4th January Monday Update On Young Love

Location: Near the temple and the Jaitsar hospital
As ganga tries to wake up jagiya and continually assuring that she wont let anything happen to him and she would take him to the hospital, her eyes fall on the kulfi vending cart. She clears it up, and gets it close to jagiya. while she tries to adjust him, jagiya’s blood stained hands, fall over ganga’s head, and fills her partition of hair, with red blood, like the vermillion. Oblivious to this, Ganga, like a true wife, manages to get jagiya on the vending cart, and drags him, to get help. she continually keeps talking tp jagiya, assuring him and herself too that nothing would happen to jagiya. she manages to pull the cart, on the heavy traffic highway, while jagiya’s phone slips out of his pocket. ganga finds it and calls up Lal Singh, who when picks up, hears ganga’s hassled voice, incoherently telling him what happened. lal hears what happened, and asks the nurse to send an ambulance rightaway at the spot where ganga tells her to come.

Location: jaitsar haveli
Sumitra and dadisa are discussing about making ganga’s favourite food, when the phone rings. Dadisa happily assumes that it must be jagiya informing that they are soon to return. ganga calls up at the haveli, and tells dadisa about jagiya’s condition and asks her to come to the hospital, while theyt oo reach and also tells that she hasa called lal singh too. Dadisa cancels the call, and frantically asks for her sons, so that they can leave. sumitra is tensed.

Location: Udaipur haveli
Dadaji proudly shows off his gardening to shiv and anandi, explaining the similarity between plants and children, and their symbiotic relationship between the child and the parent. ananadi tells how important the plants are to the environment. while they are chatting, the police arrives in the jeep, and give the status report on the ev teasing incident. He says that the evidences have been taken and the statements too, and a chargesheet would be filed soon. dadaji asks him not to be lenient at all. The police tells that there is generally problems in such cases, but many students have vowed to give their statements against those boys, despite their affluential family background. The police assures shiv that he wont let those boys get away. Shiv says that since this case is related to his sister, he doesnt want any special attention, and should follow the normal conduct under the law. The police assures him that he would follow the code of law, and leaves. After they are gone, dadaji comments about the unfortunate families, whose children do such things, and he is happy that sanchi has her friends’ support in this and is excited that still people come up for whats right. ananadi hopes that soon the whole society has to change its mentality, so that she is seen more than an object for pleasure, and treat her humanely. Dadaji says that they need more people like jagdish. Ananadi and shiv hear this.

Location: Jaitsar hospital
While jagiya is being operated on by Lal singh, with ganga watching nervously, his family arrives at the hospital. ganga sees them coming. As sumitra is about to enter, the wardboy stops them saying that noone is allowed to enter the ICU. Ganga tells them what happened. sumitra asks what happened and who were those boys. Ganga says that she doesnt know anything about those boys, all the time ranting, that they beat him very badly. The nurse goes past them, with necessary materials. As she comes out, when dadisa asks about jagiya’s condition, the nurse tells them that a lot of blood loss is there, and the doctors are trying their best. This sends the family into shock and ganga is extremely dishevelled. Dadisa wonders what it means, thinking that nothing would hapen to her son,as the goddess is with them. Finally the family sees jagiya, in the bed, from the ewindow of his ward, and is apalled at his condition. sumitra screams out for jagiya, while bhairo comforts her and asks her to be quiet, as Lalo and the other doctors are tending to him, and wont let anything happen to him.

The family waits nervously outside the OT. As Lal Singh comes out, he tells them that Jagiya is out of danger, reassuring their faith in the Goddess and relieving them. he says that they should thank ganga too, for saving jagiya’s life. He tells them about ganga’s contribution and presence of mind, with her first aid nurse training, that stopped jagiya from bleeding extensively, and that jagiya’s life is owed to her. dadisa says that she is forever indebted to her for saving his son, while ganga asks her not to, touching her feet, saying that they shouldnt make her sin, as she has been given a second life by them, and she could do whatever was within her means. Bhairo and Basant too are extremely thankful to her. when Lal asks who would stay for the night, sumitra and then Bhairo says that they would stay behind and basant should take them home safely. when dadisa asks ganga to come along, Dadisa sees the vermillion in her hair’s partition, and shocked as hell, asks her what is it. Ganga feels her hair, an d then looking at her reflection in the room’s glass pane, is shocked herself, and remembers how it happened. She tells dadisa how it happened. The screen freezes on her face, as she sees at her reflection.

