6th December Friday Update on True Love

6th December Friday Update on True Love

Pandit ji asks the bride to lead the groom now as its her turn to take the vows now. meethi comes forward & is about to step forward when Mukta comes in shouting her to stop! All hands stop midway from showering flower petals and they turn to look in Mukta’s direction….shocked.

Mukta again shouts don’t step forward. Jogi is in disbelief and almost everyone has the same expression. Tej is wondering where my dream girl till now was. Akash slightly crushes the garland in his hand.
Mukta continues…..Meethi don’t make any promise to someone whose every word is a lie. Please don’t ruin your life for a wrong person. Its all a deception – he isn’t Vishnu. He is Akash and it will be your life’s biggest mistake if you marry him.
Akash thinks that he did a mistake. He should have killed her just like Shraddha. Everything would have went off smoothly then.

Rathore enters inside now. Akash and Rathore have a staring session at each other. Everyone is very worried now. Rathore is about to go on stage when Mukta holds his hand and asks him not to do so. Tappu notices this. Rathore controls himself and Nani is really worried. She goes to Mukta and asks her if you are ok dear? Where were you….we all were were so worried about you.

Now Jogi asks him is this the way to behave? You were missing since morning and your phone was unreachable too. And now you have come at the time of pheras and doing this?
Veer and Iccha look in disbelief.
Jogi walks up to Mukta now. He repeats himself. Mukta tries to speak but he cuts her off midway.
You are coming now and stopping this marriage? Pandit ji please continue with the rituals. And Mukta I want to talk to you…come with me.

Rathore interrupts saying, forgive me Thakur sahab but today no one will stop Mukta. Nobody has any idea of whats happening.

Meethi turns to Iccha….see Ma, I had told you. You always said that Mukta always think well of me. But what kind of good will come out of this? With every phera, I was knitting my whole new world of new dreams (looks at Mukta) but Mukta came & crushed all my dreams. Pleases Ma, I beg you to stop her. She turns to Tappu and pleads her to make her daughter understand. What will she get by not letting my marriage happen?
Iccha asks her to stay calm.
Tappu assures her that your every ritual will be done the way it should be…that too without any hurdle. She wipes her face and determinedly goes to where Mukku and Rathore are standing.

Tappu shifts glances from Mukta to Rathore & asks her to come with her.
Mukta declines. No ma, don’t stop me today. Otherwise, we all will regret it one day. Please believe me. Tappu becomes angry now.

Mai shouts see, I told you na. Mukta will repeat what her mother Tapasya had done in the past. Iccha beats her head on hearing her words. Mai continues….she had gone to fetch varmala but now that she is back she is bent upon stopping the pheras. Thakur sahab….first your daughter and then your granddaughter…what enmity do you have with us?

Tappu folds her hands and apologises for whatever has happened because of Mukta. But I take full responsibility now that there will be no hurdle in the family marriage.
Mukta tries to protest but Tappu firmly tells her not to utter a single word. You have to answer my questions first about where you were. Come with me.
Rathore says, you should ask me where Mukta was….where I brought her from! You should ask me.
Tappu curtly replies when I am speaking with my daughter, I do not want anyone to speak in between. I am from Bundela family.
Rathore is hurt. How can I forget that? How I can I forget your surname? Bundela – Mrs. Bundela! I wont trouble you anymore. I will go & speak to the father of the bride directly. Tappu is shocked.

Rathore goes to where Iccha & Veer are standing. He says, I have utmost respect of you two & I hope you also know it. I always want your happiness. Today also I too want the same. I know that all your family, relatives & friends are here & I don’t want mean any trouble for you. While Mukta was inside, I was trying to practice self control as I was standing outside. Because what I want to do (looking @ Akash) I shouldn’t do. Its your daughter’s marriage. I know the importance of marriage and who better than you to understand it. Its not a game. If we enter in it with some illusion or misunderstanding & regret it later then? Everything…family….relations…home…will get ruined.
You both know that if Muka is saying that this guy (he looks really angry) – pointing to Vishnu – is fake, wrong then, don’t you want to hear what she has to say?

Mai asks Veer not to pay any heed to his words. What will he understand about marriage or relations? One inauspicious thing has already been done by stopping the pheras, I don’t want any more trouble. The shubh mahurat will pass soon.

Rathore curtly says, I said I am trying to control. Today no one should even dare to make me loose it. Mahurat can come again but its about your daughter’s life.
Iccha says we should listen to Mr. Rathore.

