4th January Monday Update On This Is Love

Ishita saying I will go and talk to Raman. Ruhi asks is Kiran in Delhi. Raman says yes, but office talk just in office. Ishita gets Dipali’s call. Dipali says there is some patient, Kiran, she wanted your second opinion. Ishita says its my weekly off today. Dipali says Dr. Batra is very busy. Ishita says fine, just take this one appointment. Neelu gives sweets and says my son has passed Bcom. Everyone congratulate. Mr. Bhalla gives some money as prize for her son. Neelu asks Raman for loan, she wants to get a shop for her son on his name, he will take care of me in old age. Raman asks what’s the guarantee, if he changes after marriage, you take care of yourself, send him to me for loan, he will repay the loan, if elders give anything, children think its their property. Aaliya goes. Ishita comes to talk. Raman says no, Kiran is waiting for me. Ishita says she took appointment. Raman says if she is same, don’t talk about my office. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to talk to him later.

Adi talks to Taneja and says Kiran Bhatnagar, fine I will find out and let you know, don’t worry Raman won’t know. He checks about her on internet. His laptop does not get on. Aaliya asks him to go office, she will get this repaired by Bala. Adi says I will take it myself. Bala checks and says its so outdated, why don’t you buy new laptop. Adi says I will take new one, even my phone’s internet is not working. Bala asks him to take his laptop. Adi attends a call. He asks Bala to find out about company and owner Kiran Bhatnagar. Bala says sure, no problem. Adi thanks him and leaves. Bala says Kiran Bhatnagar……

Ishita comes to clinic and greets Roshni. She says Kiran is coming for treatment, so I came here, Kiran is Raman’s business partner. Roshni says you can talk about Raman. Ishita says never, if Raman knows, he will scold me. Dipali says sorry, Kiran cancelled appointment. Ishita asks how can people do this, my time got waste. Kiran says you should have thought of this before. Raman says I know, all packaging units are busy. Ishita calls Raman. He does not answer. Ishita asks everyone to have salad. Amma says Ishu is in tension. Ishita gets Raman’s message that he is busy. Kiran says I remember, there is a packaging factory near Delhi, they offered me to buy it, I did not had money, we can together buy it. Raman says yes, we will not need anyone then, everything is falling in place, call them and fix the meeting.

Mihika asks Ishita to come and have salad. Ishita says I will clean kitchen. Mihika takes her. Ishita says Raman is not answering call. Mrs. Bhalla says do something romantic for him, make his fav food. Mihika says no, go somewhere with him and spend time. Amma says go for a movie. Mrs. Bhalla says no, there will be crowd, you go for dinner, get ready well and wear a beautiful saree, he will be glad, he will feel love for you. Amma says I think movie is fine, go for movie. Mrs. Bhalla says no, dinner. Mihika says wait, listen to me, go on long drive, then book a room in fancy hotel, Raman is not able to pay you attention. Ishita says I m afraid Raman can fight with Adi. Adi is in office and says Bala did not call till now, don’t know he got Kiran’s info or not, I will check myself. Taneja comes and greets. He says our launching invitation cards have come. Adi says wow, I wish everything goes fine. Taneja says you have worked hard, don’t worry, invite anyone you want, I m leaving cards here. Adi smiles seeing the family photo. He thinks of Raman. He says my Papa is my hero, he will be happy seeing invitation card, I will go and give him, everything will get fine.

Kiran says Raman, they said paperwork can get time, we can start the work. Raman says if we do packaging, profit margin will get high, thanks. She asks for treat. He says sure, we will go for dinner, you managed everything. She asks him to invite his wife. She says she will be busy. She says it means you did not talk to her. Raman says we should talk about work. Adi comes to meet Raman. Shweta stops her and says Raman is busy in meeting. He asks did Papa instruct you that I can’t meet him. He hears a lady laughing and asks with whom he has the meeting. She says with Kiran, she is his new business partner. Raman calls Shweta and asks her to book table for Kiran and him. Adi hears Raman and leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to pick chit and decide what to do. Ishita says you are very sweet, but I decided what to do, I will book a hotel room. Mihika says just don’t talk there and come back. They smile. Ishita says its enough if he agrees to talk. Amma says call him, he will make other plans. Ishita says he is not answering, he will refuse. Aaliya says he should know about hotel. Ishita calls Shweta and asks about Raman’s schedule, don’t tell him about me, book a table for us. Shweta says Raman booked table for his dinner meet with Kiran. Ishita thinks my dinner will get cancelled because of Kiran, I have to talk to Raman. She tells Mrs. Bhalla about the table booking. Mrs. Bhalla says its great. Ishita asks Shweta to book room for them in same hotel. She thinks if I give and surprise them, what will Kiran say, it would be fine. Aaliya hopes everything gets sorted between them.

