5 November Tuesday Update on True Love

5 November Tuesday Update on True Love

Veer standing outside and remembering Iccha. Veer says to the moon that he (moon) has been a witness to everything that happened between him and iccha. N suddenly he starts getting flashbacks about iccha. He recalls how he met iccha, then iccha as a vansh’s widow cleaning n trying to light fire etc. Then he also remembers how avinash had attacked him and iccha in order to save him had killed avinash. Veer remembers that 19 yrs ago iccha had come to meet him in the hospital b4 she was sentenced to jail n cried that she was his iccha n veer had failed to recognise her. Then he also gets flashbacks of how he had met iccha at satara jail n had thought she was teacherji.
He had asked teacherji where her family is? N she had replied back saying that they r close to her. Veer is very hurt n says to himself that iccha met him so many times in the past as teacher ji but not even once did she tell him that she was his iccha.
The he recalls how mai had falsely told him that iccha was after his wealth, then she married his elder brother vansh and later became a widow. So she trapped him in her fake love n yuvi was born and later left never to return again. Veer gets really mad at mai.
Veer recalls Amla telling him that teacher ji had come to meet him in hospital. But when he had asked Mai as to whether iccha had come to meet him, Mai has lied saying no she didn’t.
Veer gets really angry n shouts as to Y did mai marry him off to Amla and vows that he will bring his Iccha back to bundela house at any cost and goes in (Looks like its not a dream. I’m still unable to believe it LOL)

( Thakur house Meethi n Mukta lol)

Meethi is getting dressed up. She has worn her best dress and done lots of make up. She is asking mukta as to how is she looking? Mukta makes fun of her saying she is looking OK.
Meethi gets really angry. Then Mukta says ur looking really good and that if she(mukta) was vishnu then her heartbeat would have started to increase by now and tells meethi to go to vishnu immediately.
Meethi is in a hurry n tells mukta to tell her mother n anni(damini) that she ll eat(watever) later LOL

( Bundela House Tapasya n Chanda awesome scene)

Taps is returning back from outside and has doen lots n lots of shopping. She orders the servant to bring water n coffee for her. She observes chanda coming and removes a green saree and begins to sing. Chanda is obviously diverted to her. Chanda comes to see wats going on. Taps takes the saree and puts in on chanda’s shoulder and immediatel removes it saying that she’s a widow. Then she removes another saree and says this one is much better. Then a gold necklace. She’s basically trying to make chanda feel jealous and further lies saying that Tej Singh brought all this for her. Chanda gets really mad.

(Bundela House Chanda Tej and Taps)

Tej is resting and Chanda who is really mad at him arrives there n begins to shout. She mad at tej thinking he bought such costly gifts for taps lol n says to him that he has deceived her and gave her fake promises and today he’s buying such costly gifts for taps?
Tej also tries to pretend that he has bought these gifts for taps n this makes chanda even more angry

Taps is listening to all this from behind the door and stealthily peeking into the room (detective tappu in action)
Chanda in anger blurts out saying that if someone gets to know as to what he did to daddaji then he ll have to land in jail.(lol it means use to ram hi rakhe) n that she has one more copy of that tape (lol how many copies has she kept? already 2 destroyed n now this 3 rd one). If anyone gets hold of that tape then he’ll be in grave trouble. Tej shocked. Chanda leaves. Taps immediately hides behind the door so that chanda doesnt see her.
Tej thinking that he should do something abt taps n chanda but first he must get rid of taps lol

( boring timepass couple Meethi n Vishnu in temple sholay scene lol)

Meethi arrives at the temple n asks the priest abt vishnu. The priest replies back saying that vishnu is out for some work and whether she had something imp to tell him? Meethi says no nothing.
Meethi praying to the lord and vishnu hiding behind the idol (LOL i remember sholay now)

Vishnu speaking from behind the idol. Meethi shocked and says bhagwan(god) ur speaking to me? Bhagwan(ie vishnu) is saying that vishnu is a very good guy and tat she should marry him Meethi telling god that he’s confunsing her and y should she marry vishnu. She’s telling god to tell her abt some other guy and that she doesnt like vishnu. Looks like she already knows that vishnu is hiding behind there. Vishnu gets angry on hearing this and comes out of his hiding. Vishnu n meethi now facing each other n smiing etc

Meethi/Vishnu in the temple.
Meethi asks him how many times he has seen Sholay. He says 50 times.
Meethi says, do you remember only Sholay scenes or something else?
He says, I remember everything. Every moment between us.
Shopping mall, teaching you bike, then you getting angry.
Meethi comes closer to him and asks if you remember so much, then what do you plan to do?
He says, will you become my Basanti?
Meethi pushes him away and says how filmi are you! You’re not Dharam Paji that I will become your Basanti.
You’re Vishnu and I’m Meethi. Vishnu’s Meethi.
He says, then tell me, will you marry me?
Meethi blushes and he says, I can’t understand, but that’s a yes right?
Meethi starts going away and he says I’ll give you everything that you deserve.
Meethi smiles, blushes and leaves the temple.
Vishnu goes to the Shiv idol and says, Bhagwan ji, she was Teacher didi’s daughter… and she has said yes to marry me.
Now I will give her everything… everything that she deserves.
He turns around and says – Everything!!
Sadness, pain and tears…
He laughs like a lunatic in the temple.
He unties a string from his wrist and puts it on the floor.
Unties one of the rosaries from his hands and takes off the dupatta-like thing he’s wearing.
Precap of the last two episodes is shown… where he says words that mean, everything’s fair in love and war.
Everything’s fair in trying to take revenge for injustice.
That’s why I did everything.
He has a flashback of seeing Meethi in a dance club drinking… then lighting a fire in the building and then saving Meethi from the fire.
He says, I lit the fire and saved her too… did one favour for Meethi and her entire family trusted me blindly.
Then in shopping mall too, I saved her from her friends.
Goodness deceives everyone in the world, then how could a simple girl like Meethi not be deceived so easily?
He remembers teaching her riding a bike, then pretending to commit suicide on the roof of the college and then Meethi’s declaration of love.
He says, just one purpose behind me doing everything… just one purpose and one destination…
I will make sure I complete my purpose and reach my destination.
He calls someone from his mobile and says, I am very close to my destination, now I will enjoy the game more!

Icha is thinking in her room that the decision for marriage happened so quickly. We all like Vishnu, everything will be alright, but…



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