5th September Thursday Update on Young Love


5th September Thursday Update on Young Love

Saachi telling Anandi that Shiv will be freed from all the accusations. Daddu comes and tells that he talked to his friend retired IAS officer and promised to help us. Vivek says, Shiv is innocent. He says, I will handle his case. I will defend him in the court. Alok says, now Vivek is with Shiv. No need to worry. Subhadra says, lawyer might be experienced, but…..Daddu stares her. She keeps quiet. Daddu tells Anandi that you became our strength and now you are sad. He asks her not to worry. Shamal gives Jaistar Ayurved Samples to Dadisaa. She looks at the medicines. Gehna says, we have doctor at home. Shamal says, I am giving my samples. He praises the tea. Basant asks him to drink. He drinks the tea.

Rasika cries after talking on phone. She tells her inlaws that Shiv is not ready to accept his crime. He is still adamant on his words and saying that I am lying. Rasika says, only I can feel the pain. Brijesh says, this is too much. Shiv is at fault and Narendra, Rasika and their family is paying for his sins. Narendra’s father gets angry and says my son bear enough. I will take my son for the last rites through Shiv’s home. He have to apologize to Narendra. Rasika smiles.

Aarti’s mom is told by Lal Singh that her treatment have started and she will be fine soon. Ganga assures her that she is on respiratory system. She will be fine soon. Aarti’s mom cries. Amol is playing in the garden area and calls Anandi to play with him. He hears people shouting against Shiv. He goes inside the house shouting for Anandi. Ganga searches on the net about opium. she reads it and gets shocked. She comes to conclusion that Shamal bhai is selling drugs. She gets Jagya’s call. He asks, what is the matter. She is about to tell, but stops. She asks him to come soon. Jagya says, I am reaching there. Anandi tells Meenu that she will play with Amol for sometime.

Amol comes inside. He tells her about people outside their home. Someone throws stone on their house. They rush outside. Narendra’s family are protesting and speaking against Shiv. They ask Shiv to apologize else Narendra’s dead body will be there itself. Media comes and tells that because of Shiv, a wife has become a widow. They ask Shiv to resign. Alok calls Shiv and informs him. Shiv says, he is coming. Media asks, where is Shiv Raj Shekhar? Everyone is speechless. Shiv calls SP and requests him to send the police. Daddu asks them to calm down. He says, Shiv is innocent and the accusations are false. He says, we have always supported Media. This time you are doing wrong. He requests the media to know the truth and then come to conclusion.

They ask Shiv to accept his crime. Anandi goes to Rasika and looks at Narendra’s dead body. She tells her that everyone wants to know the truth. She asks her to answer. She says, Narendra’s parents have to know the truth. Rasika says, we came here so that Shiv accepts his crime. Her relatives start protesting. Daddu tells Anandi to come. Brijesh asks Anandi to call Shiv now.

Nandu starts coughing. Gehna brings the Ayuved’s medicine and is about to make Nandu drink it. Ganga comes and sees it. She stops Ganga from feeding it to Nandu. She tells her that these medicines are made of opium. Jagya tells her that Shamal bhai gave sample to him also and the child is safe. He makes Nandu drink the medicine. Nandu goes to play with Mannu.

Police team arrives at Shiv’s house. They request the people to go to their house else. Narendra’s family refuse to go until Shiv apologizes to them. Police Inspector calls Shiv. Shiv says, I am reaching there. Shiv gets chief minister’s call. He asks about the accusations. Shiv says, it is a lie. He says, personally I know you are innocent, but professionally you have to give answer. Shiv says, I understand. CM tells him something which shocks Shiv.

Shiv coming to his house. All the people start protesting against him. Media asks him about the authencity of Rasika’s accusations. Shiv says, it is a lie. He says, Rasika accused me falsely. Media says, everything is lie. Narendra came to apologize to me. I don’t know. Now he is dead. He sympathizes with his parents and requests them to do the last rites of Narendra.

One woman throws slipper on Shiv. Anandi stops it. Police arrests the woman. They protest. Media tells that CM suspended Shiv until he is proved innocent. They ask Shiv, if the news is true. Shiv is silent. Media insists him to reply. He replies saying it is true. His family is shocked. Rasika and Brijesh smirks.

Rasika goes to Narendra’s body and tells him that Narendra got justice. She tells her in laws that Narendra got justice. Narendra’s father tells her that they will do his last rites now and cries. Media tells that Shiv is defeated and Narendra’s body is taken for the last rites. Shiv thinks, I don’t think Narendra got justice.

Dadisaa asks Gehna about Nandu’s cough. Gehna says, he seems fine. Jagya tells Dadisaa that he didn’t know why Ganga is doubting Shamal bhai. Dadisaa says, it is not good to doubt on anyone. Jagya says, I will make her understand.

Saurabh comes to Saachi and asks her to make sandwich for them. Saachi says, bread is not available. Saurabh shows her bag containing bread and cheese. He tells her that he knows her and that’s why he make sure to make her say yes. he reminds her of the farm party. Saachi gets tensed.

Meenu asks Shiv to have tea. He refuses. Anandi comes and tells that Amol is in his room. Daddu says, I don’t understand how CM can suspend you. Shiv says, he is helpless. Anoop says, he should have protected him. Alok says, we should be proud of Shiv. He is ready to face the enquiry. Subhadra opens her mouth and says our prestige have gone. She asks Anandi, why you made Rasika speak. Everyone stares her. Subhadra says, crowd was mad. Shiv says, nothing can happen to Anandi. I was with her. I am proud of my Anandi. Subhadra asks, will she accompany you to the witness box. Daddu scolds her. Shiv says, I am ready to go to the witness box as I am innocent.

Saurabh calls Saachi and asks her to bring Sandwiches. She comes and asks suman to give the sandwiches to Saurabh. Suman asks her to give the sandwiches to Saurabh and his friends. She sees Ankita there. Ankita asks, how are you? Saachi asks, how dare you? She asks, did you call them to insult me. Saurabh asks her to make the sound low. He asks her to leave. Ankita irks her.

Jagya checks Nandu and asks him to stay away from cold items. Jagya says, Shamal Bhai’s medicines have worked. Ganga says, Aarti health ruined. Jagya says, it is impossible. Shamal bhai can’t be a part of illegal means and asks her not to doubt him.

Shiv tells his family that he is going for the enquiry. He takes Alok car keys and says he is not taking any govt facility. Alok asks, can you drive. Shiv says, I am fine. Anandi says, I will drive and will come back with him. They leave.

Rasika and her father in law come to the police. She asks the Inspector to help them. Narendra’s father says, Narendra’s accused is roaming freely and asks him to arrest him. Rasika also asks the same. Inspector says, they want proof and will arrest him. He says, suspended officer isn’t guilty.

Shamal Bhai tells Nandu that he came to see him. Nandu says, I am fine. Dadisaa praises his medicines. Ganga comes and says his medicines made Aarti fallen in the nearing death. She shows him medicine bottle. And tells that she has tested the medicines in the lab and it contains Opium. Dadisaa and Shamal are shocked.