4th March Monday Update on Young Love


4th March Monday Update on Young Love

AT Haveli, ganga thanked devi maa that she saved from being a risk for doc sa n haveli. She will always remember the haveli with happy memories. She needs the strength that she will never come back to haveli.

AT KB, saanchi(wearing yellow salwar) is taking interest in household works. All are surprised including ansh. Choti maa brings tea. Saanchi serves them n says they shud change the curtains as they are dull. Ira confessed that she had some questions regarding jagdeesh-saanchi rista but seeing the change in saanchi, she accepted the rista whole heartly. They had confusion that saanchi may not able to adjust in BH but now seeing the change, they shud have any problem. She is proud of saanchi n they shud be happy with her happiness. All seem fine with ira except anandi. Shiv left for office.

AT Haveli, DS shows ganga a gift for bride whose marriage party they are going to attend. She has some confusion over the gift. Ganaga assured its fine. Ds asks her to be careful. Ganga says she will take care of haveli.

Sumi n bhairon have some romantic talks. Basant teased them. Gehena came down to give them shawl. All are waiting for DS. As she is getting late bhairon left for saadi but forgot his mobile. basant went to her room. DS was trying to open the window of her room to see panchang which was not opening. Basant tried too but he cudnt even. But they didn’t pay attention to this. As panchang shows after 6.00 PM it will be good to go out , so ds was not willing to go before 6.00 PM. Basant tried to convince her but failed.

AT a restaurant, Mahi-ashi met. Ashi said she lost her passport. Though she informed her embassy n even filed FIR in local police station but nothing helped. She needs a copy of FIR. She doesn’t want to take help of shiv but a local person can help by talking to police. Mahi agreed to help.

Basant was furious that window was jammed. ganga was taking care of mannu in her room. Its 6.00 PM. Basant called DS. diya was blown off. Here in haveli, few goons on bike entered in haveli with mask. Basant threatened him how dare they to enter here. One goon uncovered the mask. All stunned to see its Ratan Singh!

Basant asked sumi to take gehena upstairs. But few goons jumped n trapped them. Ds saw these from up n shocked. Basant had fight with goon but they trapped him too. The goons tied sumi, gehena n basant on pillar with rope. Rattan singh asked abt ganga. Basant refused to say anything. Rattan singh shouts for ganga. Few goons forcefully bring nandu to hall. All panicked. Ds was watching all hiding behind a pillar.

Dadisa searches for her phone, but she put it in the hall. Ratan screams and calls Ganga out. Ganga is getting Mannu ready. Dadisa enters her room and tells her that Ratan Singh has put gun on everyone in the hall. Ratan shouts and tells Ganga to come out if she cares about family members. He says he won’t go without Mannu today. Dadisa is very worried. Ganga tells her nothing will happen. She tries to open the window, but they all are blocked by Ratan’s men. Dadisa understands it’s Ratan who did it. She tells Ganga that there is no way to run, so it’s better to hide. Ganga says she won’t go anywhere, but Dadisa gives her swear to Ganga. Ratan keeps calling Ganga out. Dadisa brings Ganga to a room. She tells her to hide. When Ratan doesn’t find her and Mannu, he will leave. Ganga says if he doesn’t find me and Mannu, then God knows what he will do with you all. I can’t do this. Dadisa tells her, you want to give Mannu to that evil? It’s not time to argue. Dadisa takes Mannu and puts in a box, and then sends Ganga inside too. Ganga feels worried and doesn’t want to leave family alone. Dadisa tells her not to come outside and reminds she gave her swear. Dadisa closes the box and leaves from there.

Anandi is giving clothes to a lady for ironing. She then sees wounds on lady’s hand and neck. She asks her what happened. The lady lies and Anandi catches it. She asks her what’s the matter. The lady then tells the truth that her husband beat her. Anandi says how can he do that. Lady says the men are like that only.. they take out their frustration on their wives.

Ratan’s men cannot find Ganga. Basant says they are not here. Ratan says, you think I am crazy? You will say and I will believe. Ratan sends his men and ask to search her properly. Basant tells Ratan, what do you think? If they were here, then we would give them to you? Never. We won’t even let your shadow come on her. Sumitra cannot believe it. Basant tells Ratan, this won’t be good for you. Ratan says, when none of you will be saved, then what will you do to me? I just didn’t come to this house like that. I arranged everything and then entered. Stupid. Basant says, talk with manners, else I will take out your tongue. Ratan gets angry and beats him. Ratan asks him to stay quiet. Dadisa is hiding and watching. Basant’s phone rings. Ratan throws it away. A servant comes and tries to fight, but Ratan’s men attack on his head and he falls unconscious. Ratan again asks Basant about Ganga else he will do same thing to them what he did with servant.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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