6th December Friday Update on Young Love

6th December Friday Update on Young Love

Saachi recalling Vivek’s words and gets tensed. She gets restless thinking about their argument. Mittal comes and assigns her to keep the folder of a client. Saachi nods. Someone comes and asks her to sign on the contract papers. Saachi recalls Vivek’s words and cries thinking why did she take up the job. She thinks nothing is important for her than Vivek. She thinks why I am angering Vivek to make a career. She opens her laptop and writes her resignation letter. She hopes that everything gets fine between them.

Shrivastav comes to Jagya’s office after spraying perfume on himself. Jagya was talking on phone. He cuts the call when he sees him. Shrivastav says he likes to meet a honest man. Jagya thanks him and says I didn’t recognize you. Shrivastav introduces himself and sits on the chair. Jagya says I heard your name and recalls about Kashinath’s land incident. Shrivastav asks Jagya to let him work for him. Jagya says I don’t like anyone rule on this land. You can call me people’s servant.

Shrivastav praises his thoughts. He offers him to make him minister and asks him to join his party. He asks him to think about power and minister’s position. Jagya says I am not ready to take up this responsibility. This is my first chance as a MLA. I wants to fulfill the responsibility being a MLA. I refuse this proposal. Shrivastav gets angry and says how could you refuse me. Jagya looks shocked. Shrivastav drinks water kept at the table. He apologizes to Jagya. He gives him a box. Jagya asks what is it. Shrivastav says sweets. He smiles and asks him to keep it.

Jagya opens it and finds money instead. Jagya smiles and tells him that it is rotten sweets as Diwali had gone. It is not meant for me or my family and asks Shrivastav to keep it with himself. He says you can’t buy me. Shrivastav says we will meet again.

Subhadra comes to Anoop and gives him prasad. He tells her that he will get final payment for his sold flat. She asks for a gift. Anoop says ok, but I am thinking about the business to start. Subhadra suggests him to start handicraft business like Alok and asks him to get embroidery work done like Anandi do. Anoop says it might be wrong. Subhadra says so many people do same business. Anoop says I need man power too. Subhadra gets an idea and laughs. She tells him that they will get Alok’s workers and Anandi’s international clients. Anoop looks surprised. Subhadra says I am just joking.

Anoop says you are right. I will take their help indirectly. Anoop says I was thinking whether it will be right, but then I am thinking that I have to become a successful businessman soon. What is wrong in this. Subhadra asks are you taking my joke seriously. Anoop says I shall gift you something as my dream is going to be fulfilled. Subhadra blesses him and eyes him evilly. Anoop thanks her.

Anandi comes to Daddu and gives him tea. Daddu is sad. Anandi asks why did you sit alone today? Daddu replies that world is not the same like it used to be before. He is not happy like before. Anandi looks sad. Anandi says I know that you always care for your family, but don’t worry about anything. She assures him that she will set everything right in their home like temple. Daddu gets emotional and blesses her. He drinks tea. Anandi looks on emotionally.

Saachi waking up in the morning and thinks she have to reach office early so as to attend the conference. She takes out clothes from wardrobe. She thinks to give the resignation letter to Mr. Mittal and says I don’t want any problems in my personal life. I wants to start afresh with Vivek ji. She wakes him and says good morning. Vivek tells the same. Saachi says she will freshen up and get breakfast and tea for him. Vivek turns and sleeps. Saachi thinks job is not important to her than Vivek and she have to make him believe this.

Gehna is drying the clothes. Niranjan comes. Gehna asks is there any work? Niranjan says yes and gives her Nandu’s note book. Gehna tells him that she shall have given notebook to Maasaa or Nandu. Niranjan tells her that Dadisaa asked him to give the book to her. Gehna takes the books. He tells her that he wants to ask her if she agreed for marriage with her wish or someone forced her. Gehna tells him that this decision is hers. Niranjan says Maaji told me about this alliance long ago, but I refused. I thought a lot. He says I got attached to Nandu so much. I said yes to Maaji saa. I didn’t have a doubt on my decision.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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