandi is very very emotional Shiv shouts at Jagya i though time would have changed you made you a better human being thats why i was ready to marry my sister with you You remember i came at engagement to you and asked you are happy with this alliance You assured me you are happy with this alliance you know what you are doing now where is your that belief FB’s Shiv asking from Jagya as Sanchi’s brother it is very important for me to know are you happy with this alliance ? Jagya saying to him i know what i am doing don’t worry FB ends Jagya says to Shiv i did not lie to you i wanted to do this marriage but now i realized what is going to happen is wrong Shiv shouts at Jagya this alliance is not wrong wrong are you only you , a wrong person with a wrong thinking we did not beg you for this alliance we started this but we did not force this alliance on you you and your family after thinking properly said yes for this alliance you cannot back out of your words you cannot say No to this alliance Jagya says Shiv i know this all be very painful for Sanchi but her life won’t be finished She will take some time to move on but when she will be able to move on then …Shiv cuts him by shouting enough Jagdish a person like you can never understand how a woman holds herself after a man cheats him The woman who is my wife ask her how she held herself when you left her in midway How she joined her scattered life’s pieces If you would understand a heart of a woman and her feelings then you would know a woman who makes a man her life then how difficult it is for her to live her life without him How difficult it is for her family to hold her and give answers to the questions of society and then again be able to stand in society but you won;t understand this all Jagya is in pain so is Anandi feeling for him Shiv continues his shouting today you are finding this alliance as wrong tomorrow you will feel you were wrong and Sanchi was your right choice Jagya says no Shiv this will not happen ever Jagya folds his hands again and apologizes to everyone i once again want to apologize to you all by folding my hands I know you all will never forgive me ever but today if i did not listen to my heart then i won;t be able to forgive myself ever then i will be responsible for the destruction of mine and Sanchi’s life and i don;t want this Saying so Jagya leaves from there CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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