Shekhars sitting together . Dadu is telling them a funny incident of his life where he arranged a party for his friends but forgot his purse and how his friends still tease him for it .All are laughing after listening to this except Sanchi who is upset and about to cry soon Choti maa notices Sanchi upset and thinks she might be feeling bad about the terrible molestation attempt she went through. Choti maa lovingly calls Sanchi and in order to make her feel better ask her do you have any such funny incident from your experience like Dadu is telling ? Sanchi gets up and in an irritated tone says to Choti maa I don’t feel like telling anything now and after saying this she leaves from there .All are surprised at Sanchi’s reaction .Just then Sanchi’s friends enter in the house Sanchi sees them and stops and wonders why they came here ? Sanchi’s friends greets Shekhars They say hi to Sanchi as well but she doesn’t reply to them Mahi in his typical style says hi girls it is really nice to see you all here All look at Mahi he is flirting with ladies Mahi after seeing their reaction changes his words and says i mean to say for Sanchi it is really nice to have you all here Sanchi is in same upset mood .

They girls say to Dadu we have come to ask for a permission from you . Dadu asks from them permission for what? The girls say actually we have planned a trip for two days and we are going for it tomorrow morning We want to take Sanchi with us. An irritated Sanchi says i don’t want to go anywhere All are shocked at Sanchi’s answer and her way of answering The girls request to Dadu to please make her understand to come with us we will have loads of fun there Alok says politely to them if she don’t want to go then we cannot force her The girls become upset . Shiv says papa is saying right we don’t have any problem with Sanchi going out but since she don’t want to go so we cannot pressurize her Anandi says to Shiv i feel if Sanchi will go out with her friends she will feel better Sanchi is angry at Anandi for this Anandi continues saying whatever terrible happened with Sanchi by going out and have some good time with her friends she will be able to move on from it and it is possible new people , new place will help Sanchi to overcome all this All are understanding Anandi’s words except Sanchi who is irritated

Choti maa supports Anandi saying she is saying right Choti maa then says to Sanchi it will be good for you to go with your friends ,go with them you will feel better .Sanchi angrily says when she has said once she don’t want to go then why you all are forcing me why you are pressurizing me please don’t trouble me After saying so she leaves from there leaving everyone worried for her

Sanchi comes in her room frustrated She says to herself no one is understanding what i am going through now They all keep saying to me Sanchi smile , Sanchi laugh , Sanchi go out ,Sanchi do this ,Sanchi do that i don’t want all this Why no one is understanding if for once Jagdish will call me i will be happy but he is so busy he cannot even call me for once He must have seen my missed calls but he really don’t care He must be busy chatting with his illiterate backward village friend Ganga But ok thats ok why i am getting worried I am getting so much sentimental for no reason when he doesn’t care then why i should care I will also forget everything

Dadu says to Sanchi’s friends don’t mind my dear children actually we really don’t want to put any pressure on Sanchi right now Sanchi’s friends say its ok Dada jee we can understand Just then Sanchi says to her friends from upstairs At what time we have to go from here tomorrow.All get surprised at Sanchi’s sudden mood swing Her friends become happy They say to her wow you are really going then we will come to pick you up in morning at 7 AM Sanchi agrees Shekhars are happy now Alok happily says to Sanchi’s friends see finally she listened to you all .Anandi extremely happy Sanchi’s friends rush towards Sanchi and happily start planning trip with her you should take cotton clothes with you so you won’t feel hot Sanchi half heartedly smiles and then thinks to herself i am not a fool Jagdish if you are ignoring me so keep ignoring me i don’t care Go to hell now even i won’t miss you

