4 November Monday Update on Young Love

4 November Monday Update on Young Love

Niranjan falling from the temple stairs. Everyone get shocked. Jagya and Shiv run towards him. They try to wake him up. Jagya turns him. Dadisaa tries to recognize him and says he is Niranjan. Everyone look at him. Niranjan looks at Gehna. Gehna recalls him. Jagya says, he didn’t get much injury and asks Ganga to get his medical bag. Ganga nods and go. Jagya does his bandage while Shiv holds him. Niranjan looks at Gehna’s widowed state and gets surprised. Jagya tells him not to worry as the injury is external but asks him to get the check up done. Niranjan gets up and says he is fine. He thanks them and turns to leave. He starts staggering. Jagya and Shiv run to hold him. Dadisaa asks Jagya to take him home for check up. They take him.

Ira and Meenu discuss about the food. Hardik and Gulli comes back from their honeymoon and take Ira and Meenu’s blessings. Subhadra comes and says she missed them. Hardik says, we missed you very much. He asks about everyone. Ira tells that Anandi, Shiv, Daddu and Amol went to attend Dadisaa’s birthday. Hardik says, I shall wish her too. She is a good human being. Gulli misses Jaitsar. Hardik says, we will go in the evening. Subhadra asks him not to tease Gulli and asks her to rest. She acts good with Gulli.

Jagya asks Niranjan to take medicines and you will be fine. Niranjan thanks him. Ganga asks him not to think much and gives him medicines. Niranjan asks her about Gehna. Jagya tells him that Basant died in an road accident. Niranjan gets shocked and says he felt bad. Dadisaa asks Jagya about Niranjan. Jagya tells her that he is very weak. I gave him medicines and he will be fine. Daddu gets impressed with Dadisaa and family for helping a stranger. Dadisaa says, we know him. Anandi asks, how? I didn’t remember him. Dadisaa tells her that you was small. Niranjan used to teach music to Gehna. Jagya says, he don’t remember even.

Dadisaa says, he used to come to teach music to Gehna and tells everything. I stopped her music learning. Anandi says, I remember now. Jagya says, I also remembered now. Dadisaa says, he is the same Niranjan. Don’t know what happened to him. Daddu asks Gehna to sing for them. Gehna says, I can’t sing now. Daddu gives her Dadisaa’s example. Daddu eats sweets. Shiv says, we shall go home now. Daddu takes the sweets and says we will go now. Everyone laugh. Anandi calls Amol.

Hardik tells Subhadra about his honeymoon experience. He says, you should have come. Meenu and Ira joke with Gulli. Subhadra asks them to share joke with her. Ira says, we were talking to Gulli. Anandi, Shiv, Daddu and Amol come home. Gulli and Hardik take daddu’s blessings. Gulli hugs Anandi. Anandi says, you are more beautiful and happy. Hardik gifts something to Amol. He thanks him. Amol tells them that Daddu wasn’t ready to come and finished all the sweets. Ira asks, why did you eat sweets. Daddu says, I remembered but when Kalyani Ji insisted, I couldn’t refuse and have some sweets. Amol gives him chocolates. Ira and Meenu ask him not to eat it. Daddu asks, is everything fine. Meenu says yes.

Jagya checks Niranjan’s BP. Niranjan says, shall I go now. Jagya asks, what is the need to go now. Get well soon first. Niranjan says, no. Jagya asks him to stay in the house. Niranjan says it doesn’t look nice. Dadisaa asks him to stay in the room outside their haveli until he gets well. Niranjan agrees. Gehna says, I will get that room clean. She asks Nandu to get ready to go to school. Nandu looks at Niranjan.

Daddu asking Subhadra to have almonds early morning. Subhadra eats it and laughs. Hardik and Gulli comes there. Subhadra looks at them smilingly. Daddu says, you are looking like a senior manager. Hardik says, I hope I can perform well. Subhadra says you will. Hardik says, I will have breakfast and leave. Ira asks about Anandi. She tells that Anandi is not well. Subhadra thinks Babaji said if Anandi stops eating Kolarist Basam then she will be restless. Hardik asks Subhadra to make him eat curd and sugar for his first day at work. Subhadra says, ok. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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