6th March Wednesday Update On Young Love


6th March Wednesday Update On Young Love

Episode starts with same Anandi-Sugna conversation from yesterday. Sugna tells Anandi she will go to Bade Haveli and call her as soon as she reaches there. Mannu is crying as Ganga is bringing him to the hall. Dadisa is disappointed. Ganga loves Mannu before giving him to Ratan. Ratan goes to her and says, give me my son. Ganga is hugging him very tightly. Jagya says, what has happened to you Ganga? You are giving your life to this devil? You won’t do anything like this. Ganga slowly slowly gives Mannu to Ratan. Ratan hugs him and says it’s been so long since I hugged him. Mannu cries. Ratan says, did you recognize me? I am your father. He kisses him. Ratan says, I got what I came for. My Mannu is with me and I promised everyone that I will free them once I get my Mannu. Everyone will get peace from this world. When no one will be alive, all sadness will be over. Ganga is in disbelief, so is everyone else. Ganga tries to fight, but Ratan’s men catch her.

Padma, Ratan’s 2nd wife, comes to the police station and tells them that the Badi Haveli is under attack. Police ask but who are you and how do you know? Padma says, leave all that.. I know because I am wife of the person who planned all these, Ratan Singh. So do whatever you want faster. Inspector calls Jaitsar. Bhairo returns Badi Haveli as no one is picking up his call. Before he enters, Ratan’s men attack on him.

Inside, Ganga is tied up now as well. Ratan tells her, I am a liar, but I am not a fool that I will leave these many witnesses alive. Everyone will think the Badi Haveli caught fire and everyone died. Sumitra, Gehna, Nandu are crying. Jagya and Basant are trying to break the rope. Dadisa has expressions like she knew this will happen. Outside, Bhairo tries to fight, but him alone cannot fight with everyone. He is attacked badly as well. Inside, Ratan now spreads kerosene on Ganga. Ganga tells him, you have enmity with me. These people didn’t do anything to you… please leave them. You can burn me alive if you want. Ratan spreads kerosene and says, these people gave you strength to go against with me. They love you so much.. so now with you, they will also have to die.

Outside, Bhairo is down unconscious. Ratan’s men bring him inside as well. Family is shocked seeing him down. Ratan says, he too came to die with you all.. I must agree you all love each other a lot. Ratan says, now only 1 work is left. He goes towards to Jagya and says, last time you got saved from my men, but this time I won’t do any mistake. You did treatment of many people, but today I will do your treatment. Jagya says, God has made a mistake of leaving you alive and he must be regretting for it. But he will correct it. If there is justice in the world, then we will see your end for sure. Ratan laughs and says, you’re too innocent. There is no justice in the world. It’s all about strength now. Ratan now tells Dadisa, it’s time to say good bye. I hope you all will go straight to heaven. I won’t say, it was good to see you, but yes.. people like me will be relaxed with you all going as there won’t be anyone to teach what’s right and wrong.

Ratan and his men get ready to leave. read full updates daily only at Gehna says, you got your son so leave us now. Sumitra too says, you said you will leave us if you get your son. Nandu too requests him to leave them. Dadisa says, don’t beg him. God is there. Ganga is trying hard to break the rope. She says him, you won’t stay happy by killing these many people. Ratan says, keep screaming. He spreads kerosene on Bhairo too now. Dadisa tells everyone to have faith in God.. when they didn’t do bad to anyone, God won’t do bad to them either. And if they die, then understand that God wanted this. Ratan fires a cloth on his sword and glares at everyone.

Right then someone fires a bullet at him and it hits him on his shoulder. Ratan drops the sword. Ratan and his men turn and see team of police. Dadisa is happy and relieved. The cop asks them to drop their weapons saying they have surrounded them from all the sides. Ratan’s men drop the weapons. Sugna and her husband are also with cops. All family members are very relieved. The cops arrest all Ratan’s men. Sugna takes Mannu and slaps Ratan. Her husband takes her on a side. Dadisa says she had full faith in God that he will save them. The cops and Sugna break ropes and release everyone. The inspector brings Ratan to them and says, we have caught him red handed… now no one can save him. Furious Basant attacks on Ratan. The cops take Basant back and says, give him to the cops. Jagya now goes to Ratan and says, I had told you.. if there is justice, then we will see your end for sure. The inspector tells Jagya one of them will have to go to police station to file a complaint against Ratan.

Jagya does treatment of Bhairo. Sumitra asks if his wounds are serious. Jagya says no and tells her to take care of herself. Sugna brings water for everyone. Sumitra asks her, how come you’re here? No one knew about this. Before Sugna answers, Dadisa says, Anandi, right? She must have helped. Sugna says, yes.. I got call from Anandi and she said, she is feeling something wrong. And she sent me here to see if you all are fine. Dadisa gives blessings to Anandi and says, God sent message to her.