Aaliya sees the card. Adi says Raman was busy, I will give it to Ishita. Aaliya says Ishita and Raman went on dinner date, he had dinner meet with Mr. Kiran, Ishita will talk to Raman. Adi says no, Kiran is… She asks what. Aaliya says what, he has meeting with Mr. Kiran Bhatnagar. He thinks.  Ishita reaching the hotel and thinking to sit quiet for sometime, then send Kiran to spend time with Raman. She feels nervous. Aaliya thinks what happened to Adi, he was thinking much about Kiran. Mrs. Bhalla and Neelu come. Mrs. Bhalla asks Aaliya why did she throw vinegar. Aaliya says it was expired. Mrs. Bhalla says you did mistake, how shall I tell her, I filled vodka in vinegar bottle. She gets annoyed and goes. Aaliya asks Neelu what happened. Neelu says what shall I say, just Ishita can manage him. Aaliya says I have thrown vinegar bottle as it was expired, but why did she get angry.

Mani asks what, you are booking banquet hall. Shagun says yes, my party will be more grand than Bhallas, its for NGO, we will not invite Bhallas, they did not invite us in Papa ji’s birthday bash. He says I did not wish to make you angry by telling that. She says Ishita was feeling bad and messaged to say sorry. He says so everything is sorted. She says no, we are Aaliya’s parents, she should know how it feels to not be invited in any party, I will talk later.

Ishita looks for Raman. Neelu calls her and says come home fast, Mrs. Bhalla is angry on Aaliya, as she has thrown vinegar bottle which had vodka. Ishita says manage Mrs. Bhalla, she is not well, I will come home. She goes. Raman asks Kiran to tell about her family. Kiran says I was young when I got married, but my husband and I did not have compatibility, they got divorced, thankfully we did not had children, else it would be tough. He says I got divorced before. She says I know you married Shagun and had two children, then you married Ishita and you have a daughter with her, Pihu. He says you know a lot about me. She says because I had to work with you.

Manager shows the lounge to Shagun. Shagun sees Raman with Kiran. She thinks with whom did Raman come for dinner. Adi comes and says where is Ishimaa. Shagun sees Adi and says why is he looking confused. Adi says I will talk to Papa. Shagun signs him. He goes to Shagun. He says you went on trip right. She says leave it, why did you come here. He says I came to meet Ishita. She says she is not here, Raman is with someone, who is she. He says she is Kiran, his business partner, Papa stays angry these days, Ishita was coming to give him surprise, I came to stop her, as he can shout on her. Shagun says she did not come here, I m here since some time, sit I have to talk, how is Aaliya, I know Raman overreacts on everything. He asks did Aaliya tell anything to you. She says no, Aaliya sounds dull, I know Raman is very difficult, I worry for Aaliya’s well being, till when will you work with your dad, you should do your own business. He says I want to concentrate on my project launch. He gets Aaliya’s call and leaves. Raman sees Adi. Kiran says he is your son Adi right, won’t you introduce me. Raman says sure and stops Adi. Adi says I came here for some work. Raman asks him to meet Kiran. Adi wishes her all the best for launch, none’s good happens by competition, sorry I m in hurry. He goes. Kiran says why did he say this. Raman says don’t know, let’s finish dinner. He gets a call and says I have to go, there is some problem in packaging, you take rest. She says I will come along.

Aaliya says I did not know that bottle had vodka, sorry. Amma says why sorry, you did good. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma argue. Ishita comes and asks what’s happening. Aaliya says I did not know vodka is in vinegar bottle, Mrs. Bhalla scolded me. Ishita says she did big mistake, but forgive her, we will get new one. Amma says what, she is ill, she got old. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to worry for herself. Ishita asks them to stop it and goes to room. She says what to do, if I go now, it will be problem here, if I give mummy ji what she wants, why will she stop me. She gifts a vodka bottle to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks am I dreaming and pinches herself. She says its best day of my life. Amma asks Ishita what did she do.

Ishita says she deserves this, I did not do wrong. Mrs. Bhalla thanks her and says doctor permitted me to drink. Amma says I can’t see this. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to give her company. They refuse. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to have cola. Ishita says you guys drink, I have to meet Raman. She sits with them. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to get snacks. She asks them not to move. Amma says you should stop her. Ishita says plan was something else. Mrs. Bhalla spikes the drinks. Aaliya gets shocked seeing this. She asks what are you doing. Mrs. Bhalla says shut up, you be quiet if you want me to forgive you, see the fun. Aaliya thinks what will happen now, Dadi is giving wine to Ishita and Amma. They have drinks.

Shagun thanks a lady for coming. Lady says I m sure you are giving us a sensational story. Shagun says yes, we are organizing a grand party for NGO, I want this event to get good coverage, this party will be better than Bhallas. Lady agrees. Ishita, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma get drunk. Ishita says I wanted to meet Raman, I made so many plans. Mrs. Bhalla says you are missing Raman, we will go and get him. Amma says she wants Raman, come. Ishita asks won’t you take me along. Amma hugs her. They leave.