Badi haveli:-

Ganga in her room ( without veil on her head ) Mannu is asleep Ganga sits besides him She is worried She remembers Jagaya saying to her before attack on him Ganga we can only work to give us fruit of that work is in hands of God Ganga gets emotional remembering it having tears in her eyes Then she remembers attack on Jagaya and she trying to save him and him wounded badly asking her to go inside temple and save herself The goons jerking her away Then she remembers goons hitting Jagaya with a fatal blow of hockey on his head and him severely wounded and becoming unconscious Ganga is in immense pain remembering it and starts crying She then wonders to herself who were those people ? some enemies ? How can anyone do this with a gentleman like doctor sahab .She is very emotional and crying Then her eyes fall on the teddy that Jagaya gave to Mannu ( which Sanchi had given him ) being kept a dressing table She goes towards it and emotionally picks it up She looks at her reflection in mirror She looks at partition of her hair and remembers the incident where Jagaya’s blood filled her maang , Dadisaa after seeing it asking her what is on your head Ganga is emotional after remembering it She places the teddy down and touches her partition of hair emotionally

Morning :-Ganga comes to Dadisaa and tells her she is going with tea for Kaki saa and Kaku saa ( Sumitra and Bhairo) she is going with Makhan Kaka Dadisaa says to her wait i will also go with you All night i was restless thinking about Jagdish , after seeing him now then i will feel better From there i will go to temple as well Ganga tells Dadisaa pray from her side too in temple for Doctor saa Dadisaa says goddess saved his life but why she let this happen with him. He is doing so many noble works He has saved so many lives so many people’s blessings are with him After this why this happened with him .Dadisaa becomes emotional and starts crying Ganga is emotional as well Dadisaa says she will not go to pray but to fight with goddess there She then asks Ganga lets go Both leave from there together for hospital

On Road:-Sanchi and her friends in car are leaving for their trip Rest girls are singing songs while Sanchi is with her phone emotionally looking at it She has removed Jagaya’s wall paper from it and is emotional about it She tries to find Jagaya’s any call to her but no but then she cannot control herself and decides to call him but later stops Sanchi’s friends ask her to sing with them but Sanchi doesn’t she again thinks of calling Jagaya then says to herself No i will not call you no .i won’t

Jaitser hospital :-Sumitra Bhairo Dadisaa Ganga in Jagaya’s ward . Jagaya is still unconscious Dadisaa is holding Jagaya’s hand close to her face and saying to him emotionally i was going to fight with goddess in temple but now i will go to pray there for you to goddess so that she makes you better as soon as possible All are emotional listening to Dadisaa ‘s words Dadisaa says to Jagaya i have faith and trust on goddess she won’t keep you here for long because even she knows how many works you have to do So many patients outside are standing in line are waiting for you You won’t get time to take rest like this for long just in few days you will run around like before to do your work .All are emotional seeing Dadisaa talking like this with unconscious Jagaya .Lal Singh comes there and comforts Dadisaa by saying our Jagaya is absolutely fine now He is only under effect of medicines thats why he is unconscious as soon as the effect will lessen he will get his consciousness back All gete somewhat comforted after listening this from Lal Singh except Sumitra who is still in immense pain and worry Dadisaa says to Sumitra did you hear what Lal Singh has said ? now stop being tensed Sumitra don’t and looks at Jagaya emotionally

Lal Singh excuses himself from there he will be right back and leaves from there Ganga says to Sumitra you and kaku saa won’t have slept whole night please go home for sometime to relax there i will stay here Sumitra says no until Jagaya won’t get consciousness i won’t go anywhere Ganga says to Sumitra but doctor saa is fine now and i am also here with him if anything happened i will inform you all Sumitra while crying says i cannot wait for someone to inform me She then looks at Jagaya but says to Ganga why my son really went to temple with you he returned back after such a long journey from Udaipur he was so much tired but to make you feel better he had to go temple Bhairo and Dadisaa are shocked at Sumitra’s words Ganga is upset feeling guilty Sumitra emotionally says if he wouldn’t have gone with you today he won’t be in this condition my son won’t be in such bad condition .

