5th April Friday Update on This is Love

5th April Friday Update on This is Love

Mrs. Bhalla speaking bad about Nikhil. Ishita says we should not judge him. Mrs. Bhalla says he played with Ruhi’s emotions, you find goodness in everyone. Aaliya says Dadi is right, everyone takes advantage of you, he has hurt Ruhi, I m ashamed to call him my friend. Ishita says I also can’t believe the truth. Raman and Shagun come home and ask for Ruhi. Aaliya says she didn’t come yet. Raman calls Ruhi. Ruhi comes home crying and hugs Raman. Mrs. Bhalla consoles her. Raman feels bad. Mrs. Bhalla says I m doing aerobic yoga, we will have some chicken. She asks Neelu to make something good. Raman gets a call and goes.

Romi likes pakodas. Aaliya asks him to wash hands. She asks where is Adi. He says your boring husband is working. She says aw, he works so

much. He says its not good, you both should spend time, do something different, I will book your ticket, you have to take first step, get him in your control, he leaves work and gets mad for you. She says I don’t know how to control him, you tell me. He asks did you not learn this from Mihika, plan a long drive then dinner, spend time in resort, do something wild, make life spice up. He goes. Mihika says whom was he advising this.
Everyone dines. Raman asks Ishita to come, they will drop Shagun. She agrees. Shagun gets Karuna’s call. Karuna asks for more money. Shagun agrees. She tells Raman that Karuna wants more money immediately. Raman says fine, I will come along. She says but Ishita… Ishita comes. Raman says I think you should be with Ruhi, take care of her, I will drop Shagun. They leave.

Shagun and Raman ask karuna what is she doing here. Ishita says I called her here, don’t get surprised, I got to know what work you made this girl do, Raman can you do such a fallen thing, you feel Nikhil is not good for Ruhi, you ruined his life, you defamed him, he has a daughter too. Shagun says we did this for Ruhi’s betterment, this is happening because of you, Ruhi met him because of your support, its wrong. Ishita says but what did you guys do, you think Nikhil will not clear his name, will he bear this silently, this will come out, what will Ruhi think about you, what about humanity. He asks her not to become Jagat mata, I told Shagun to do anything but make Nikhil away from Ruhi. She says such a big lie, you ruined someone’s life, when Ruhi knows this, she will not accept you as her dad, she will never trust you, you played this trick, Ruhi deserves truth, I will tell her.

Shagun says please don’t tell her, she will break down if she knows Raman did this, she will hate us. Ishita says you never think for other’s happiness. Raman says if Ruhi hates me, I can’t love you. Ishita says she will know it herself and then I won’t support liars. She goes. He says Shagun I just hope Ruhi doesn’t know anything. Mihika checks Romi’s phone. Ruhi asks what are you doing, spying. Mihika says I have seen him advising someone on call. Ruhi says you know Romi loves you a lot. Mihika says no, he is becoming strange. Ruhi asks her to talk to Romi. Mihika says he can get alert. She shows some number saved. Ruhi asks her to call and talk. Mihika keeps phone back. Romi asks what are you guys talking. Ruhi and Mihika leave.

Ruhi asks her not to worry. She says I have memorized that number, we will call on it. Mihika says I m worried, does he have any affair. Ruhi says no wait, and calls. She gets the call from that number. She hears the lady and says I just wanted to know whose number is this. She tells Mihika that its new supplier’s call. Mihika says thank God, I was so tensed. Ruhi asks her to go with a happy face. Mihika goes. Ruhi says thank God, Mihika believed me, why is this girl calling Romi, she was with Nikhil.

Karuna says don’t know whose call was it, why was this girl asking my name. Ishita asks Raman to realize his big mistake. Raman says I didn’t know Shagun will do this, when I went to Nikhil’s house, I learnt Shagun did this. She says Ruhi will go in shock knowing this. He asks who will tell her, you don’t tell her. She says she will know somehow, stop it, Ruhi will not believe you. She goes to sleep. Raman thinks she can tell Ruhi.

Its morning, Simmi asks Parmeet to come home and have breakfast. Parmeet says I don’t want you to feel comfortable. He gives gift for Ananya and Shitija. He goes smiling. Simmi says he has changed a lot, I wish he was such before. Romi comes to office and sees staff gathering. He asks who has come here, they all got distracted. Mihika turns to him. Romi sees her wearing modern dress. She says baby, I got tiffin for you, your staff stopped me to talk. Romi takes her. The man says Romi’s wife is so beautiful. Mihika and Romi hear him. She smiles.


Ishita talks on call to some patient. She says sorry, I have to leave. Ruhi asks her to come soon. She tells Raman that she has to tell about Karuna. He asks her to go office. He goes. Ruhi says I couldn’t tell them that I got Karuna’s number in Romi’s phone.

Romi asking Mihika what did she wear. She says I just came to give breakfast for you, I was thinking I should spice up your life, you were advising this to Aaliya, did you not like these clothes, I will wear more hot clothes next time. He says no, understand, this is not club, its office. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says what will wives do when you guys want tadka from them. He says I gave this advice to Aaliya. She asks why, when your wife is hot, she should look hot. He says so this is your bad idea. She says we have to go club for brunch. Romi says no, not in such clothes. Mrs. Bhalla says if you want your wife to look hot, then change thinking. Mihika says yes, we will go. Mihika asks him to control his staff, they were asking his number. Mrs. Bhalla jokes. Romi asks Mihika

not to be with mummy, she will spoil you.
Kiran says its good Simmi you have come, I didn’t wish to have tea alone. She tells about Mihika wearing a short dress, she has maintained well, if she went like this with her husband… Simmi asks what’s the big deal, what’s your problem. Kiran says I was just giving my point of view. Simmi asks her to mind her own business. Kiran stops her. She says you didn’t forget Parmeet’s matter, we are relatives. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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