5th february Tuesday Update On Young Love

Location: On the road
The girls are shocked at sanchi’s confession, about loving Jagiya. Her friends ask her if she even realises what she means. Sanchi’s friends tries to tell her as to how jagdish may be a nice man, but he is a divorcee, and stays in a village with similar familial background and she wont be able to cope with that kind of atmosphere. they tell her that this isnt love, just an infatuation, because he saved her from sunny, which is temporary and would go away soon. Sanchi says that her descision wont be changed be it his staying in the village, or his family’s orthodoxy, by anything as all that matters now is that she loves jagdish very much. Her friends say that she shouldn t do this, but sanchi is adamant, that she would go even if they leave her alone. Her friends decide to stop her on the way, at jaitsar.

Location: Jaitsar Haveli
The police ask if there are any suspects. Dadisa says that there’s noone who would do this fatal attack on him,, as he jut has alife from thge house, to the hospital, and is always engrossed in work, to bring any enemity, nor is his personality like this. Bhairo says that in today’s times, noone knows why there’s enemity, and maybe someone from the court for their impending cases, has done this, and whatever be the reason, they should find out the people.

Sumitra says that this is their responsibility to find who did this, and punish them. The police assures hthat they would catch the culprit. He says that he would have to take jagiya’s statement. Basant says that he isnt in a condition to speak, and he can talk to ganga if he wants. When police asks who is ganga, sumitra tells that she went to the temple with him. the police asks them to inform when they leave for the hospital, as he too would come then. After the inspector leaves, gehna asks if they should inform anandi. Dadisa says that they shouldn t bother her after the Urmi Devi case as it is. Sumitra says that they would have to tell anandiu. Bhairo asks her to wait till jagiya is better.

Location: Jaitsar hospital and Udaipur Haveli
Lal Singh looks over jagiya’s treatment, while ganga asks when he would regain consciousness. He says that he has sustained brain injuries, and the medications too work slow in such cases, hence it would take time, but there’s no reason to worry. Ganga comes over to jagiya’s bedside, while Lal Singh leaves. She is in tears, looking at him. She says that she’s unlucky for him, as the first time they met, he was injured and today this. She says that she had promised anandi that she would take care of this family, and not let any trouble come on them, but she failed. she apologises too. She decides that she would tell anandi, as she had promised that she would tell her whatever happens.

Ananadi is given a scare, when dadaji reprimands her for making Bitter Gourd for food, when he tells her that his mother used to give him this, when he used to be mischievous. Just then the phone rings, and alok asks her to pick it. She takes the call, and ganga says that she never thought she would break her promise so badly. Ananadi asks what happens. Ganga tells anandi, on phone about jagiya’s accident, and she gets very tensed, hearing jagiya’s condition. She drops the phone in shock, breaking a glass. shiv and chotio maa ask what happened. Anandi tells them, in tension. They are tensed too. Shiv is asked to place a call to Bhairo, by dadaji. He complies.

While dadisa and others are getting ready to leave, bhairo gets shiv’s call. Dadisa says that maybe he’s called for some other reason, and instructs bhairo that he shouldnt say anything about jagiya. Shiv asks how’s jagiya. Bhairo asks who told him. Shiv tells them about ganga’s call. The family is tensed that now anandi and his family too know. Bhairo tells him about jagiya’s condition, and the police report. Shiv says that he would meet them soon. He gives the phone to Dadaji. He too expresses his concern. He comforts them, saying that they are with him, and if they need any help, he shouldnt hesitate, as its their responsibility too after what he did for their family. Bhairo agrees to call them, if needed and cancels the call. Dadisa is tensed when Bhairo tells her that Ganga has told anandi. Sumitra again reprimands ganga for not being able to keep quiet and that she keeps talking incessantly, resulting in this now. Basant says that ganga didnt know about their descision and that they shouldnt blame ganga. They all leave for the hospital. Alok tells shiv that he and anandi should leave for jaitsar rightaway. Shiv tells anandi to get ready for going to jaitsar. Dadaji too agrees on this descision. Choti maa too asks anandi to go, as she’s the daughter of the house, and should be with him.

Location: Jaitsar Hospital
Lal seats them in the visiting room, and says that he’s called for ganga too. When she comes, she is scared to see the police. Bhairo asks her to be fearless, and tell the inspector everything, so that they can catch those goons. Ganga tells him everything. He asks about their facial recognition. ganga says that they didnt look from this village and came in a black jeep. She says that she would recognise everyone, if she sees them. The police says that they would go to the crime scene, and do their investigation, and if they find some witnesses. He asks them to inform him if and when jagiyawakes up, so that they can take his statement. He leaves. Bhairo and Basant leave to look at jagiya. Dadisa asks ganga if she told anandi. Ganga says that she wanted to tell this as its a big thing. Dadisa tells them about their descision not to tell anandi. She tries to make ganga understand. As Dadisa and Ganga come out of the room, she is surprised to find Sanchi, coming from the opposite side, in haste, who too sees dadisa.