Veer nods & goes to Akash. Vishnu, I have full faith in you. But we have faith on Mukta too….after all she is our daughter. So we should give her one chance as well…..to say what she wants to say.
Akash looks hurt. Meethi protests that this is wrong papa. Veer & Iccha assure her that everything will be fine. Tappu says, iccha I do not want that because of my daughter…
Now Jogi speaks up…if Mukta is putting such allegations then they wouldn’t be baseless. If we knew all this before marriage, then wouldn’t have let it come to this. But now we should hear her out & get over with all this. Jogi asks Mukta to speak up.

Mukta comes forward. Rathore comes to her and very sweetly tells her not be scared of anything. Just say the truth. Mukta looks at Akash determinedly.

Mukta comes on stage & says he is not Vishnu. i first doubted him when Iccha Ma told me (flashback of Iccha telling Mukta about the fake Vishnu regretting that he couldn’t spend enough time with his father when the real Vishnu’s father had left him & his mother even before he was born). You tell me Iccha Ma, how can someone say something like this about his own father?

Tappu looks in disbelief. Now mukta turns to face her.\
She tells him that next time she saw a self cheque & the signature was of Akash Chatterjee’s (flashback is shown).
Akash says, I had told you that day itself that it was my friend’s…not mine.
Mukta asks him ok, where is your friend now? its your marriage but he is nowhere to be seen. Dint you called him? Did you get any gift from him?
Tappu tries to stop her from saying anything further but Mukta doesn’t stop.

She continues that the friend whom you gave a loan of 1 lakh hasn’t come at your marriage? You know why is this so? Because its no one else but you only! Nani is super shocked while Tej watches it all intently.

Mukta firmly says….he is not Vishnu but Akash Chatterjee. I got the proof when Shraddha had seen him in the college with Meethi (flashback of the scene). That time she doesn’t remember where she had seen him. But the same night she had called her & told her that he isn’t Vishnu but Akash Chatterjee. A very dangerous man. That night only I had gone to meet her but before I could meet her – she was thrown off from her balcony. There shouldn’t be any proof left behind right? (flashback of the same night when Shraddha had fallen atop the car).

Surabhi tries to defend him saying the Mukta like you had said, we had spoken to the police as well. They also said the same thing that it was a suicide.
Mukta retorts no bhabhi, she couldn’t do anything like this. She was murdered and the murderer was no one else but him! (Pointing at Vishnu). meehti is crying throughout. Everyone is shocked while Nani utters her famous words…ram hi rakhey!!

Jogi asks her what nonsense she is speaking. What are you saying? Murder?
Akash now pretends to be super hurt. He folds his hands & asks her to atop all this & not to put any false allegations on him. I controlled myself but not anymore….I cant bear anymore insult now. Meethi, please forgive me. I don’t have anyone by my side that can stand by me right now…I feel so alone. Jogi asks him not to think like that.

Akash puts his hands on the varmala (to take it off) when Rathore utters control? You should ask me what control is. He comes on stage & stands next to Mukta.
He says, I will tell you what control is. If I control for so long, then I hope you too can control for some more time dulhe raja (groom). She hasn’t finished yet. Let her finish. Till now, even I have not told anyone where Mukta was since morning.
Akash’s varmala drops back on his shoulders form his grasp. Everyone is worried now.

Rathore utters control? You should ask me what control is. He comes on stage & stands next to Mukta.
He says, I will tell you what control is. If I control for so long, then I hope you too can control for some more time dulhe raja (groom). She hasn’t finished yet. Let her finish. Till now, even I have not told anyone where Mukta was since morning.
Akash’s varmala drops back on his shoulders form his grasp. Everyone is worried now. Rathore asks Mukta to say what she has to now.

Mukta comes to Iccha & says, ma, you remember the real Vishnu dint like chocolate when he was a kid. You remember right?
Akash is worried now & an evil music is playing in the background.
Iccha replies, yes I only said that. But with age, people change. Their likes and dislikes change too. One or two things might not match but the change that Vishnu ahs brought in Meethi….the goodness….its of the same Vishnu only.

Mukta goes into another flashback of Gopal & how she had asked Akash about his friend & if he was older than him or younger. Mukta shares the same with Iccha again that he doesn’t remember him or anything about him. Its all a ploy. Surabhi is losing it now.
Mukta continues believe me. I am not lying. He knew about real Vishnu…found out all the information regarding him & then came in Meethi’s life. He has come here with some secret mission. The real Vishnu works with an NGO & he comes every month to Satara to meet the kids.
Iccha says….Vishnu works with an NGO? But how do you know that? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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