Bhairo says to Sumitra what are you saying What has to happen it don’t need any excuse for it we should be thanking God that how much bad could have happened to Jagaya it didn’t happen he is safe and in front of our eyes In our hospital he is being treated well and taken care of quite well Sumitra says to Bhairo what i am really saying i just ..i won’t go anywhere until my son won’t open his eyes Bhario says to Sumitra but in this way you will fall sick Sumitra is crying and in denial no i won’t go anywhere Bhairo tries to make Sumitra understand you will really fall sick like this and when Jagaya will be discharged from hospital and come back home then how will you take care of him then Ok not for much time but for little time you can take some rest we will come back lets go now Sumitra finally agrees Bhairo says to Ganga to ask Lal Singh keep informing us about Jagaya’s condition Ganga says ok and doctor saa’s phone is also here as soon as he will gain consciousness i will call you all .Dadisaa says ok then i shall also go to temple

Bhairo calls Basant and informs him about Jagaya’s condition better than before now i am coming home to drop Sumitra then we will go to police station to complain you be ready Sumitra is emotionally looking at Jagaya Dadisaa and Bhairo takes her from there Ganga is alone now in ward with Jagaya and emotionally looking at him

On Road:-Sanchi in car is again looking at her phone on Jagaya’s number thinking should i call him or not

Jaitser Hospital:-Ganga is sitting beside unconscious Jagaya and is emotionally looking at him Jagaya’s condition starts to be unstable He starts to feel restless and machines starts giving signals of condition not stable Ganga gets tensed and asks him what happened should i call someone Doctor sahab what happened Jagaya doesn’t respond but his condition is unstable Ganga says to him i will be right back after calling someone she rushes out to call Lal Singh Lal Singh comes there with Ganga and checks Jagaya .Ganga is very tensed Lal Singh asks from nurse oxygen mask and puts it on Jagaya Just then Jagaya ‘s mobile starts ringing but Ganga is extremely tensed about Jagaya Lal Singh tells her mobile is ringing Ganga . Ganga picks up the phone its Sanchi who starts talking even without letting Ganga say anything thinking its Jagaya who has picked up the phone Sanchi starts her complaining Jagdish what is this ? you haven’t called me for once after reaching Jaitser and when i call you and you don’t pick up are you ignoring me or this much busy that you don’t have even one minute for me .Ganga then speaks up its me Ganga speaking Doctor sahab is in hospital Sanchi is shocked hearing this and in disbelief says what ? Ganga says emotionally goons had beaten him very badly He hasn’t gained consciousness yet Sanchi is super shocked and phone slips from her hands She screams at the driver to stop the car The driver does so

Jaitser Hospital:-Lal Singh is checking Jagaya and trying to make his condition stable while an emotional and tensed Ganga standing near seeing this Ganga remembers Jagaya being beaten up by goons and she trying to attend him everywhere Ganga is very emotional in immense pain remembering this ,she then remember Sumitra ‘s words why my son really went to temple with you ,To make you feel better he had to go to temple with you if he hasn’t gone today he won’t be in this condition Ganga is very emotional Finally Jagaya’s condition gets stabled but before Lal Singh can say anything to Ganga She drops down on his feet and pleads to him crying bitterly please save doctor sahab if anything happened to him i won’t be able to live either i will die too Lal Singh is shocked Ganga continues saying crying bitterly i will really die if anything happened to him please save him please i cannot live without him Ganga looks at Jagaya holds Jagaya’ s hand and keeps saying to Lal Singh crying bitterly please please save him please

On other side Sanchi is saying to her friends i cannot leave Jagdish like this he is unconscious i should be with him i have to go to Jaitser right now you guys please carry on Her friend say its unfortunate Sanchi whatever happened it should not have happened but Doctor Jagdish ‘s family is with him to take care of him so why you are getting so much tensed Another friend of her says she is right Sanchi you have no logic to cancel this trip and by the way we all are returning tomorrow while coming back we all will visit him in Jaitser now come on lets go She holds Sanchi’s hand to take her but Sanchi pulls her hand away and yells at her leave me i told naa i have to go now Her friend says are you crazy Sanchi yells yes i am crazy i am crazy for Jagdish i am mad for him because i love him I love him i love him damn it Her friends are shocked after hearing it and look at each other Sanchi is emotional The screen then splits into three Emotional Sanchi at one side , Unconscious Jagaya in middle and an emotional crying Ganga pleading to Lal Singh at other side and freezes.