5th April Friday Update on Young Love


5th April Friday Update on Young Love

Anandi (A) and Jagya (J). After Sachi and her friends leave J asks A if she still thinks J should marry Sachi after all that they just witnessed? He tells A that all the good changes that Sachi has shown in the past few months has only been a big eyewash. Before A tires to justify Sachi, J asks her to believe in what she has seen with her own eyes. A is surprised as to why Sachi would do all this drama of change. She says that she is still in disbelief. J is annoyed that A is still trying to see good in Sachi to which A tells him that the reason for her disbelief is since she has been a witness to all of Sachi’s attempts of molding herself to fit the Badi haveli lifestyle. J asks her if she still feels that Sachi has changed? A says that she was confident sometime back but not so much now. All the same she is sure that Sachi loves J a lot which even J cannot deny. J is shown remembering all his interactions with Sachi in the past where she has been very caring towards him. A also tells J how Sachi has a tattoo of his mane on her hand and how much she loves him. A then tells J that Sachi’s love for him is so deep that she even bribed the pandit to lie about the engagement and wedding dates to be with J soon. A is surprised how this kind of love can be a fraud. J is surprised as to how A doesn’t find any fault in Sachi changing the date of the engagement due to which a huge hue and cry was caused in the haveli. A agrees that Sachi’s ways were incorrect but whatever she did was only for he love for J.

J agrees that Sachi loves him but he also tells A to realize that this love is very immature which has become her obsession now. This obsession suffocates J. He says that after facing so many difficulties in life he wants to have a peaceful life and a true life partner not obsession in the name of love. A is surprised and asks J why he says so when he agreed to get married to Sachi after realizing how deeply she loves him. J then reveals that his true reasons for agreeing to marry Sachi was A’s happiness. He thought that A was happy with the proposal and as per J’s promise to A, he would marry any girl who A would approve of. He tells A that before J approving of Sachi, A had approved of her. A is surprised and asks him why he says so, to which J says that since A came with the Shekhars with the proposal they thought she was also in agreement and they accepted the proposal. A is shocked and they recollect all the happenings that day of the proposal. A asks J why did he assume such a thing. Being the daughter-in-law of the Shekhars how can she come to her parent’s house and give her opinion about her likes and dislikes in this matter. Her disagreeing would bring a dispute in the family. She tells him that when this decision was taken, she was not at home. If she was there she would have opposed this relationship. But when she knew about it, it was too late and the family had made their decision. She was sure that neither the family nor J would agree but she was shocked when the contrary happened. When everyone agreed she was shocked and could not say anything more. J asks her how she was sure that J would disagree to this proposal, to which she says that after so many years of knowing him, she can gauge what J’s expectations from a life partner would be. J then asks A if she could not say what’s on her mind in front of the Shekhars why didn’t she take him or Sumitra in confidence and speak her mind? A tells him that she was at such a crossroads at that point that she did not know who to side. She kept questioning herself even after that as to why she kept mum. She tells J that she then spoke to Shiv and the family of her doubts with the relationship when Ira expressed how Sachi would breakdown if the relationship ended. Then A says that Sachi changed and started improving herself. The Singhs also started liking her and accepting her as a daughter-in-law. Since then A started helping her prepare to be a part of the haveli.

A expresses herself that she only wants to see J happy. J asks her that does she still feel that is going to be possible after seeing Sachi’s true colors?


Bala is shown talking to a hospital staff about giving Ganga (G) night duty. He says that it will be useful for her to understand the hospital’s working well and also help him since the nurse currently on duty with him is slack. Bala also tells him that since G has a small kid it will be good for her to be with her child during the day. The man agrees and schedules a night shift for G which makes Bala very happy.



J asks A, if all that Sachi told her friends was true what will be the result? What if she separates him from his family. If that happens then his aim of bringing his family happiness will be lost totally. He asks her what should he do? Should he gamble his life and family’s happiness based on A’s presumption about Sachi? A tells him that the proposal has gone very far now and any backing off at this point will destroy the relationship between both families. J reminds A of all the troubles that the Singhs have faced due to him and Gauri. But now he doesn’t want to bring any more trouble to them and separate himself from his family. A asks J to give her some more time to talk to S and sort the matter with the family and Sachi. J tells her that destiny has forced them to meet today. Life has brought him on a crossroads even today where he cannot decide which road is right for him and which is not.

A is then shown in the car going back home and remembering all that she just witnessed int he restaurant. A is left thinking if what she and J just witnessed was Sachi’s true colors. She wonders how she can bring happiness to both families. She asks God to help her,

Kesar Bagh

A is in the kitchen where Sachi comes and tells her that she is just back after watching a movie. She asks A what she was cooking and offers to help her so that she can learn to make it and cook it for the Singhs. A is then left wondering what is true, what she saw in the restaurant or this? She thinks that this is the right time to talk to Sachi and know the truth. Sachi is then shown talking very kindly about the Singhs as if she cares a lot about them. A is again left comparing what she heard Sachi say before. Sachi tells A that she will take good care of the Singhs when she is there. Just then Sachi receives a call from her friend and she tells A that she is leaving for a payjama party at her friend’s. A asks her is she doesn’t want to learn to cook to which Sachi tells her that she will learn it some other day coz she wants to go an enjoy the party now. Saying this she leaves. A is worried since she could not talk to Sachi. She wonders what to do since she cannot talk to anyone other than Shiv about this as it will cause tension between both the families. She feels that if Sachi is only putting on an act and if all that she told her friends was true, what will be the outcome?

Alok and Ira are making a guest list. Alok tells Ira that she shouldn’t have given her permission to go out. He says she is going to Jaitsar now and she will need to make adjustments there. Ira says, that is why I let her go. I want her to enjoy her last few days here. And our Sanchi is changed now. She knows her responsibilities and limits. Alok says she was just born in this house and is already leaving. Ira says this is what happens with daughters, but we shouldn’t be sad because of it.. we should be proud that our daughter has become a sensible person now.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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