5th July Friday Update on This Is Love

Parmeet says stop this nonsense, I m sleepy, I m tired, shall I go and sleep. Bala says Parmeet is saying true, give me some time, I will repay everything, you can’t stay here. Kiran signs no to Bala. Parmeet asks shall I leave, how, what are you saying, this is one of the biggest gamble of life, the biggest advantage is I can stay close to Simmi, I will stay here, direct me to a good room. He goes. Ishita comes to Simmi and says talk your husband, tell him not to trouble my parents. Simmi says I don’t want to see his face, sorry, my life is ruined. Ishita goes to Raman and says Parmeet has gone to my house to stay, he has Appa’s papers mortgaged, he trapped Bala. Raman says he won’t change, I will talk to lawyer in morning, we can’t do anything right now. She goes to Amma and says we will kick him out in morning.
Amma says my family members have betrayed me. Kiran says don’t say this, Bala is not selfish, but he should have told me, we could have found a solution. Shitija asks why are you all awake. Parmeet says guest room is not comfortable. Shravan asks what’s this man doing here. Parmeet says why are you so angry, Bala can’t throw me out, if I want, I can kick out everyone from here. Kiran asks kids to go to room. Parmeet asks Bala to vacate his bedroom. Ishita stops Bala and says Bala wont vacate the room, Parmeet can sleep anywhere. Parmeet laughs and says I m owner of this house, its happening because of you, I will stay in bedroom. Appa says you go, we will handle this. Ishita says he is very cunning. Appa asks her to go. She goes. Parmeet says Bala move out of your bedroom.

Raman says sorry, I couldn’t help you, but thanks a truth was revealed because of you, I used to blindly belief Parmeet, he ruined Simmi’s life. She says even Simmi… he says please spare Simmi, she would never do this with Pihu, I know my sister. She says sit with me, don’t go. He asks are you okay. She says yes. He says you can bring your parents here. She says they won’t come. He says we won’t be able to do anything till we talk to lawyer, don’t worry. Its morning, Amma cooks food. Appa asks her to go and rest. She gets angry on Appa and Bala. Appa says I will make coffee for everyone. Bala says I didn’t wish Amma to get hurt, what’s the solution of this problem. Appa and Kiran say we are with you.

Parmeet comes and greets them. He says this idli is for sick people, how will I have it. A man gets eggs and delivers. Amma says we are vegetarians, take the eggs away. Parmeet says wait, I ordered these eggs, I will prepare tasty food for myself. Amma says don’t take eggs inside. He says this is my house. Bala says we are vegetarians, don’t do this. Parmeet says this is my house. He spoils the kitchen by eggs. Amma holds her head. They feel bad. Parmeet sits to have egg. He asks Amma to clean the kitchen. Amma says you have made my house impure. Parmeet laughs and says you can’t say this, its my house. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu where is Simmi. Raman says let Simmi stay alone, its tough to accept that her husband cheated us. Mrs. Bhalla says she is broken. He says I hope she overcomes this trauma. Ishita says Simmi isn’t in any shock, she is shocked that we caught Parmeet red handed, she is also involved. Raman says enough, I won’t hear anything against Simmi. Neelu says Simmi didn’t have food. Mrs. Bhalla taunts Ishita and goes to feed Simmi.

Aaliya asks Adi to drop her to Mani’s house, she has to talk to him about Parmeet, Mani can help Bala. Adi says I will accompany you. She runs to vomit. Adi asks Neelu to make lemonade fast, Aaliya is vomiting. Mrs. Bhalla dances and says my grandchild is coming. Adi asks what are you saying. She says Aaliya maybe pregnant, you maybe becoming dad. He asks what and goes to Aaliya.

Aaliya says don’t worry, I will take medicines. Adi says no use now, you might be pregnant. She asks what, pregnant…. Adi I forgot I m five days late, why didn’t I think this before. He asks what’s there to get happy. She says there is possibility, aren’t you happy about it. He says I m not ready for this child. She says but why, its high time, I need a baby, I get bored all day. He says baby is not time pass, child means big responsibility, please check with pregnancy kit. Ishita asks how did you know she is pregnant. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman, Adi told me Aaliya is feeling sick and vomiting. Ishita goes and asks Aaliya to confirm.

She asks Adi to relax. Adi goes. Mrs. Bhalla feeds sweets to Adi. Ishita comes and says sorry, Aaliya is not pregnant, she had stomach infection. Mrs. Bhalla says I was happy to have good news, when there are negative people here, how can this happen. Raman says its okay, whatever happens is for good, Adi go to Aaliya. Aaliya says congrats, I m not pregnant. Adi says stop it now. Ishita comes and asks what’s wrong with you Adi, I thought you would be happy, you aren’t. Adi says I can’t take up big responsibility, I don’t want complications, I have to focus on work and spend time with Aaliya. He goes. Ishita hugs Aaliya and says I understand.



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