Jagya calls Anandi saying she must be tensed. Ganga quietly leaves from there with Mannu. Jagya tells Anandi everything is fine here. Anandi is relived. Jagya says, we were in problem, but everything is good now because of you. Anandi asks what happened? Jagya tells her everything. He then gives phone to Sugna. Sugna says, your feelings were right.. because of you, everyone’s lives got saved. Anandi says, I am thankful to you. You saved our house. What if anything had happened. Sanchi is tensed as well.. she asks Anandi what happened and asks her to give phone to her as she wants to talk to Jagya. Anandi asks sugna to give phone to Jagya. Anandi asks him if Dadisa is fine.. in this old age.. she had to suffer so much. Jagya says, she got shocked, but now she is fine. Anandi is passing phone to Sanchi and right then Jagya says, I won’t be able to talk right now.. I will talk later. Anandi says, okay.. take care of everyone. Before Anandi hangs, Sanchi takes away phone from her. She asks him, how is him and if everything is fine. Jagya says, everything is fine.. I won’t be able to talk right now.. I will talk later. He hangs. Sanchi apologizes Anandi for taking phone like that and says, but I wanted to hear from Jagdish that he is fine. Sanchi leaves. Shiv and Anandi look at each other and the screen freezes on Anandi’s terrified face.

Ganga is sitting alone and remembering how Jagya brought her in Badi Haveli and how everyone loved her and Mannu so much. She then remembers harsh words of Sumitra. And then Sanchi telling her that she doesn’t have any self respect and she will have to leave this house now. She says, a lot has happened with this family because of me. Now it’s time for reparation.

Gehna is trying to make Nandu sleep, but he is too scared because of what happened recently. He says, Ratan Singh will be back again. Basant tries to make him sleep now. He says, I am with you, nothing will happen. Gehna says, don’t know how long it will take before he forgets all this. I am still shocked after what happened, and he’s just a child. Basant says, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Nandu sleeps. Basant tells Gehna to sleep as well and he will go and sit with other family members. Gehna says, I will also come with you, if we all are together during this time, then it will be better.

Workers are cleaning the house. Dadisa and Bhairo come there. A rope comes in Dadisa’s way and she remembers everything again. She throws the rope away. Basant and Gehna join Dadisa and Bhairo. Dadisa tells Gehna to rest. Gehna says, I wanted to be with everyone for a while. There is still a lot of silence in the house. Sumitra brings haldi milk for everyone. Jagya comes there and tells Dadisa, Anandi wants to talk with you.

Anandi asks Dadisa, how are you? and everyone else? Dadisa says, we all are fine thanks to God. Anandi says, I never got scared like this before. I felt I will lose you all. I didn’t know how will I be able to live if anything happens to you all. Dadisa says, don’t worry.. everything is fine now. Anandi says, until I don’t see you all myself, I won’t be relaxed. I will leave right now. Dadisa says, have you gone crazy? Does anyone leave house this late? Come in the morning. Anandi says, okay take care of yourself. Dadisa says you too go to sleep now. Bhairo and Jagya leave to go to police station.

Shiv consoles Anandi and says, much worse could happen. Anandi gets up and goes to Jagya’s family’s photo. She says, what if anything had happened. I would be sleeping here and in morning I would get bad news about them. Shiv says, why are you thinking about what didn’t happen. Anandi is crying. Shiv says they will go to Jaitsar in morning. They hug.

Sumitra says, I knew it.. I told everyone as well that one day we will suffer big time because of Ganga. No one listened to me. She blames Ganga again and asks Dadisa, why we had to interfere in husband wife’s fight? There is limit of everything. It’s thanks to God we got saved. She gets quiet seeing Ganga coming down with Mannu and her bags.

Ganga comes to Dadisa and says, I am going for ever. Please give me the permission. Basant says, have you gone mad? What’s your mistake in this? Pick up your bags and put them back to your room. Ganga doesn’t listen. Basant tells Dadisa to tell her. Ganga is crying. Dadisa says, she is not a child, she is very matured. She has full right to make decision of her life. Who we are to object her decisions? She tells Ganga, it’s very late.. stay here tonight. Leave in morning. Ganga says, no… I want to end this right here right now.. so tomorrow will be a new day and a new life for you all. Dadisa gives her some money, but she refuses that as well saying your blessings are enough for me and my child. She takes blessings from Dadisa and everyone else. She cries a lot as she is leaving, but she controls herself and walks off.

Sumitra says, it’s very late now.. I will make khichdi. Basant says, don’t make anything for me. I don’t have mood. Sumitra asks Gehna if she will eat. Gehna is lost in thoughts. Sumitra goes to her and asks her. Gehna also says no. Dadisa tells Sumitra no one will be able to eat today. Jagya and Bhairo return home. Jagya says, I will go and meet Mannu. So much happened. He must be scared. No one says anything that Ganga left. Jagya goes to her room.