Location: Jaitsar Hospital
Dadisa is surprised to se sanchi, who too sees dadisa, and asks urgently where’s jagdish. dadisa shows her the room, and before she can talk more, sanchi leaves for the room. Sanchi comes inside to find jagiya, and his family is surprised to find sanchi there. Sanchi says out aloud, how did this happen, and that she cant see him like this. bhairo tells her that they dont know, and tell the entire incident. Sanchi gives ganga an angry look. Bhairo tells her that he’s out of danger now. Sanchi says that she cant see him like this, and goes out, surprising them.

Outside, dadisa comes to sanchi and asks her not to be sad,saying that he’s alright now, and no need to worry, as he would regain conscious soon. She makes her sit down. Ganga comes, and dadisa asks her to get water for sanchi. Dadisa says that all must be worried, and asks for anandi. Sanchi says that she was outside, and she didnt tell anyone, as she didnt want to bother them. Dadisa thinks that she’s so mature, other than ganga, who immediately called them up. sanchi gets water for sanchi, who says that she’s fine now, and asks dadisa to go to jagdish. Ganga takes the water and goes. As dadisa goes inside, bhairo comes outside to ask of sanchi. Dadisa tells what sanchi told her. sanchi thinks that jagdish is so good, and wonders who did this to him, as he always stays out of fights, and thinks that it might be sunny and them too, as he was responsible for getting them to jail, and they took their revenge. Sanchi wonders why did she stop him for the socials, as nothing would have happened. She apologizes to jagdish, in her own mind. dadisa sits beside her, along with bhairo and basant. ganga too comes. Sanchi asks why does this happen to the good people only. Dadisa says that not all people are good.

Sanchi says that this is all her fault, and she tells dadisa all about sunny and his misbehaviour. Bhairo tells that why would someone go through that much trouble, for something that happened so long back. sanchi says that she isnt talking about last time, but just a couple of days back. Basant and Bhairo are surprised to hear this. Sanchi tells them everything. They all hear and are shocked themselves. Sanchi says that she’s exteremely grateful to jagdish. Basant and bhairo decide to tell this to the jaitsar and udaipur police as well, as they too would be involved. Sanchi places her head, on dadisa’s shoulders, saying that she apologizes for this, as its due to her whim, that he stayed back. Dadisa asks her not to blame herself, as the goddess is testing him, and this isnt the first time, he’s facing trouble, and asks her to have faith in Goddess. Sanchi says that she wants to apologoze for something else too, and tells them about the Urmi devi incident, and says sorry for her misbehaviour, especially with Dadisa, who’s so elder to her, and she wouldnt have said anything, but when she got to know she had maligned shiv, she couldnt control herself.

Sanchi says that she realised later on, that she shouldnt have said this, as dadisa only did this for anandi’s well being, and that only means that shiv was liked by her immensely. Dadisa says that she’s relieved that her cause was understood, and she wasnt mistaken. Dadisa says that parents’ only want their child’s happiness, and she had decide that anandi would marry someone like shiv only. Sanchi says that she didnt understand this before. dadisa says that now she does, and she’s just like a daughter to her, like anandi and ganga, and says that she’s forgiven her. Sanchi hugs dadisa overwhelmingly. while hugging sanchi, dadisa and the others too find shiv and anandi coming.

As shiv and anandi come, they are surprised to find sanchi there, with jagiya’s family, who herself is a little scared. Anandi and shiv look at each other, and come towards them. Shiv glances at sanchi, and asks how is she here, after she left for the Devigrah trip. Sanchi tells what happened, and why she came here. Shiv is upset but controls himself, and asks about jagiya. Bhairo says that he’s unconscious, but is out of danger, as Lal told them. Shiv asks if they can meet him. When bhairo nods, they leave for his room.

Shiv and anandi are apalled to find jagiya in this state. Shiv comforts anandi, who is teary eyed, and asks her to compose herself. They leave the ward. Shiv asks about the police’s investigation, and bhairo tells them that they havent yet found anything concrete about it. dadisa says that trouble comes from all sides, and empathises with sanchi’s tragedy. Shiv and anandi were speechless, when dadisa says that jagiya didnt tell them atleast anandi could have. shiv says that they were in such shokc, and coulnt talk amongst themselves, and hence couldnt tell them. Shiv says that it was an embarassing and horrific incident, and jagsidh saved sanchi from a life of agony and embarassment. Basant says that sanchi believes that the same people must be behind the attack. sanchi too agrees, and bhairo says that he’s informed the jaitsar police, who shall inform the udaipur counterpart. Shiv calls them up, and is told that they did receive a call from jaitsar police. The police tells them that their lawyers have initiated the bail filings. shiv says that till the time they are proven innocent, they shouldn t be granted bail. The police agrees to confirm to this. The nurse comes and tells everyone that jagdish is gaining conscious. All are very happy while dadisa thanks the goddess for this. Sanchi too is extremely happy. Anandi sees this and is surprised at this.