5th December Wednesday Update On True Love

Tappu telling Ichha that she can never tell anyone about Veer’s truth ;Tappu also reminds Ichha about what Ammo told her about her destiny during thier childhood and then tells Ichha about how its her destiny which has always made her the winner while she(Ichha) has always been on the losing side because of her destiny ;Ichha tries to stop Tapasya’s nonsense when Tappu further tells Ichha that Veer is her life…her love ..her everything which she tried to snatch away from her but she will not let this happen now ;Tappu also tells Ichha that it was her stupidity that she ignored Veer’s presense earlier when he came to see her in the beginning but she will never repeat that mistake again ;Poor Ichha has no words while Tappu takes the upperhand this time by challenging Ichha that she can never tell anyone about Veer’s truth and so now she can’t stop her either from getting close to Veer …

Meanwhile Chanda is brainwashing Mai against Ichha and Damini as usual by telling Mai about how Tapasya’s mother Divya has given so much to this family(in terms of gifts and all) but Ichha’s mother Damini hv never given anything to this house but instead after Ichha’s marriage hv only taken away things from this house ;Mai too agress with Chanda’s words ;Ichha overhears their whole convo and this time decides to go and confront them Ichha goes and tells Chanda directly not to talk behind her back anything wrong against her Ammo ;

Ichha then asks Mai what all her Ammo has taken from this house ;Mai is quiet ;Ichha then tells Mai about how she has always given everything to this house..she has allowed Tappu in this house for the sake of this family’s happiness …she also was ready to let Tappu sit besides Veer in the puja because of this family again ..and she is always ready to do anything for this family..so if she(Mai) has any issues with her ,then she should tell her directly rather than blaming her Ammo for it since her Ammo is innocent ;Mai has no reply here ;But Chanda quickly taunts Ichha about how she could not give a child to his family ;Hearing this Ichha tells Chanda that she has given almost everything to this family whatever is possible from her side ;

Ichha also tells Chanda that she is not the one who keeps something in her heart and then tells something else to others or talk bad things about someone against their back like her ;Hearing this Chanda gets angry now and tells Ichha that she is crossing her limits on which Ichha tells Chanda that her heart is always clean and there is nothing hidden inside her heart..she is completely transparent in her views and thats why she is speaking her heart out today in front of her and Mai ;Mai is sitting there like a silent spectator between Chanda and Ichha ;So then Ichha also tells Chanda that she respects Mai because even though Mai is angry on her and is not too fond of her mayb but she has never tried to interfere between her and Veer’s issues unlike her who never leaves a single opportunity to interfere in their personal issues ;Chanda is fuming in anger now but today Ichha holds her ground firmly and tells Chanda that if she can change her ways and try to spread positivity rather than negativity ,it will b better for all;

Lastly Ichha tells Chanda that over the years whatever her Ammo has earned from Jogi’s family,she has given all that money in her and Tappu’s name but has kept nothing for herself and so she has only given to others but has never taken anything in return from anyone ;Ichha then also warns Chanda not to accuse or drag her Ammo’s name unnecessarily in any issue related to this house.¬†CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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