7th May Tuesday Update on This is Love

Raman thinking of Ishita. He says why am I getting attracted to her, what’s my relation with her. He thinks of Ashok’s words. He holds his head and recalls Ishita. He gets dizzy. He shouts Simmi for help. He tries to reach the medicines box. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla come and get shocked seeing him fallen on the bed. They ask what happened. He asks for medicines, he has having a strong headache. Simmi gets the medicine and gives him.

Ishita says he is in much pain, he forgets things, he is struggling a lot, I want to be close to him. Ruhi comes to Raman and recalls Ishita’s words. She says I know how will he get relief. Simmi argues. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi can look after her dad. Ruhi makes Raman rest and tells a story of a little girl, who had no love in

her life, her mum left her and her dad had no time for her. Raman gets calm. Ruhi says her dad used to stay very busy, then one day a fairy came in her life. She recalls Ishita. She says she was a tooth fairy, who made that girl’s tooth and life fine, that fairy accepts the girl’s Papa too, one day the girl got lice in hair, her Papa didn’t know what to do, that fairy gave a shampoo and said it will make everything fine. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to come. Simmi refuses. Mrs. Bhalla takes her. Raman holds Ruhi’s hand. Ruhi cries seeing him.

Ishita says I will remind him everything, I got that medicine exchanged, Simmi’s medicine effect will get less, I m trying to be close to him, I thought something, I need your help, Amma I want him to see his past, we did the same when Shagun lost her memory. Amma says I will do as you say. Ishita tells her plan.

Aaliya asks Adi did you not sleep, I m tired, I m going to sleep. He asks where were you. She says my phone’s battery got down, I went to my friend’s party, food was amazing, you also sleep. She goes. He tears the tickets. She looks on and feels sad. He calls and cancels the booking. She says its because of me, I promised Adi I won’t play again, I lost, I have to play tomorrow again, I will recover the lost money, I know Adi will feel bad, I have no option, I promise I will never play and never hurt Adi again.

Amma comes to Raman’s office. She says I want to meet chief accountant. She talks to Srinivas in Tamil. She says I want to know about your boss, who is he, how much does he earn, I m interested in him, I want to meet him, I want to give my daughter’s proposal to him. He says boss earns well. She asks will he have much money to manage my daughter. She sees Romi. She asks Srinivas not to tell his boss that she has come here. She writes her name and address and says call me and tell me your boss’ income. Romi smiles and thinks Ishita is doing this intentionally, so that Raman recalls the past. Simmi sees Amma and scolds her.

Romi says she is Ishita’s mum, and Ishita is our investor. Simmi says I know this. She asks Amma to leave. Amma thinks Simmi will be removed from here, its just about time. Romi thinks just Ishita can do this to get Raman back. Amma goes to Ishita. She says it went fine, but Simmi came, plan was successful, I gave my card before Simmi came there, accountant will report to Raman, he will remember I did this before. Ishita thanks her. They smile.

Raman comes to office. He asks what happened. Simmi says we didn’t give diwali bonus. Romi thinks Simmi won’t let Raman know, I have to do something. He talks to accountant. He asks Simmi to come along, they have to go factory. They leave. Srinivas goes to talk to Raman.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi does he have fever, what happened. He sits sad. She goes to get food for him. He thinks Aaliya got addicted to play cards, don’t know what will she do. He leaves. Srinivas says a lady came and asked your income. Raman recalls Amma. He asks who came. Srinivas says Mrs. Iyer. Raman says she came for the first time, did she leave detail. Srinivas says she gave her address. Raman comes to meet Amma. Amma tells Ishita that Raman has come. Everyone goes inside the room and look on. Amma asks Raman to come and sit, she has made his fav dishes. Raman looks around and recalls old moment. He gets flashes. Amma asks him to sit. He starts getting unwell and looks for medicines in pocket. He sees the temple and thinks. He recalls Ishita. He gets dizzy and falls down. They get shocked. Ishita says we should have talked to doctor, did we make any mistake.

Ishita and everyone running to Raman. Raman gets up and asks you here. She says its my mum’s house. He asks for water. He asks where is that woman, who opened the door. She says she is my Amma. Amma prays for Raman. Bala says Raman got conscious, he wants to meet you. Amma goes to Raman and asks how do you feel now. Raman asks why did you come to my office, Ishita is your daughter, ask her about my company’s net worth, she is the investor, what will you do knowing my earnings, Ishita ji I respect you, please explain your mum, we are professionals, I will not tolerate this. He leaves. Ishita says sorry Amma, Raman shouted on you. Appa says our plan flopped. Amma says no, plan worked, Raman shouted on me the same way as he did last time, he got angry same way, if

we continue doing this, he will remember everything soon. They smile.
Mrs. Bhalla stops Aaliya. Aaliya lies to her. Mrs. Bhalla says I told Adi you went to your friend, how did you come back soon. Aaliya says my friend was unwell, so I came back early, how is your headache. Parmeet asks what, Aaliya didn’t come to play, how, call her friend Bhumi, make Aaliya have more loans, where is she. He goes out and sees Aaliya talking to Mrs. Bhalla. He thinks why did she come back, maybe she got Bhumi’s call. Ishita calls Aaliya and says Amma is happy as Raman reacted like before. Aaliya says its a good sign, we have to do things that reminds him everything, I m always there, once Raman remembers everything, you can come back here. Ishita says hope so. She ends call. Parmeet thinks Aaliya is helping Ishita, I have to alert Simmi. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW




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